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Saturday, January 18, 2020

2016-17 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Pistons

This is one of the tougher games for the Knicks to lose, so hopefully they come out strong and lose this one like the hopeful losers they are.

Let’s go? Knicks!

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103 comments on “2016-17 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Pistons

  1. Owen

    God Drummond is a man child. Leading man to throw.a Kobe assist to, in the Eastern Conference

  2. Reub On Our Way To Greatness

    Do you think that Rose and Melo realize that they’re driving the tank?

  3. geo

    oh oh, rose trying to demonstrate he can pass…

    in all fairness, since like 40 games in or so, been trying to look to see if he’d distribute – he does try to move the ball a good bit of the time, some are bad passes, a lot get bumbled by teammates (willys’ got some soft mitts)…

  4. Reub On Our Way To Greatness

    KP with 15 pts in the first quarter. Please sit him down before he gets arm weary.

  5. Silky Johnson, Fleet Admiral of the Tank Armada

    Kuz is having a little end of season renaissance

    Bet he’s gonna be this year’s Tim Hardaway

  6. geo

    listening to mike and walt, sounds like the knicks need to get a hookup from lebron’s nutritionist/chemist…not saying he’s cheating at all…just doing an amazing job at keeping himself at peak performance, for a really long time…

  7. KnickfaninNJ

    I was talking basketball with a friend and he asked me a tough question. It was “if you had to have one of Rose or Melo on the Knicks next year, which one would it be?”

    What’s your answer?

  8. nicos

    Kuz really needs to spend the whole off-season in the weight room- very skilled, too weak. Someone give him LBJ’s doctor’s number.

  9. Silky Johnson, Fleet Admiral of the Tank Armada

    Holy shit that PJ reaction to KPs fall is classic

  10. KnickfaninNJ

    I think the answer is clearly none of the above

    I like that but it’s not an option here. If you have to keep one, which one would it be?

  11. Bruno Almeida

    I can handle watching Melo, he’s bad but he’s kinda entertaining sometimes… I can’t handle watching Rose at all.

    btw KP is rolling today, we should rest him to keep him fresh for the final run.

  12. Silky Johnson, Fleet Admiral of the Tank Armada

    I’d rather have Melo because at least he’s a better locker room guy

    Better player too

  13. the don nelson era

    That and you aren’t gonna sign Rose to a 1 year deal. Whatever gets them both gone ASAP.

  14. nicos

    Just saw Michael Sweetney is going to be playing in Ice Cube’s league- I guess they’re taking that Big Three name literally.

  15. Bruno Almeida

    Im going to be called a pessimist or whatever but I can feel the win streak coming, bringing Miles Bridges along with it.

  16. d-mar

    Hornacek needs to have a one on one with Rose at halftime: “D Rose, this game’s on you, you need to drive the ball to the basket every possession. We need your scoring, don’t worry about anyone else. Do your thing, I’ve got 100% confidence in you”

    Then the tank will be back on track.

  17. Philmelo

    The problem with Ball is he doesn’t score enough or in enough different ways.

    Actually, that’s exactly the appeal of a player like Ball in today’s game. He’s an efficient, low usage player who generates tons of assists. You can count the number of NBA players who can fit that description on one hand. With a player like that a GM has the flexibility to load his team with any combination of defensive minded and offensive volume scoring players.

  18. Philmelo

    We’re gonna miss Lonzo Ball by one game guys

    Yet another in a long line of instances that show why we can’t have nice things.

  19. Brian Cronin Post author

    I remember when the Knicks split two games with the Pistons early, I was struck by how bad the Pistons looked. The Knicks barely won the one game they won.

  20. Philmelo

    KP abusing Harris on defense after he was dogged the last game. He should be playing the slower forward, but again you can see his defensive value in action.

  21. TheOakmanCometh

    I was afraid of this game. Hopefully Horny takes a lesson and benches everyone against Chicago.

  22. KnickfaninNJ

    Ninety points or so after three quarters; the triangle re-emphasis doesn’t seem to hurting our offense

  23. Philmelo

    KP is a weird dude. There are some games where he looks tired and lethargic. Then there are other games like this one where he looks stronger and quicker than the smaller man against him. In their last meeting Tobias Harris abused him, prompting a discussion about his defensive value as a power forward. Tonight he is owning Harris’ soul.

  24. Reub On Our Way To Greatness

    KP is coming of age. I’ve been seeing it the last few games. I’m predicting the All Star game for him next year.

  25. Bruno Almeida

    Orlando also losing… goddamned what a terrible win.

    well, we can’t lose them all… unfortunately.

  26. Accidentank 2017

    Terrible night for the tank. We’ll be down to 7th place after we win and Orlando loses.

  27. yellowboy90

    O’quinn tried his hardest to lead the tank but JH would always pull him after the Pistons made a run.

  28. Silky Johnson, Fleet Admiral of the Tank Armada

    if it’s any comfort there’s no game we should win on our schedule until the end of the season tank championship against Philadelphia

  29. d-mar

    It would truly be the Knicksiest thing in Knicks history to have Derrick Rose go on a tear, cause us to win a bunch of games, and then get re-signed to a max 4 year deal by a highly impressed Phil Jackson.

  30. Accidentank 2017

    You know I just knew we were gonna win this one. I just knew it. Home game against a slumping Detroit team and Melo was rested.

  31. Reub On Our Way To Greatness

    If Rose plays like this can it lead to a sign and trade for Rubio in the offseason?

  32. Accidentank 2017

    The reason why I’m not so mad about the loss tonight is because Porzingis looked very comfortable using his height against the Pistons. They’re a strong and fast team, but he used his body well to fend off defenders and take easy jumpers from the mid range area. That’s who KP should be; the 3s are cool but that shouldn’t be his game. I want him dominating in the paint and then breaking defenses with the 3 ball after he’s heated up inside. 25 points, 8 rebounds, 3 blocks. I take that all day.

  33. KnickfaninNJ

    For what it’s worth, I picked Rose over Melo, but I hated doing it. I think the team can survive having one starter that is a terrible defender, but not two. If we had to have one of them, Rose is younger and seems to have improved a little from what I expected. But it’s much easier to lose Rose, we just don’t sign him and then get cap space in return

  34. nicos

    The Knicks just need to forget about this one and put it behind them. The 4 seed is still a possibility if they just knuckle down and get back to playing Knicks basketball.

  35. Brian Cronin Post author

    Wow, the Pistons are putrid! And they’re actually trying to win?

    Great coaches being shitty GMs seems to be the matter of course these days.

  36. Brian Cronin Post author

    Nothing more Knicksy than the Bargnani trade.

    I think that that hypothetical Rose scenario (where he plays well enough for the Knicks to get knocked down in the draft and then get re-signed to a big contract) would be the Knickiest thing ever.

  37. #firePhilJackson

    it’s easier to tank, I mean to lose if the other team plays ball, but the Pistons seem to be just on strike against SVG… and I’d take Melo over Rose, so can draft a pass first PG.

  38. #firePhilJackson

    just checked the next 8 games – Knicks can end up with 32 wins.. that would be a top 5 pick?

  39. ClashFan

    Wow, Cavs getting absolutely blown out by SA.

    Detroit just stinks right now. The tank will be back. Lose them ALL for BALL!

  40. djphan

    it looks like 30-31 wins to get a top 5… kings and magic are probably finishing with 30 or less…

    with this win i think we’re stuck at #6 unless we lose out or something.. which is possible… hopefully sixers and magic win both their nets games…

    #7 is the worst slot we can have since im pretty sure minny squeezes more wins than us as they have an easy sched left… #7 is precarious since the draft is about that much deep….

  41. TheOakmanCometh

    Why did Hornacek play Melo 35 min and Zingis 37 minutes? He and Phil should agree on a 32 min max for all players. It would be a subtle way to tank and keep the vets healthier.

  42. Bruno Almeida

    if Rose is part of the reason for the Knicks losing a top 5 pick he would definitely guarantee his spot in my mount rushmore of most hated Knicks ever.

  43. Brian Cronin Post author

    Now the ones I am most worried about are, besides the Sixers game, of course, are the back-to-back Miami games.

  44. Brian Cronin Post author

    Kings are interviewing Hinkie.

    There is no way that Vivek has the balls for the Process. I can see him being willing to start the Process, but he will fuck it up, no doubt about it.

  45. #firePhilJackson

    There is no way that Vivek has the balls for the Process. I can see him being willing to start the Process, but he will fuck it up, no doubt about it.

    that’s a given

  46. Hugo Busto

    Didn’t watch the game but I totally expected the Knicks to win. Unfortunately I didn’t put the money up.

    Seems like the Piston players have just shipped it in at this point and on SVG

    -edit, it’s nice to see Hinkie name back in the mix but he totally should not accept a job in Sacramento. Vivek just doesn’t seem like the guy you want to work with/for. Stay patient HINKIE!

  47. Brian Cronin Post author

    Vivek is a guy you’d like to work for if you like to get paid to not work. Sort of like being a Knicks executive. :)

  48. KnickfaninNJ

    besides doing the Process, Hinkie also showed excellent trading chops, while he was in Philadelphia. I would like to see him in Sacramento. He deserves another GM slot and I have sympathy for long suffering franchises.

  49. Brian Cronin Post author

    besides doing the Process, Hinkie also showed excellent trading chops, while he was in Philadelphia. I would like to see him in Sacramento. He deserves another GM slot and I have sympathy for long suffering franchises.

    He deserves another gig, no doubt, but Sacramento is the one franchise that rivals the Knicks in terms of sheer owner incompetence, so there’s no way Hinkie would get a fair shake there. It’d be like if Dolan hired Hinkie to replace Phil, there’s no way Dolan wouldn’t meddle with him, just like there’s no way Vivek wouldn’t meddle with Hinkie.

  50. Brian Cronin Post author

    Since there’s no way Monk goes over Fox, that’s scary, since it kind of suggests that Monk could be the pick (due to them suggesting that he is the 5th best player in the draft).

  51. KnickfaninNJ

    GMs rarely get a fair shake from owners. I think Hinkie could actually fit in Sacramento for a couple of years at least. But who knows.

  52. Philmelo


    No way? Look at the team projected to pick Monk. The only thing that makes more sense than us picking him at #6 is Vlade Divac picking him at #5.

  53. Brian Cronin Post author


    No way? Look at the team projected to pick Monk. The only thing that makes more sense than us picking him at #6 is Vlade Divac picking him at #5.

    Touche! :)

  54. KnickfaninNJ

    They need Hinkie, even if they don’t know it. Although the draft was probably one of Hinkie’s weakest areas

  55. Z-man

    I wonder if this draft is similar to the 2015 draft in that there is not much advantage drafting higher. With the exception of KAT, and maybe KP if he plays like he did last night, the best players were not in the top 10. Sometimes it seems that teams get boxed in to drafting certain guys due to draft position and hype. Personally, I don’t see any sure-fire difference-makers in this draft beyond maybe Fultz, Ball and Jackson, although even those guys have some question marks. Tatum, Fox, Monk, Smith, etc. are just too young to predict (as are lots of guys from 2015 to this day).

    I think that we will be in position to draft the best player from this draft not taken in the top-3. I doubt that in hindsight we will be pining over losing out on Fox. It’s just as likely that we are regretting that we didn’t have a lower seed and wound up with Isaac, Frank or Bridges. Or that we didn’t roll the dice on Markkanen. So I’m not going to get too wrapped up in wins like this one.

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