5 things that need to happen for Knicks season to be considered a success

This Rafael Canton piece isn’t exactly reinventing the wheel, but hey, he’s talking about the Knicks, and that’s what we’re all sort of desperate for, right?

I figure that I’ll just post his five things and you can read the above piece to see his explanations and I guess everyone here can share the five things that YOU think that needs to happen for this season to be considered a success (I think Canton nails most of these, so I doubt many of us would quibble too much with these five. I personally think #4 isn’t that big of a deal, as I don’t think any of the 1s on the current roster will become the longterm Knick point guard).

1. Second Year Players Kevin Knox And Mitchell Robinson Taking The Next Leap

2. Will R.J. Barrett Shine?

3. Julius Randle Embraces The Number One Option

4. Finding A Long-Term Option At Point Guard

5. Gaining Assets For Veterans At Trade Deadline