2014-15 Game Thread: Timberwolves vs. Knicks

These next two games against Minnesota and Philadelphia might make or break the Knicks’ season.

A quick word, though, on tiebreakers when it comes to the lottery. Ties are not broken the traditional way. If the Knicks end the season tied with either Minnesota or Philadelphia for the worst record, the two teams would then just evenly split the lottery balls allotted for #1 and #2 combined (a three-way tie would then be the same, just adding in the #3 lottery balls). Then a coin flip would determine which team is “officially” #1 and #2 for the purposes of the draft after the lottery is decided. So tiebreakers don’t matter. You don’t want to end the season tied with a team even if you seemingly own the tiebreaker. You really need to finish below them.

So let’s go, Tankathon 2015!!

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This game has incredible comedic potential. Flip Saunders has an inherent advantage as it is impossible to discern between his actual offensive blueprint and the perfect tank.

We should have offered our roster spot to one of the Knicks City Dancers and played her 48 minutes given the tank job that the T-Wolves are doing.

Yeah, the Sixers and the Knicks are at least tanking the good old fashioned way (trading away most of the team’s good players). The T-Wolves are just pulling bogus shit off with their fake injuries.

I just had a vision of Carmelo limping out of the tunnel to suit up. Telltale symptom of HyperKnickerphobia.

Yeah, the Sixers and the Knicks are at least tanking the good old fashioned way (trading away most of the team’s good players). The T-Wolves are just pulling bogus shit off with their fake injuries.

That’s what so annoying.

If you trade away your good players, there’s a possible long term downside from the tank because you have to rebuild from a much lower base. You have to at least think twice about whether it actually makes sense.

If you “pretend” your good players are injured or need a rest, you are bypassing the potential downside of tanking and clearly cheating the intent of the lottery and draft. It’s this kind of thing that necessitates making rule changes.

I am furious about what the T-Wolves are doing. I have no problem with what the Sixers and Knicks are doing.

Watching these two teams before the Kentucky game evokes the age old question. Could either of these teams manage to intentionally lose to Hampton?

I like Galloway playing well but don’t like that it is helping the knicks win.

It’s okay Cole just hit his VO2Max. Fish has got to keep him on the bike between shifts.

Jason Smith needs to be resigned. He is a guy you want to bury yourself in a foxhole with.

It’s like watching a trainwreck developing. You know it’s going to happen, you can’t stop it and you can’t look away.

they actually announced it as “doctor of the ear” – stupid reporters fell for it

So Shved is the closer? I know we want a tank but when waa the last time the team had a successful final play?

Even there, they were bailed out a bit on the call on the foul by Dieng that tied the game.

Can we get Jason Smith and Ricky Ledo in there, please? This is ridiculous.

How hard is it to turn the ball over every possession. Christ Fisher, earn your pay and tell them to lose. wost player in the last 3 minutes of OT gets a guaranteed vet min contract next year.

As far as their desire to tank, the Knicks have zero schvedibility right now….

How in the world did Clyde catch LaVine’s double dribble a few minutes ago ?

You may say he gets paid too much, but has any on-court assistant GM ever added more draft value than Bargs?

Let’s pretend we’re not tanking… Regardless of who … Is it completely paramount that only one man is allowed to win or lose a game in the final seconds. In this case , schved…. Let’s pretend we’re 50 and 20. Minny too…. The only difference is that’s melo, and it’s a step back miss…. F it

That was the greatest tank battle since Rommel vs. Montgomery at El Alamein. Field Marshal Bargnani saved the day!

Fish and Pjax have built the perfect tank machine. The only team who can beat the reigning world champs in a beautifully suspenseful double OT game one night and lose to the league’s worst team in an equally suspenseful OT game the next night to preserve their draft slot. #tankalicious

You know what I would love? For me to follow a game this intently and be rooting for the Knicks to win the game. Hopefully that happens next season.

Must be quite a thrill to watch Harden parade to the line 25 times. NBA action, it’s fan-tastic!

You know what I would love? For me to follow a game this intently and be rooting for the Knicks to win the game. Hopefully that happens next season.

In Dolan New York, tank drives YOU!

that was my vietnam

I laughed so hard at this comment that I cried

Yeah, that really was a choice comment.

But seriously, this type of holding your breath on every shot feeling is what I (and I presume you guys, too) used to feel when rooting for games I was hoping that the Knicks would win. So it is such a weird, familiar feeling. It feels good, honestly, as I can at least sort of relate it to how I feel when the Knicks have big wins.

Bargs was Mvp tonight. He delivered like a champion down the stretch. If he gets us the best odds at #1 pick, I say we buy him the equivalent of the full MLE in pizza and spaghetti.

Completely off-topic: do you remember I wrote to Jimmy D following that mail exchange where he called an elder an “alcoholic” and a bad person? Well he answered back two weeks ago!

These are some of the excerpts of my mail:

[…] the days when we’re not feeling that way, maybe because the Knicks have lost or maybe because we traded for Bargnani (sorry, but that trade was almost universally despised since day one, and I’m double sorry as Bargs is a product of my homeland), or maybe because we traded away another first round pick [..] Every owner deserve respect and appreciation (apart from racist types like Sterling). But that means little if the owner doesn’t respect his fans. Look, the e-mail Bierman wrote to you was very negative, and also misguided: for example, I don’t think you ever lowballed Kerr, nor I think his choice not to sign with the Knicks was a disgrace. That said, you do yourself no favor in calling him an alcoholic (even though you know what it means, and that you got out of it as you did is something to be proud of), and honestly it’s possible some Knicks fans got offended too by some of your bitter remarks […]”.

Yeah, not harsh words, but not even excessively kind ones, huh? The rest of the e-mail is composed by details of why I root for the Knicks and vague promises I’ll root for them anyway across the pond.

Well, now this is Jimmy’s (or, I guess, the work of an underpaid intern substituting for him) answer:


Thank you for your words of support and encouragement. I will continue to do my best to bring a championship to the great Knick fans worldwide!

Jim Dolan”


PS: remember that in Italy “Simone” is a male name (just like Andrea, sheesh).

Huge huge loss last night. Like Brian alluded to above, I daresay that was one of the biggest game results since 2012 playoffs.

One thing though – these players are really trying hard. If anything that speaks well of Fisher and of the character of guys that are on the team now. I know these guys are mostly FAs and so are playing for their next contract, but there’s no “One-two-three-six weeks!” a la those embarrassing Nuggets.

by the way I love the Ricky Ledo signing. He needs development but by all reports he has tons of talent and is capable of filling up the box score in other ways (averaged 5+ rebounds, 5+ assists, and 1.7 steals per 40 in the D-league this year). just by the limited video i’ve seen of him he needs to get in better shape and get stronger, and work on the consistency of his shooting mechanics, but it seems like there’s something there.

Hilarious quote from him here re: why he was cut from the Mavs:

Ledo concurred with Cuban. “I loved Dallas, the team and coaching staff,’’ Ledo said. “I understood it’s a business. They wanted to win now for guys like Dirk [Nowitzki], who are on their last legs.’’

Maybe it’s good karma that they cut him for Amare, and now we picked him up.

by the way – if anyone thinks we’re not re-signing Shved, check out this quote from Fish:

“[Ledo is] a talented young player, very skilled, handles the ball really well,’’ Fisher said. “He makes shots off the dribble and catch-and-shooting. Alexey is the perfect example — handle yourself accordingly and perform at a good level and for us or 29 other teams, it’s the best thing you can do for yourself. Ricky has that potential.’’

(all these quotes are from http://nypost.com/2015/03/19/a-guard-cuban-says-could-be-a-steal/)

“One thing though – these players are really trying hard.”
This is one reason I’ve been enjoying watching them lately. Last night’s game was not a pretty game from a basketball purist perspective, but I thought that it was a fun game to watch. One subtle thing that is conspicuous by its absence — has anyone else noticed how much less whining and moaning to the refs there has been lately? It’s kind of refreshing. I hope that the basketball gods appreciate the team’s effort and reward us in the lottery.

I wasn’t following this thread during the game, but it’s hysterical. I was yelling and screaming all the same stuff at my television. We should all bookmark this thread and look back at it a couple of years from now when the Knicks are good and our draft pick is developing into an all star. We’ll all get a great laugh.

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