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Saturday, December 7, 2019

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Philadelphia 76ers 101 – New York Knicks 95 – Game Recap

At last, a game where something akin to basketball happened with regard to the Knicks. Apart from the final score (that looks like it was ripped from 2005, in a League that’s been seeing the highest score average since… last year? No but seriously, this season is still seeing teams average 110.3 PPG, and without 2018-19 that would be the highest average since I was a kid, in 84-85), there were a few intense moments here. Most important of all, some of the protagonists were the youngsters, and not just the merc du jour who gets hot but won’t have …continue reading

2019-20 Game Thread: Knicks vs. 76ers

After that Marc Berman article, I probably should bring back the David Fizdale Coaching Death Watch, but honestly, after that article, it sounds like it is more like a question of when they fire him rather than if they fire him, so the Death Watch really doesn’t seem to be necessary, as that is more about if he gets fired. Anyhow, the Knicks host the 76ers, a team that decided to do a rebuild and then continued to collect assets rather than, you know, sign veterans to one-year contracts and refuse to trade cap space for assets. It seems to …continue reading

NY Post: The Knicks’ failing youth movement is a David Fizdale fiasco

Something that we have all observed over the years is that while Marc Berman is not literally a Charlie Rosen/Phil Jackson-style mouthpiece for Knicks President of Basketball Operations, Steve Mills, he is certainly willing to be the guy that Mills can come to when he wants send a message through a Berman article. We’ve seen it a number of times over the years, most prominently during Phil Jackson’s tenure as the Mills’ predecessor as the PoBO, where Berman wrote enthusiastic things about Jackson early on and then tore him down later on, when Mills’ knife was stuck firmly in the …continue reading

New York Knicks 98 – Toronto Raptors 126 – After the KB blackout

Lately I found myself more and more invested in reading every nook and cranny of the spoilerrific site Tv Tropes. If I have ten minutes to spare and nothing else to read, I’ll fire up the aforementioned site and see what it has to say about one of my favorite movies (or series, or cartoons, or videogames). I have discovered through the years that Tv Tropes is the vastest hoard of hidden meanings, mindblowing theories and genuine fun facts you’ll ever come around in the ‘Net. If there’s an Easter egg in a semi-unknown Korean movie you just happened to …continue reading

2019-20 Game Thread: Knicks @ Raptors

After two tough losses, you could expect that the David Fizdale Death Watch might return, but I don’t think they expect anything from the Knicks tonight. RJ Barrett is back tonight, hopefully he brings the Maple Mojo! Maybe they’ll surprise us and somehow pull this one out! Let’s go, Knicks!

NY Post: David Fizdale desperately wants Knicks to play faster

From Greg Joyce: David Fizdale wants the Knicks to pick up their pace. Ranked 27th out of 30 teams in pace (98.65) — which measures the number of possessions per game — the Knicks spent Tuesday’s practice working with a 12-second shot clock to hammer the point across. “We’ve got to get more possessions in the game to get over the hump and give ourselves more shots at the rim,” Fizdale said before the Knicks flew to Toronto for Wednesday’s game against the Raptors. “We’ve got to get to our stuff quicker. We’ve got to get up the floor faster, …continue reading

Brooklyn Nets 103 – New York Knicks 101 – Game Recap

Hey there, fellow Knicks fans! I guess you want to know why we lost last night against a pretty mediocre Nets team, right? Fear not, I’m your man and up to the task! Here’s the reasons why: Dolan. Dolan Dolan Dolan Dolan Dolan: Oh and Dolan. Did you Dolan that Dolan just Dolan? But Dolan Dolan, Dolan! And Dolan. So, Dolan Dolan Dolan. Dolan… Seriously, when you consider how the loss (the game, actually) came to be, you can’t help but trace everything to the origin of evil that taints this franchise since 1999. The Knicks played pretty much the …continue reading