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Monday, June 24, 2019

2018-19 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Bulls

I can’t believe they’re still making us watch these things.


Let’s go, Mitch Rob!

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31 comments on “2018-19 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Bulls

  1. geo

    our boys are rolling tonight…

    including tonight, 6 games left (2 against these, even worse current roster than us, bulls)…and another against the wiz – I’m not that worried about the suns falling beneath us in wins…let em win…

    what happened to DSJ – did they shut him down for the rest of the year?

    jus read some thing about mud that because he started tonight he’s eligible for 5.75m on a qualifying offer, but, has a cap hit of 12.88m…

    yeah, that cap hit shit doesn’t make much sense to me…hopefully it’ll help deter our front office from bringing him back…

  2. nicos

    Man, the Suns better win tonight because the Knicks are pretty much guaranteed two wins against the lineup the Bulls are throwing out there. Add in a possible win against Washington and the Knicks could be a coin flip away from picking six.

  3. geo

    I think bc said there’s no coin flip for that – they just split the odds between the two teams…

    still, at this point…

    Edit: couldn’t think of anything to add after: at this point…

    only thing that came to mind was that army guy that was in the bar during the wedding scene in deerhunter…who just kept repeating – fuck it…

  4. ptmilo

    there’s no coin flip for lottery balls but there’s still a flip for your position if you don’t get one of the 4 ping pong slots

  5. d-mar

    Hard to criticize the Bulls for resting their good players, if we had any (besides Mitch) we’d rest them too.

  6. geo

    you were wise to save your words until later in the day…you missed some weird shit earlier today milo…

    goodness gracious it’s been a long day/weekend/week/month…

    I’ve read this now a few times – still not sure what it means: “4 ping pong slots”…

    it’s okay though – I’m there now with that green beret sergeant :)

  7. Grocer

    I forgot this game was happening. Looked at the halftime score, despaired of a win, tuned in and realized we’ll probably still lose. Phew!

  8. ptmilo

    the way they hold the lottery is to give teams cards with 4 number combinations, i.e. 9-13-5-1 or whatever. then they put a bunch of ping pong balls in a hopper numbered 1-14. they pick four balls and whoever has that 4 number combo gets the first pick. they do that 3 more times and then it’s over. everyone who wasn’t one of the lucky four automatically picks in reverse order of record. if you tied in record and you aren’t one of the lucky four picks then you flip for position.

  9. ptmilo

    ptmilo stands for phantom tollbooth milo who was the main character of my favorite book as a kid.

    mitch has 4 assists if we play him at 1 next year we’re gonna gets lot of blocks out of that spot

  10. The Honorable Cock Jowles

    Am I wrong or does RoLo play like he’s on a nonguaranteed contract

    update: his contract is (finally) expiring, dude does not want Brook to be the last-standing Lopez bro

  11. ptmilo

    is mitch hurt? i have the chicago feed and they claimed he got hurt but they haven’t shown him since.

  12. Grocer

    ptmilo, I loved that book.

    If Kornet is gonna keep going off like that I think I was wrong, we’ll def win.

  13. Grocer

    Allen is out of the game with a concussion. Mitch looks like he’s getting his foot wrapped on the bench, but I don’t think they’ve said anything about it yet.

  14. Grocer

    Mitch’s foot is wrapped up with ice, Breen says they haven’t been told anything about it yet.

  15. geo

    very cool reference…milo it is then…

    it’s funny some of the things we carry with us from our past…

    i can still remember as a child the wood floor i sat on, somewhere upstate, when i heard on the radio o’sullivan’s alone again – and totally got it…

  16. bobneptune

    OMG I come home and turn on the game and find my worst nightmare….MR with his foot wrapped in ice. UGH

  17. nicos

    Nice line for Kornet though he complete lack of post defense led to about 25 of Lopez’s 29 points.

  18. Early Bird

    Kadeem really deserves a contract for next year.

    The Kornet/Mitch lineup has been killing it. Still think Kornet will be too inconsistent and useless when not hitting 3’s.

    Trier and Dotson are frustratingly close to being legit rotation players. Dotson needs to up his TS% a tiny bit and Trier needs to cut down on TO’s.

  19. Early Bird

    I’m legitimately disappointed that Mitch got “only” 3 blocks in 33 minutes. Maybe I need to dial back my expectations a little bit, especially if he’s going to avoid fouling out in 10 minutes.

  20. bidiong

    Crazy day today. I joined my local volunteer fire company. I went on a structure fire call today. The house burnt down in 45 minutes. Luckily, no people were inside but unfortunately two dogs and some cats were inside. The worst part was seeing a family’s total life they built destroyed and seeing some of my other firefighter friends that are friends with them dealing with it was an experience in itself.

    There’s a lot of good people out there, and we should remember that. It was my first fire call.

  21. Z-man

    Even if we tie with PHX the odds of us getting the 6th pick are extremely low. It would mean that neither us nor PHX got one of the top 4 picks and then we lost the coin flip. But hey, knicks!

  22. geo

    damn, well that certainly puts some of my current trials and tribulations in perspective…

    keep doing good bidiong – the world most certainly needs it…

  23. Knick fan not in NJ who thinks our rookies will lead us to a lousy lottery pick in 2019

    I didn’t see the game, But the box score was interesting. You could argue that Kornet’s line was as good as or better than Robinson’s. Except for Knox, both rosters were composed of second round picks, undrafted players and players cast off from other teams, and our roster was the better one. That says something good (but small) about current Knicks management. And when was the last time you read of an opposing coach saying “I thought their halfcourt pace to start the game was better than ours. I thought their ball movement was better than ours,”. Given the iso ball the Knicks have been playing, That quote is mind-boggling.

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