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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Mtn Dew Ice Rising Stars: Team U.S. vs. Team World Game Thread

They seriously couldn’t just spell “Mountain” out?

Anyhow, I figured we should have a game thread for those willing to watch the Rising Star debut of New York Knick, Kevin Knox! If there’s any basketball justice in this world, Mitchell Robinson will be on the team next season as a sophomore. Where he will be representing the New Orleans Pelicans, of course.

Let’s go Team U.S.A.!

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5 comments on “Mtn Dew Ice Rising Stars: Team U.S. vs. Team World Game Thread

  1. ess-dog

    Seriously – are there any players on either team that you’d want LESS than Knox? Okogie might be the only one. Maybe Osman too?

  2. Donnie Walsh

    I don’t know what event you all are watching that is getting a game thread right now, but I can tell you this: don’t start drinking Mtn Dew Ice, no matter what they’re doing to sell it to you. (The Surgeon General should intervene at halftime with a PSA to all the young viewers out there).

  3. djphan

    not watching the game.. haven’t had time to watch anything but good time to talk draft..

    it’s looking a lot clearer…. i’m very sure of the top 7-8… and very sure reddish is not part of it… after that it starts getting very questionable but good thing we don’t have to worry about that…

    1. zion – i thought barrett might make a run at #1.. but that was kind of stupid.. he’s probably more barkley than LJ and that’s gonna be good news for whoever lands #1..
    2. culver – growth spurt and elevated his game this year… that’s usually a recipe for stardom.. my favorite prospect in the draft..
    3. morant – i had my doubts but after seeing him more he’s def got nba game….
    4. barrett – so the steal rates are bothering me.. and i’ve realized that he’s just not all that quick or explosive… he’s still a good to great prospect..
    5. coby white – my sleeper of the draft… a lot like curry… shoots the lights out.. crafty with the ball.. not really a pg or sg coming out… only he’s 6ft 5 and has a great hair..
    6. langford – there actually haven’t been many prototypical sg’s in the draft in a long time… and he’s a good one… very talented scorer…
    7. ponds – it’s criminal that nobody rates him higher… he might become nyc’s best pg ever…
    8. alexander-walker – he barely passes the eye test but he keeps filling up the box score for whatever reason…
    9. bol bol – without the injury he’s probably the clear #2… but it’s better to just stay away…
    10. hachimura – he’s solid… not exactly a safe pick and not exactly a high upside pick.. but he’s better than everyone else after him right now… kevin porter i like but he’s shit the bed since he got hurt…

    zion would of course be great but culver is the guy i have my eye on if we don’t land #1… white is the most intriguing… morant is the most troubling fit with dsj… langford is not a bad fallback if the unthinkable happens…

  4. alsep73

    Had a nightmare that we released Mitch because the FO didn’t think his game fit with their vision for the team. Woke up sweating.

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