2020-21 SEASON OPENER Thread: Knicks @ Pacers

I was waiting for the Pacers to announce their starting lineup. Their new coach is even cagier than Thibs. The Knicks open the season in Indiana, a team that finished with the #4 seed last year, despite playing without possibly their best player in the bubble. The Knicks’ starting lineup is: Elfrid Payton Reggie Bull-LOCK […]

The “How Many Wins Will The Knicks Have In 2020-21?” Prediction Thread

Ah, the truest sign that time is actually passing, we have another “How Many Wins Will the Knicks have?” prediction thread, a Knickerblogger tradition as valued as never being willing to kick anything to the curb or wondering whether the true responsibility for a player making a bad play is held by the player who […]