Who Would You Rather Give Up In a Trade – Quentin Grimes or Obi Toppin?

As the Donovan Mitchell trade rumors abound, it sure sounds like any trade would involve Immanuel Quickley almost certainly going to Utah, but if the trade goes down, he’s not going alone. There would be at least a slim chance of Cam Reddish and Deuce McBride being enough to add to the deal, but that seems unlikely. There would probably have to be either Quentin Grimes or Obi Toppin also included in the deal (probably in place of Reddish and McBride, at least. Although you might need to include another player if Grimes is the one to go, for salary purposes. Obi can go by himself).

So forgetting whether you want to trade either of them or not, if you HAD to choose between the two, who would you rather see traded from the Knicks (along with Quickley and Evan Fournier) for Donovan Mitchell? We can just take it for granted that many of you wouldn’t trade either. That’s duly noted. It’s entered into the record, “Plenty of Knickerblogger posters would prefer not to trade either.” It is signed, sealed and on the record. This question, though, is based on the idea that you have to trade one of them, that “Neither” is not an option. With that in mind, while, again, fully having it noted on the record in a sealed, indestructible encasement so that no one can ever destroy or deny that you would prefer not to trade either of them, which one would you pick?

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