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Saturday, May 25, 2019

Author: Brian Cronin

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Game Thread: New York Knicks @ Minnesota Timberwolves

This schedule is so bizarre. I was away with my wife for our anniversary and I figured I’d still post a game thread, but I thought they were in Sacramento because they were playing Minnesota tonight, but no, yesterday they come home from a West Coast trip and then tonight they’re back on a West Coast trip? What the heck? Anyhow, let’s go, MitchRob!

NY Post: Draft-night whispers, Kidd hint: Frank Ntilikina’s Knicks future fading

Here’s the thing with Marc Berman “mouthpiece” articles. They’re seriously just repeating whatever he gets told at any given moment. The issue is that we never know if he’s being used to test the waters on a particular idea or if what he is repeating is actually what the Knicks are planning. I believe he has excellent sources (including almost certainly the President of the Knicks himself, Steve Mills), but you can never tell the agenda in which the sources tell him stuff. With Charley Rosen, it was a bit more direct. He was used as Phil Jackson’s way to …continue reading

Game Thread: New York Knicks @ Los Angeles Clippers

So many interesting possibilities today. 1. The Clippers play the Lakers on Monday. There is a real possibility that they might look past the Knicks today, making today a proverbial “trap game.” 2. Afternoon games always seem to be weird. Remember when the shitty Lakers beat the Warriors during the season when the Warriors won 73 games? That game was an afternoon game, as well. Right around this point in the year, too (March 6, 2016). 3. Afternoon games in Los Angeles for New York teams tend to be sketchy due to the players partying, but this young Knicks team …continue reading

2018-19 Game Thread: New York Knicks vs. Cleveland Cavaliers

This is an oddly long homestand, no? Anyhow, this is a major game for tanking purposes, as the Knicks have to be the big favorites tonight, which would tie them with Cleveland. If they win this one, that starts to make falling out of the bottom three a real possibility. That would be pretty devastating. I’ll still root for MitchRob to have a good game, though! I can’t help it!