Knicks Morning News (2015.08.09)

  • [New York Post] Weight-focused Porzingis has a new number and Knicks friend (Sun, 09 Aug 2015 01:36:02 -0400)

    Knicks 7-foot-3 rookie wonder Kristaps Porzingis is back from his two-week Latvian vacation, carrying the same weight and still carrying the same burden of proving his critics wrong. Porzingis was…

  • [New York Times] Relief for Russia as FIBA Allows Team to Compete (Sun, 09 Aug 2015 09:49:30 GMT)

    Governing body FIBA has lifted the ban on Russia, allowing the country to compete in next month’s European championship and other international tournaments, Russian Basketball Federation (RFB) said on Sunday.

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    Yeah, Totes, it is crazy exciting to think about what Porzingis can become. I was psyched that we drafted him, then really worried when it was rumored he wouldn’t play in summer league due to the hip injury. Summer league really took the edge off. I’m pretty confident that he’s gonna be something special.

    It’s also nice to hear the he and Grant have worked out with Melo. Those 3 are a strong-side triangle combo of the future, so they should get to work asap.


    That video is fun to watch, but mostly it makes me think Bazingus’s handle isn’t nearly as good as Pau’s, and because of that, it’s going to be a while before he has anything like Pau’s success. Unless his outside shot falls more than it did in summer league – which could happen, since that was a really small sample size.

    I mean, not that Bazingus looks like a bust, but Pau was really, really good. Maybe an all-time great.

    I agree. There are quite a few similarities to a young Pau with Porzingis. Pau’s ball handling looked a little more fluid and he rebounded more consistently (probably because he was stronger), but Porzingis moves a little better and shoots a tad better. But if Porzingis can come anywhere near Pau, it’s definitely a win in my book.

    I am a bit giddy. Why not? Nobody can prove me wrong yet!

    I don’t see a problem with Zinger’s handle. With his length, he’ll rarely be more than 2 dribbles from the rim. He actually seems significantly taller and longer than Pau. That’s pretty special.

    In summer league, he drew a bunch of fouls after one or two dribbles. He seems to have more range than Pau did at that age (maybe ever!), so he’s not as dependent on the post game where dribbling is more of an issue.

    rama, I think Pau is a sure HOFer, but a notch below all-time great. Even so, comparing Zinger to Pau is indeed high praise. I don’t think it’s a huge stretch, though. Frankly, I think this situation is tailor-made for him. He’ll be surrounded by veterans who will take some pressure off of him so that he can ease in.

    I wouldn’t hesitate calling Pau an all time great. I think he’s really underrated. I don’t think he’s as great as Duncan, but he’s very similar with his consistency. You know night in and night out, Pau’s gonna give you 18 and 10 while playing good post defense. And he’s an incredibly smart player.

    We probably differ in our definition of “all-time great.” Re: Gasol: no MVPs, no first-team all-NBA, never lead the league in a single major offensive or defensive category. Five all-star selections. I can’t really make a case for him being an all-time great.

    Thanks for these posts. I think getting the 4th pick might have saved NYK for themselves. I mean, people have said that Zinger has the most upside of anyone. Maybe it’s actually fucking true. NYK fans tend to be pessimistic and with good reason. What if Phil had been sitting with pick #2 and picked Kris? He would have been pilloried.

    If there isn’t any truth to the “Carmelo Hates Him” rumors, that’s a relief as well. Let’s work expose that ridiculous narrative.

    A question for all of you who are much smarter than me when it comes to basketball. If Melo shows that he’s healthy this preseason and is performing at a very high level do we trade him for the future and sacrifice the present? What would you do?

    @14, Well, there’s that pesky no-trade clause…

    @13 yeah, #4 was the perfect spot for Porzingis. There was pretty clearly a “big 3” going into the draft, and taking the Zinger over any of those guys would have been met with very harsh criticism. Too early to tell whether anyone blundered by passing him over, or whether Phil should have passed. So far, though, things are looking really good for us!

    In a way, Porzingis outshining everyone but Towns would be poetic justice, since we did finish with the second worst record. How much did it suck at the time that we were the only team that moved down relative to our seeding?

    Getting the #1 pick and Towns was still almost certainly the best outcome, but I feel happier at the moment with Porzingis than I would with either Russell or Okafor, and I imagine we’d have taken one of them if we’d picked at 2 or 3.

    (Now, watch: Russell and Okafor will become all-timers, Mudiay will be a perennial all-star, and Zinger will, in fact, become Darko 2.0. Because Knicks.)

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