Who Would You Rather Give Up In a Trade – Quentin Grimes or Obi Toppin?

As the Donovan Mitchell trade rumors abound, it sure sounds like any trade would involve Immanuel Quickley almost certainly going to Utah, but if the trade goes down, he’s not going alone. There would be at least a slim chance of Cam Reddish and Deuce McBride being enough to add to the deal, but that seems unlikely. There would probably have to be either Quentin Grimes or Obi Toppin also included in the deal (probably in place of Reddish and McBride, at least. Although you might need to include another player if Grimes is the one to go, for salary purposes. Obi can go by himself).

So forgetting whether you want to trade either of them or not, if you HAD to choose between the two, who would you rather see traded from the Knicks (along with Quickley and Evan Fournier) for Donovan Mitchell? We can just take it for granted that many of you wouldn’t trade either. That’s duly noted. It’s entered into the record, “Plenty of Knickerblogger posters would prefer not to trade either.” It is signed, sealed and on the record. This question, though, is based on the idea that you have to trade one of them, that “Neither” is not an option. With that in mind, while, again, fully having it noted on the record in a sealed, indestructible encasement so that no one can ever destroy or deny that you would prefer not to trade either of them, which one would you pick?

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So what’s a fair/realistic deal (i.e., we’re not getting rid of Randle) that fans should be okay with?
I’d say: Fournier + McBride + IQ + 4 picks … or Rose + Obi or Grimes + McBride + 4 Picks

Unless Ainge insists on Rose, i think it’s better to trade Fournier. First, Mitchell will send Fournier to the bench, and a 18M bench player seems a little too much for my taste. Second, if we keep Rose we can send our two other backup PGs (Quick and Deuce).
The next bidder (Miami) can send 3 picks, so i agree the offer should be 4 picks. Fournier is there for the money, but Ainge can trade him for another pick later, on a stretch when he’ll be on fire from 3P land. We’ll need to send one good young player, and that will be one more than on the Gobert deal, Quick is also my choice for the reasons i’ve said. I’m not hopeful about Cam and Deuce, so we should use those two as the bargaining exercise (lol). We start at Fournier, Quick and 4 picks, and later we can add Cam, and then Deuce. At this point i’d only swap Fournier for DRose or Randle, and that’s it. If Ainge doesn’t accept it, we say “good luck to find a better deal” and walk away.

Voted Obi. There’s two votes, so i already know your vote, Brian. LOL
I think Grimes can be a starter on a championship contender, and although i like Quick and Obi a lot too, and think there’s some chances they reach that level, imo the most likely outcome for both is as a valuable bench rotation player, 6th man of the year type.

I haven’t voted yet! 🙂 You forget our heavy lurker contingent!

But I probably would go Grimes.

I can’t vote between those two. That’s like Sophie’s Choice for me. I would offer IQ, which is also very painful. I’d like to keep Grimes based on what he did last year in the NBA. His shooting and defense would make him an excellent third guard. I’m sure they will stagger the rotation to have either Mitchell or Brunson on the floor at all times. We can also throw in Cam and use Hunt as a backup forward. I’m slowly talking myself into this. We need Obi as Randle insurance.

Keep them all and offer 5 picks. McBride and cam can be included. Fournier. Rights to Rokas, some second rounders.

But if I have to I guess I include IQ? Ugh that would hurt though. I love Quickley. But if we can eventually move on from Randle then we want to keep OBI.

This one is really conflicting but I’m a huge fan of what Grimes can be for a future Knicks team if we ever get to true contender status.

If we send out IQ we would need a playmaker off the bench which I suppose Deuce would have to step in for. Then we wait a year for Rokas to come over.

Obi could really turn into a monster efficiency wise playing off of Mitchell and Brunson he could be our ticket to a future star trade.

Think it comes down to gaps. If we trade Fournier the team is going to need 3P shooting. Grimes has potential to shoot close to 40% on good volume. He can also play next to one of the smaller backcourt. Regardless of who’s a better player or prospect, Grimes is a better plug. If we have to trade Rose, we can’t also trade IQ for same reason. Easier to look at the package vs each player in isolation.

I voted to keep Obi, even though the rational part of my brain knows that Grimes is more likely to be a valuable player on a good team. I just can’t let go of how much fun it is to watch Obi, but also the stubborn belief that there was a lot more in there that he hasn’t been able to show due to his minutes restrictions playing behind Julius.

I had the exact same thought process, Alan. I’ve always been a bit of an Obi skeptic, but also think if he was allowed to play 25-30 minutes vs 10-15 behind Randle, we might see more of what he can become.

The whole thing makes me kind of sad – I really want to watch IQ, Grimes and Obi develop as Knicks players, but I feel like it’s inevitable that at least 2 of them are as good as gone

Shouldn’t we be trying to flip DRose, Fournier and Randle for draft picks, to add to the deal? I think SAC would easily do (they’re dumb!) a Randle for Barnes, Len and 1RP. For a starting 5 of Fox, Huerter/Monk, Keegan Murray, Randle and Sabonis.
If we find deals to get 1RPs for DRose and Randle, we can send 4 picks we have, the 2 from those deals (THAT’S SIX FIRSTS), and then we’ll send Fournier, and some combination of Cam, Deuce and Rokas, while managing to keep all of Quick, Grimes and Obi.

The Jazz need to take one of Fournier or Rose back for salary purposes. Fournier is easier since he makes more money and is easier for Utah to flip to another team. Derrick Rose is unlikely to get you a first that Utah will want. Randle, well, the goal would be to add firsts, right? 😉

Right, that’s what i said. Two picks for DRose and Randle, and Fournier goes in the deal to Utah. But it can be two picks for DRose and Fournier, while Randle goes to Utah. Only DRose wouldn’t work, with Cam and Deuce, money wise.

I think the answer is clear and should be obi ….. even assuming Grimes is a good 3pt shooter… on a team with Brunson… Mitchell… there’s really not too many minutes to go around for a SG…

OTOH …. even in the case we do keep randle it’s highly likely Obi plays better with the incoming players since he’s so strong in the pnr and is much better in a low usg role….

it’s basically a bet on whether you would rather have RJ or Randle and it should be very clear who wins that… that’s on top of the fact that if you want a 3pt specialist it’s not exactly a hard thing to get both on the trade market or the draft or free agency…. Obi while not exactly super rare himself… is a bit harder to replicate the ideal version of himself…

Derrick Rose is unlikely to get you a first that Utah will want.

Yeah, probably from a contender. But a first is a first. Ainge needs more than 4 to show he’s super smart and got more than on the Gobert deal. And i don’t care about DRose, to be frank, i think he plays his role well here, but is expendable to me.

Randle, well, the goal would be to add firsts, right? 😉

Yeah, you saved Noble some trouble, because he’d be answering me on this. LOL But i think a team like SAC might swing for the fences with Randle, because if he can mesh with Sabonis and get back to all star level, they would be pretty good.

How do you play Randle and Sabonis together, Cyber? Their games are not identical, since one is better in the low post and one shoots more 3s, but it’s two ball-dominant power forwards who don’t protect the rim. I don’t see that at all. At least with our futile pleas for a lineup with Randle and Obi, they’d be operating in different spots of the floor on offense, and Obi’s athleticism would be more complementary of Randle’s groundbound strength on defense, even if they would not in any way be a great defensive pairing.

How do you play Randle and Sabonis together, Cyber? Their games are not identical, since one is better in the low post and one shoots more 3s, but it’s two ball-dominant power forwards who don’t protect the rim. I don’t see that at all.

Sabonis was the only positive DBPM on SAC’s projected starting 5. They don’t care about defense. And Randle would be the 2nd positive DBPM, if he replaces Barnes. So, they’d be trending in the right direction. The only one that might be a great defender there, it’s Keegan Murray.

This team as currently constructed cannot take a step forward unless RJ gets more efficient. I don’t see Spida really moving the needle on that front. I am hopeful that Brunson will help with that. A Randle bounce back would also help, and I hope taking the playmaking pressure off of him gives him room to succeed, but if he struggles, I think Obi takes on a bigger role and the team doesn’t suffer too much. I don’t see Donovan unlocking Julius much either.

Sure, he’s an upgrade over Fournier, but I actually think Fournier could work in a system with Brunson running the offense and finding him for open threes. I would much rather roll the dice with what we have than give up young guys that are good and productive right now, as well as draft capital. I think Leon/Aller just need to hold a firm line and not give up more than the actual value that Spida would add to this team.

Jake Fischer: The word on the street is definitely that both Barrett and Tyler Herro are looking for maximum contract extensions.

I hate this debate. I don’t want to trade for Mitchell at all and we have which nice young player we should trade? Bah!

I voted to trade Obi – with the reason that in a playoff series, which player is most likely to get played off the floor? Obi is better than I would have predicted on defense, but still would be targeted mercilessly in a playoff series. The most valuable players in the playoffs are wing-type players (although Grimes is a little small, his strength makes him play bigger). I love Obi and don’t want to trade either Obi or Grimes, but if I had to choose, it’d be Obi.

Rose and Fournier should both go in this trade, whether to a 3rd team or for Utah to flip later in the season. Assuming health, Rose should fetch a late first rounder, and I can imagine Fournier getting a similar return next year when he is expiring. We need salary to send, so I don’t think Ainge would say no to them.

I wish the media would stop portraying not including RJ as a win. Ainge doesn’t want RJ. He doesn’t want a middling efficiency about to get paid tons of $$ player right now. He wants to lose, get high draft picks, and then be good in 2025-26. The media portraying that is just moving the goalposts towards Utah.

I’m happy to give IQ, Rose, Fournier as the players going back. If they want Rokas, fine.
I’m ok with giving 4 total picks. If it must be 3 unprotected and another unprotected, then fine.
I’d even be ok with swap rights but only for the two earliest years possible.

But beyond that — I think you have to be realistic that Mitchell is not PG/Harden/Anthony Davis.

My take is that there are 28 bench minutes for a guard and 14 minutes for a PF.

Obi is clearly a fan favorite, but backup PF are not hard to find. Replacing IQ and Grimes will be far more challenging.

It feels dirty to even be discussing who to send to Utah in this trade. I really love this young core and I hate the thought of breaking it up.

I voted Grimes should go over Obi. The only reason is that Obi is from my area, and it’s quite possible I played against him at my local gym when he was like 12. He also used to hang at my daughter’s volleyball club in Peekskill because his mom and/or aunt coached there.

My daughters are really attached to Obi and IQ and would hate any trade involving them.

I wish that Obi, IQ, Grimes and Deuce would storm Leon’s office and demand that they not be traded. Tell Leon to give them a chance to show what they could do together and that he won’t regret it.

For me, this was easy. Obi should go.

IMO, a team with Brunson, RJ, and Mitchell needs a 3&D PF that rebounds. Those other guys want the ball and will score plenty. We need to improve the defense, space the floor, and make sure we can rebound given that Brunson, RJ, and Mitchell are all undersized for their position. It can’t all be on Robinson. Obi has a lot of improving to do in various ways, but even if gets better, I don’t see him as the ideal compliment to the 3 scorers. Grimes is a good compliment off the bench and can easily slide into the starting role at times.

Better yet, don’t make the trade unless the price is much more attractive that what’s being tossed around. We are actually contemplating a trade where the price is steep and the fit awkward. It’s insanity.

IMO IQ should be untouchable. He’s an excellent shooter, improving his defense a lot, and improving is handle/playmaking. He’s UNFUCKINGTOUCHABLE.

Similar to the RJ thing, does anyone think that Danny Ainge has any interest in Tyler “played off the floor in the playoffs, about to get $28MM/year” Herro or Duncan “Could not get on the floor for more than 7 min in TEN playoff games this past season yet I’m making $75MM over the next 4 years” Robinson?

Robinson is a negative value contract, far more so than Fournier, who is probably a neutral asset at worst given the team option. Herro is bound to get overpaid if only because Miami has no plausible other way to get talent a la Ayton.

I really don’t see Miami as a plausible alternative for Ainge unless Riley is able to hoodwink someone into giving a big package for Herro. Max I could imagine Riley getting for Herro is maybe 1 late first given the contractual issues looming for him. Assuming Ainge wants nothing to do with Lowry and that Riley won’t give up Bam/Jimmy, the best Miami could do is Miami picks + 1 late first + Oladipo + Robinson+ Strus? AND the fact that Riley hates Ainge and certainly would never let Ainge own him in a trade?

I’m ok with dumping an extra first into the package for the purposes of getting the deal done. But we have to remember this is the first move, not the last move. We need to keep assets for another move to get us from 45 wins to 55 wins. I would rather do nothing (ie. wait it out, maybe some other star that is a better fit?) than blow 6 picks including Ainge owning our drafts for the next 4-5 years + young players and be stuck in 45-win land.

We also have to remember that this is a precedent-setting trade. If the trade for the 20th best player = 6 picks + young players then how in the world are we going to get a top15 player to play WITH Mitchell?

Re: IQ – I’m not even sure that Ainge wants him, but if Mitchell and Brunson are on the team, then much of IQ’s value disappears – because assuming Thibs has a brain, one of Mitchell or Brunson will be on the floor at all times soaking up the usage. IQ off the ball is not nearly as useful as IQ on the ball. I love the kid and the joy he plays with, but you have to give to get.

I see it the other way around. I want IQ off the ball for now. I think he was struggling shooting at times last year because he had to create for himself, create for others and he wasn’t comfortable doing everything. I don’t see him playing a lot of PG except in situations where there are injuries or we don’t have a solid backup (like if we trade Rose or there are multiple injuries).

I see his future as somewhere between candidate for 6th man of the year and getting so good it’s hard to keep him off the court. To me, he was already showing signs at the end of last year that’s he’s going to be a very impactful player offensive player that can play defense and make plays too. Sure Mitchell is a lot better than him now, but he’s not 5 first round picks and other young players better than him. And both IQ and Grimes fit better.

If it was up to me I’d start the season with the same starting lineup except add Brunson. If the defense sucks, substitute Grimes or IQ for Fournier (whoever wins that job). You try to rehabilitate Randles value (that contract is not so bad if he’s playing well) and as the clock ticks Fournier gets easier to move. The long term goal is to move Fournier (that’s why you start him) and Randle, develop what we have, and save the 1st rounders and player assets for a deal for an all star caliber SF or PF (that can shoot) if we can’t develop one ourselves. Mitchell is a very good player, but he’s the wrong player and fit for us and the price is ridiculous.

Yeah we have Deuce and Rokas hopefully coming over so IQ seems like the most expendable of the group. Brunson, Mitchell and RJ/Randle to a lesser extent should be enough ball handling for us although the bench would probably take a hit playmaking wise.

Having a defensive sniper like Grimes is exactly who we would want in a playoff situation and with our guards being so inept on that end. Also acquiring Brunson and Mitchell would mean the FO dont trust IQ to be a PG so Grimes would obviously be the better SG choice.

As horrific as the reality of this trade will be when(*) it happens, it will at least bring some relief from the daily wear and tear of all these dreadful rumors.

Whereas the suggested packages from other potential trade partners seem to be a reasonable price for a player of Mitchell’s stature (i.e. Herro + 3 firsts from Miami), every rumored Knicks deal has been lopsided in Utah’s favor to beyond the point of absurdity.

Of course, it’s possible that these are nothing more than trial balloons floated by Ainge to willing media accomplices always on the lookout for fresh #lolknicks clickbait. Even if not a remotely accurate reflection of what Rose has offered/is willing to give up, they’re still hard to dismiss out of hand given this owner’s well documented history of selling the farm for any NBA name that flashes so much as a come hither look in his direction.

So, yeah, when the likes of Windhorst and Bontemps write that the Rose regime should be fired if they fail to rope in Mitchell. it rings true for many a shell-shocked Knicks fan. Naturally, it’s not we fans who believe they “should” be fired for said failure (just the opposite, in fact) Rather, our fear is that is what the front office itself believes. The working assumption – from Ainge to “NBA insiders” to the PTSD stricken fan base – seems to be that Rose is feeling immense pressure to deliver the goods to Dolan. Even if the cost is every cost-controlled asset currently on the roster and first rounders through the end of the third DeSantis administration. No matter how ridiculous the rumored package, the presumed desperation of the Knicks FO gives it the whiff of believability.

Please, make it stop. Just go ahead and consummate this crappy deal already. The ensuing silence will be a welcome relief.

(*) writing “if” requires a degree of optimism in this owner/front office that I simply do not possess.

I will keep saying it: the only thing worse than Julius Randle’s pre-trade fit with this team is his post-trade fit with this team. Of all starting PFs in the NBA, he might literally be the last one you want to pay with a Brunson/Mitchell/Barrett/Mitch grouping.

Obi is pretty much the sole player on the team I can look at pairing with Donovan Mitchell and say “yeah, that makes sense.” We pretty much have to keep him, IMO.

The thing is, I’m actually fairly high on Grimes relative to the pessimists’ consensus on this board and if we’re including IQ already I would draw a hard line on Grimes. IQ was by some metrics our best young player last year and is the only guy on the roster who can shoot off the dribble. If we’re including him and *four picks* that’s plenty, throwing in Grimes would leave us too depleted and make comparisons to the Melo trade very accurate.

To all of the people who have generally supported the Leon Rose plan, but are uncomfortable with the idea of trading a boatload of players and picks for a star that wouldn’t even make us all that good, all I can say is welcome to the resistance!

This isn’t a problem with Donovan Mitchell, he’s easily good enough to meet the qualifications for a “star trade.” Nor is it even a problem with the projected package. Sure, Ainge might hold out for a little more than most, but this trade was always going to be painful. No GMs out there are looking to give us their young stars on the cheap.

This is a problem with the idea of trading for a star before you have one of your own, preferably acquired via the draft but the rare instances in which you can do so via free agency work too.

In other words, you don’t disapprove of this trade because of anything particular to this trade. You disapprove of this trade because Leon Rose’s plan sucks!

I’m uncomfortably in Strat’s corner on this one. With the exception of his analysis of IQ. Immanuel definitely struggled at the point in the first half of the season. But if you look at his stats after the all-star game, they were worlds different — he clearly figured things out as the season progressed, and an argument can be made that post-all-star Quick was comparable to Mitchell (e.g., he had a 599 TS%, well over DM’s 572).

Just a hard no on this one for a hundred different reasons. It’s star-fucking of the most egregious kind.

To me, this scenario comes down to two words: Brock Aller.
1) he executes a “fair” deal that leaves enouth assets for the next big move
2) he overpays because:
a) he misjudges
i. the market
ii. the value of the pieces
iii. the value of Donovan Mitchell
iv. all of the above
b) he doesn’t have the cojones to talk Leon out of the deal or to quit in protest
3) He talks Leon out of the deal, at least long enough for someone else swoops in, making everything moot (by far my preferred outcome)

I also want to vote for “neither.”

Frankly, I really hope no deal happens, but if it does, IQ makes the most sense to go with two ball dominant ball handlers now on the team, and he seems to make sense from Utah’s perspective, too.

Try to move Randle; otherwise, keep your powder dry.

In other words, this is a major test of whether Brock Aller is as good as everyone says he is. If he’s not assertive and rolls over like a shill (see: Donnie Walsh) then he will be as much to blame as Leon.

I voted Grimes, for a couple of reasons. The only trade I would be really happy about for Mitchell would be something that includes dumping Randle, either to the Jazz or a 3rd team, and in that scenario Obi becomes our starting PF and I like his fit with Brunson / Mitchell quite a bit. I also don’t want to trade Quickley so Grimes is the most expendable of the group in this scenario, even though I can see the argument that Grimes fits better with the backcourt than IQ. I could accept keeping both Obi and Grimes and trading Quickley if we also get to dump Randle and maybe Fournier while at it.

I could really talk myself into a Brunson / Mitchell / RJ / Obi / Mitch lineup with Quickley, Fournier, Hartenstein, Sims and whoever we get at PF for the bench. It’s unlikely that this team would ever develop into a contender unless we get huge leaps from RJ or Obi but it’s still a strong team with a lot of upside.

I voted Grimes because he has no shot at starting with both Barrett and Mitchell in front of him. Obi is our starting 4 moving forward because it cannot be Randle long-term. Moving Randle has to be a priority if we want a cohesive team that can even start to take advantage of our guards’ strengths.

Overall, I keep them all. I would much rather keep adding draft capital to be able to keep the young players, probably maxing out at 5 picks and no young players.

Assuming we have to really try to make a deal, my offer would be:
23 (unprotected), 25 (unprotected), Was 1st, Det 1st, 24 (pick swap), 26 (pick swap), Rose, and Fournier.

I might switch 27 (unprotected) for one of the protected picks or maybe even add it outright to push the deal past the finish line but I’d rather not and would negotiate hard on keeping it to 4 picks + 2 swaps.

What about Randle and Reddish to Charlotte for Hayward, Washington, and a future 1st? That way we have another pick to potentially put into the mix/replace picks going out and we solve our Randle problem.

“What about Randle and Reddish to Charlotte for Hayward, Washington, and a future 1st? That way we have another pick to potentially put into the mix/replace picks going out and we solve our Randle problem.”

I think there’s no chance they’d include Washington in this deal, he might be the best player in it all things considered.

Randle to Charlotte does make sense in general though. Their GM is the guy who drafted him and the Bridges situation gives them a gaping whole at PF. They don’t really participate in the free agent market so they may be less deterred by his contract than most teams.

The problem is it’s still probably a no because Randle has been avoiding assisted baskets like they’re poison for three seasons now, and Charlotte has LaMelo Ball.

If you think they balk at Washington then just Randle for Hayward and a 1st.

There are three years left on Mitchell’s contract, after which you have to extend him to a contract that is probably going to be heinously crippling and will cover the beginning of his decline phase.

So you’re giving up like 20+ seasons of cost controlled players for three seasons of Donovan Mitchell, at which point you need to give him the $60M AAV contract or whatever it will be to keep him.

That doesn’t sound like the world’s most wonderful plan.

I am still firmly at don’t make the trade. My suggestion of 4-5 picks + swaps and no young players is predicated on the fact that I think not making a trade or at least not making a huge offer is off the table.

I think at the end of the day keeping our young players is more valuable than keeping an extra pick or two. I also think Utah would rather have extra picks than any of our players.

July 17, 2022 at 1:54 pm
We’re playing for a ring today and y’all are talking about trades???

Not only that, Grimes, Deuce and Sims are probably playing for their future as Knicks.

I’m looking forward to the big game today.

Off topic, but I just read Keldon Johnson just signed for 4/$80 million. I think that’s about what RJ should get.

It would be shameful to trade Grimes if he leads us to our first championship since 1973

I would much much prefer trading players over picks. The reality is this is a stupid trade. If this stupid trade has to happen, and the team isn’t very good, it’ll be much much easier to rationalize blowing it up if we have the opportunity to get a high lottery pick immediately. My worst nightmare is Mitchell becomes our Bradley Beal, and we get to relive the last few years of wizards basketball as well as the next few years with Beal and his giant contract.

In my opinion, one of the big reasons besides Dolan‘s idiocy that that the Knicks have been so consistently bad is that say you’re hired by the Knicks . you come in with draft debt. Your goal is to keep your job. You have about three years to prove yourself. Within that window, you simply don’t have the time to rebuild that draft capital before you get fired, so instead you pray that by trading more picks you get an extra few years or you spend your years clinging to cap space hoping for some free agent savior. Neither of these plans work without a sick amount of luck.

Say we accidentally hire a competent GM next time, and we managed to not have draft debt, maybe things could be different. Maybe the GM manage is to trade Mitchell before his value is all gone similar to how Phil Jackson had the opportunity to get a lot of value for Carmelo.

The Mets really need to make Luis Guillorme the everyday 2B and use McNeil and Canha in LF/DH.

That double play combo with Lindor and Gullorme is so sweet, Guillorme hits more than enough to justify his glove, and JD Davis and Dom Smith are automatic outs.

This Blazers defense really gives the Knicks trouble. Mcbride needs to step up

Yeah, but Deuce is averaging 15 rebounds per 36. You can’t trade Mini-Moses-Malone…

to be honest I’ve mostly been watching the Yankees pummel the Red Sox but I see we’re losing by 10

Yeah, outside of some decent play by Sims, we should just trade them all.

Shooting 32% from the field and 12% from 3 is not a recipe for a championship.

Why is the championship game being played so early on a Sunday? Would think it would be the last game played in prime time just as it has been the past few years.

Grimes is not helping his cause to stay in NY. Or maybe he’s missing on purpose so Ainge won’t want him.

Toppin’s better than Grimes. Not sure it’s even that close.

When i saw Potter subbing in for Sims, i thought “wait, Hartenstein is on the summer league team”. 😀
I probably caught his worst game here, but for me Grimes is not dominating summer league.

Trendon Watford had a .590 TS% in almost 900 NBA minutes last year. Can’t shoot the trifecta for shit, but can certainly slash.

Is it that hard to find a major league caliber catcher that the Mets have to run Mazeika out there?

While it was nice to Grimes show off some game off of the bounce during summer league, I hope he spends the rest of the summer making sure he can knock down his spot up threes- he has to shoot it better than he did in summer league to be of value.

***I think not making a trade or at least not making a huge offer is off the table.***

Yeah, I think it’s kind of moot to discuss who should stay and who should go because ALL these players and picks are just movable parts for the star that Leon Rose is most certainly going to cash in for. The big question this week is whether Donovan Mitchell is the player to cash it into, or whether one of the 20-30 player in the league that are better than Mitchell are going to become available sometime this year. That’s the poll question that Rose is asking of his FO. (And, honestly, I’m not sure how they can answer that, as Dejounte Murray was probably one of those players and they let him walk right past them.)

That was a bummer. Oh well.

Deuce still can’t get through the teeth of the defense. That’s a problem. And Grimes generally didn’t shoot well from three throughout, even though I very much believe in the shot overall.

I really didn’t love what I saw today from any of the “Big 3” of our summer league team. None of them looked like legit NBA players. Maybe the Mitchell rumors got to them.

I did like Jeffries, wonder if he can have a future in the NBA.

Of the 2 games I watched Grimes was taking a lot of contested 3s from 5ft behind the arc. I assume he’d shoot better if anyone could draw a 2nd defender. Otherwise we really should send him to Utah.

I could only watch three quarters (on tape delay) before I had to go to work, but I didn’t Sims was bad. The announcer was right, when he was dragged outside to defend a three by a big man, the Knicks couldnt back him up inside. He did make sone mistakes but overall he was probably a positive.

And I listened to Zach Lowe and Tim McMahon discuss the Knicks trading for Mitchell and it was like, well the Knicks should pay a lot for him, but he won’t actually make them a great team since many teams in the East will still be better then them. I mean then why do it? The basic answer seems to be because they can afford it and other teams can’t. That’s ridiculous. You make an offer related to what he’s worth to the Knicks. You don’t pay more than that just because you happen to have extra picks.

hasn’t leon and company passed the marshmallow test a few times already?

as far as the poll, i like grimes a lot but obi just looks like such a unique athlete out on the floor – he’s like the fastest guy from end to end in almost every single game – that has got to be worth something…

in the nba easy points can be hard to get, both quik and obi on many occasions can get you easy points…

similar to how strength is such an important aspect for RJ and julius’ game, speed helps both obi and quik a lot…

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