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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Game Thread: New York Knicks at Milwaukee Bucks

Game Thread: New York Knicks at Milwaukee Bucks

Start Time: 10/22/2018 20:00:00

Budenholzer’s Bucks face Knicks shooting many 3’s

MILWAUKEE — It’s only been two games, too small a sample size to observe wholesale changes in the Milwaukee Bucks under new head coach Mike Budenholzer’s system.
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    108 comments on “Game Thread: New York Knicks at Milwaukee Bucks

    1. geo

      granted i’m a fan of ingram’s game – but, absolutely love his reaction to his 4 game suspension:

      “Well, it was better than we expected,” Ingram said at the Monday morning shootaround before the Lakers played the San Antonio Spurs. “I’m happy it’s only four but I know I got to control my emotions a little better.”

      rondo is not only weird, but, fucking nasty…although, if i ever were to be caught up in some sporting scrap and felt it appropriate to share a little spittle with someone – chris paul just might be the likeliest of candidates…

    2. Knick fan not in NJ who thinks our rookies will lead us to a lousy lottery pick in 2019

      MSG Go advertises that it will work out of town, but I’ve never actually used it.

    3. alsep73

      For a quarter where it felt like the Bucks were scoring on every possession, I’m amazed we’re only down by 4.

    4. d-mar

      This game feels like it’s going to be inevitably blown open by the Bucks in like a 5 minute span. It’s just a matter of which quarter.

    5. rama, king of superfluous poppycock

      THjr with the “give up the baseline” D. I feel like that’s the main thing I remember from 10th grade – don’t give up the baseline.

    6. rama, king of superfluous poppycock

      Wow, that was fast. D-mar called it. But it’s too early, they could still come back.

    7. Bruno Almeida

      It’s crazy how much better the Bucks look under Bud. They have a roster that’s a very good fit for the Houston style of play and they’re running all over the court getting to the rim and shooting threes.

      I don’t attribute so much value to coaching most of the time but going from terrible coaches to a legitimate good one is making a big impact for them. They’ll be super dangerous in the east.

    8. abk

      Random question: did our FO try to sign Vonleh/Hezonja/Burke to multi-year deals (ideally with team options)? If not, why not? It seems it’d have been smart to even pay these type guys a bit more in year one to get them on some kind of cheap long-term contract in case their potential does get fulfilled. Otherwise, if Vonleh keeps playing well we’ll just have to pay him at the market rate, so I don’t see much upside for us.

    9. Z-man

      I don’t think you want to tie up cap space in fliers that have no positive track record when you’re shopping for max players. Not that it’s smart to be doing so, but that’s my best guess.

    10. thenoblefacehumper

      I was pissed about getting the Bucks feed on LP until Steve Novak came on at halftime. C’mon MSG, poach him!

    11. abk


      That makes sense with Hezonja, but Vonleh and Burke have near minimum deals, so there will be a cap hold at about their salary no matter what. I guess they probably don’t want two years with no upside, but I think if I could get them at 2 years for $2.5 – 3 million per, I take it. Or do something like $3 million this year, $4 million team option in year two? I wonder if they’d have bit at that. Then we don’t risk any space next year, as we only exercise the option if they breakout and are well worth it.

    12. Max

      THJ -31 Kanter -24… First bad asskicking of the year…

      Burke was signed last year to a 2 years not guaranteed so that’s a multiyear deal and I think we’ll have his Bird rights next summer.
      If I remember correctly Hezonja wanted a 1 year deal no matter the team, Vonleh was a sidewalk pick, nobody want him, he’s on a not guaranteed.

    13. d-mar

      Celtics down 5 at home to the Magic with 3 minutes left.

      There are two things I’ll be rooting for this season – competitive Knicks losses, and bad Celtics losses.

    14. Bruno Almeida

      Burke is playing like a man possessed!

      Damn this team is so much more fun to watch last year’s.

    15. alsep73

      To complete the Second Draft trifecta, Burke needs to go off.

      Occasionally, I’m right about things. :)

    16. abk

      @40, 41

      Good points. I’m definitely really happy with the long-term deals for Robinson and Dotson. All upside for us pretty much.

    17. Mike Honcho

      +1 to how fun the Fighting Fizdales are to watch . . . I’m enjoying just being able to root for a team of mostly likable guys without caring if they win.

    18. Bruno Almeida

      I’m starting to love Vonleh. I mean, you gotta think that a guy that rebounds like that has got to have a place on a NBA roster right?

      Giannis is going Giannis things now.

    19. abk

      Definitely a fun team!

      Is Fiz down with the tank too? I can’t think how he could not be putting Hezonja on the Freak? :)

    20. Mike Honcho

      Also, I find it funnier than I should that one of the Buck’s sponsors was a regional frozen pizza chain.

    21. Silky Johnson, Fleet Admiral of the Tank Armada

      This Knicks team is so fun to watch and Fiz is doing a great job coaching tbh

    22. og_nyc

      Burke looks like he’s contemplating the meaninglessness of his existence while bringing the Knicks back single handed during the 3rd…

    23. KJG

      Great to watch. Also. Frank wastes way too much shot clock when he gets ball. He floats around 30 feet from basket waiting for something. I guess the play to develop. But something not right when he handling.

    24. Bruno Almeida

      Hezonja looks like a rookie out there most of the time but boy, he can actually score!

      Let’s go Knicks!

    25. The Glass Half Rebuilt

      If Fizdale, Perry, and Mills put together a winning program that is rootable and built around players we drafted I need this blog to collectively write a piece apologizing to the front office.

    26. cgreene

      Honestly don’t know what to do about Frank’s offense. He puts no pressure on the defense at all. I want him to be better so badly but he’s not showing any signs of improvement. Guess he’s only 20 but I’m losing faith.

    27. alsep73

      Oh, well. Another mostly ideal loss: team put up a fight, various guys put up good things, but we were ultimately outclassed by a better team who was happy to help with our draft position.

    28. Bruno Almeida

      Hardaway finished the game pretty bad, some eye gouging defense out there.

      But it’s perfectly fine, Middleton was just unstoppable and hitting everything.

    29. The Glass Half Rebuilt

      I know, I know, they’re playing the Knicks, but Bledsoe, Middleton, Giannis, and Brook Lopez? Boston vs Toronto might not be as sure a thing as people think.

      And #RollTank, baby.

    30. Bruno Almeida

      This should be marked on the schedule as an Ideal Loss, I like the concept.

      Strong showing on the road against a much better team, was eventually outclassed as expected but put up a great fight.

    31. Max

      We talked about Middleton in the pregame and he backed us up…
      Great work by the bench today (Hezonja, Vonleh, Dotson), the only thing that bother me is Frank’s shyness, I like him a lot but he disappears too often, he can’t shoot 6 times in 35 minutes…
      They never quit, Fiz is really doing a good job…

    32. ess-dog

      Wow “All-Star” Tim Hardaway Jr. really shat the bed in the last 2 minutes there. Give Dotson his minutes – he’s better on D and the boards.

    33. Clyde's suit

      Yeah, Middleton would be a nice addition.
      Love the heart this team shows. They play hard if not so smart (Mario). I just hope they don’t get discouraged losing so many close games. If the coaching staff is any good, these close losses will make for very informative film sessions.
      Like the Milwaukee announcers said, the return of Porzingus, a good free agent signing and a quality draft pick and away we can be serious playoff contenders.
      Go Fitzkateers!

    34. KJG

      Frank and Timmy the major culprits down the stretch … Frank decided to be a Zero on offense late, mulling about, and Timmy was his razzle dazzle out of control street baller self. They hurt the most . Plus after starting hot and getting cold, the bucks warmed up a bit

    35. GoNyGoNyGo

      Like the Milwaukee announcers said, the return of Porzingus, a good free agent signing and a quality draft pick and away we can be serious playoff contenders.

      And Knox, who sat out.

    36. JK47

      Frank sucked in this game. Zero trips to the free throw line, zero steals, only 6 FGA in 36 minutes. I know he’s a low-usage defense-oriented guy but that is not really gonna be acceptable

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