Knicks Morning News (2015.08.25)

  • [New York Times] AP Source: Hornets Sign Kidd-Gilchrist to $52M Extension (Tue, 25 Aug 2015 02:16:40 GMT)

    Michael Kidd-Gilchrist has agreed to a four-year, $52 million contract extension with the Charlotte Hornets, a person familiar with the situation said Monday.

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    Seems like a fair amount of money for Kidd-Gilchrist. I guess that’s the NBA these days. Everyone is about 30% more expensive than you think they should be….

    Or a slow day for the headline-gathering algorithm. There was, after all, the final Phil Files posted yesterday (and discussed briefly in yesterday’s post), and several of the beat writers wrote follow-up pieces aggregating it.

    If we still had Tyson Chandler instead of fake superstar Carmelo I bet we’d have 3 headlines today.

    Kurt Helin on twitter had a pretty interesting article detailing an understated reason why melo won’t waive his NTC this year. He stands to make a 15% trade kicker paid for by the team trading for him and this amount varies each year. The 15% is calculated off of the remaining amount on his contract before his ETO and can not exceed the applicable max for each year. Essentially making up the difference between a players contract and whatever the max salary is for that given year. So therefore his trade bonus would actually have been zero had he not taken a pay cut this year.

    As it is, this is what his bonus is estimated to look like per year,
    ’15-16: $2,118,963
    ’16-17: $9,533, 540
    ’17-18: $8,125,785
    ’18-19: $4,189,221

    So probably the best time for both parties (if it is beneficial to the knicks) would be at the deadline in 2016-17

    Nice to read Rican Knick’s report on the trip to PR. Makes me happy to see the guys together and Melo leading them. It certainly belies any Stephen A Smith nonsense about Melo being “livid”.

    First report I’ve had about positive chemistry among the Knicks in years, really, and it came from one of us. It’s given me more hope than almost anything else I’ve read.

    Nice Fil Philes yesterday. Interesting to see that, over and over, he sees and reacts the way we do. It’s like he’s saying, “look guys I know DWill has sucked but here’s why I took the chance. I think he can be a starter…” and I have no problem at all with him taking shots at a player like JR. In fact, as a Knick fan, thanks, Phil! What’s the most exasperating thing about being a NYK fan? It’s when the players seem to care less than the fans and JR was a textbook case. Partying the night before a day game. Throwing elbows in important game 4’s. Then the tweet, “one man’s trash is another’s treasure”. No dude, you played like trash and acted like it. What a classless idiot. I’m glad our GM sees it and has the guts to say it. I’m glad he’s on Cleveland. He may be the one guy in the league that can stop Lebron.

    I’m really glad you guys appreciate my sunday experience. I also believe chemistry factor is very important. Melo brought 8 players, all of them with one year or none (rookies, FA) with the team. The fact that they participated in joint basketball related activities not only the promotional ones, tells me that they are building that basketball chemistry also.

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Things we kinda-sorta knew, like JR staying out till 6am when he had noon games, Bargnani not suiting up because he had a hang-nail, THjr not playing a lick of defense were validated. Maybe the knowledge that they’ll be exposed will keep players from screwing up.

    It’s also great to hear about the team building in PR. BTW, every time I hear Stephen A now I turn the station. I would rather listen to Barkley.

    I didn’t say that, did I?

    Throwing elbows in important game 4’s

    For me that elbow on Terry was really the starting point of this team spiraling. I know there were a lot of other factors, but in my mind that was the catalyst. It’s a shame that for all the good work JR does with charity (referring to his work with down syndrome kids), that he acts like a total bone head.

    I also loved hearing about RK’s time rubbing shoulders with the Knicks. Great to hear that Melo is taking some of the oung guys under his wing. Myabe this is the year when Melo steps up as a more vocal leader so to speak. That might be a long shot, but it’s always good to see your marque player actively developing chemistry.

    On MKG, you’ll have to forgive my ignorance, but that seems like a lot for him. Admittedly I only watch the Hornets when they play the Knicks, but my impression of his game is that he’s a solid defender, but his shot is pretty much broken. I get good defence guys are a good commodity, but it seems steep regardless.

    MKG is a fantastic defender/rebounder and is still only 22. If he improves at all on offense hes an all star caliber player. Even if he doesnt that’s still a very good deal for the Hornets with the way the cap looks to be rising

    MKG is a fantastic defender/rebounder and is still only 22. If he improves at all on offense hes an all star caliber player. Even if he doesnt that’s still a very good deal for the Hornets with the way the cap looks to be rising

    That seems fair. Like I said, really haven’t seen him play a lot. The minimal amount of time I have seen him play, he definitely looks to be near that elite level of defensive energy, so that is potentially worth the investment.

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