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Thursday, February 21, 2019

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Knicks Morning News (2019.02.19)

[NYDN] Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving’s All-Star game conversation is giving Knicks fans false hope (Monday, February 18, 2019 5:40:00 PM) It would take a professional lip-reader to truly find out, but Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving were definitely cooking up some kind of scheme at the All-Star game Sunday night. Whether they were actually talking about the Knicks is up for fans to believe…or pray for. A video surfaced on Monday… [NYDN] MSG slams rumors of James Dolan ‘courting offers’ to sell Knicks (Monday, February 18, 2019 11:10:00 AM) Rumors that the unapologetic James Dolan is selling the Knicks …continue reading

Knicks Morning News (2019.02.18)

[NYPost] Phone call, testy answer: LeBron-Kyrie Lakers team-up signs are there (Sunday, February 17, 2019 11:55:52 AM) CHARLOTTE, N.C. — If the Lakers fail to land LeBron James’ preferred choice of hybrid big man Anthony Davis via a summer trade, could the Lake Show make a play at free-agent-to-be Kyrie Irving if he’s leaving Boston? Irving, a West Orange, N.J., product, mostly has been linked to the Knicks if he bolts, but… [NYPost] What if D’Angelo Russell had fallen to the Knicks? (Sunday, February 17, 2019 9:16:58 AM) CHARLOTTE, N.C. — It’s crazy how the paths have turned out with …continue reading

Knicks Morning News (2019.02.17)

[NYDN] Watch Knicks stud Dennis Smith Jr. dunk over J. Cole (Saturday, February 16, 2019 7:55:00 PM) J. Cole is no stranger to putting on shows — none, though, quite like this. The famed rapper, clad in a tie-dye hoodie, looked terrified as newly-acquired Knick Dennis Smith Jr. came barreling down on him during Saturday’s NBA All-Star Dunk contest. Smith Jr., donning J. Cole’s high school basketball… [NYDN] Adam Silver is sick of teams tanking, like the Knicks (Saturday, February 16, 2019 5:35:00 PM) CHARLOTTE – The tanking strategy, such as the Knicks have plainly instituted, is “corrosive” and detrimental …continue reading

Knicks Morning News (2019.02.16)

[NYDN] Rick Barry thinks Kevin Durant would be nuts to leave Warriors for Knicks (Friday, February 15, 2019 4:40:00 PM) CHARLOTTE – Rick Barry, the NBA Hall of Famer who is never shy about expressing his opinion, made it clear where he stands on the most important decision of the NBA summer: In short, Barry believes Kevin Durant would be a lunatic to leave the Warriors for New York. “He has a chance to be part of… [NYPost] Knicks likely will be trying to land two of these six Special K’s (Friday, February 15, 2019 10:48:24 PM) With cap space …continue reading

Mtn Dew Ice Rising Stars: Team U.S. vs. Team World Game Thread

They seriously couldn’t just spell “Mountain” out? Anyhow, I figured we should have a game thread for those willing to watch the Rising Star debut of New York Knick, Kevin Knox! If there’s any basketball justice in this world, Mitchell Robinson will be on the team next season as a sophomore. Where he will be representing the New Orleans Pelicans, of course. Let’s go Team U.S.A.!

New York Knicks 106 – Atlanta Hawks 91 – Game Recap

What is this? Is this some magical artifact shaped like two mountain peaks, only upside-down? What in the world should I do with this W? I wasn’t ready anymore to write about… a win? And a from start to finish line one to boot? Seriously, where do I begin? This was like watching a usual Knicks game, only from the other side of the mirror. Oh, ok, I’ll start from the beginning: the Knicks came out with guns blazing and got to an early 14-0 lead thanks to some good shooting and abysmal Hawks offense. Dennis Smith Jr was hitting his …continue reading