2014-15 Game Thread: Timberwolves vs. Knicks

These next two games against Minnesota and Philadelphia might make or break the Knicks’ season.

A quick word, though, on tiebreakers when it comes to the lottery. Ties are not broken the traditional way. If the Knicks end the season tied with either Minnesota or Philadelphia for the worst record, the two teams would then just evenly split the lottery balls allotted for #1 and #2 combined (a three-way tie would then be the same, just adding in the #3 lottery balls). Then a coin flip would determine which team is “officially” #1 and #2 for the purposes of the draft after the lottery is decided. So tiebreakers don’t matter. You don’t want to end the season tied with a team even if you seemingly own the tiebreaker. You really need to finish below them.

So let’s go, Tankathon 2015!!

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