Yahoo!: Enes Kanter: Players are scared to play for Knicks because of owner James Dolan

I don’t know, man, I don’t even want to share it, but there’s so little Knicks news out there, that I guess I have to go with some Enes Kanter nonsense, as quoted by Yahoo! Sports’ Ryan Young:

“Not many people know that, but players talk. From different teams, they talk,” Kanter said on Bleacher Report’s The Full 48 podcast. “I’m not blaming anybody. I had an amazing time with the Knicks. But other teammates that I talked to or if they’re on different teams, they always said, ‘Amazing city, MSG is amazing everything is so good, but the ownership.’ They would just keep saying, ‘But the ownership.’ … Some of the players I guess are just scared to come here and don’t even want to deal with that.”

Kanter then noted that he was irked that if they were not playing him because they were developing the youth, why did they then start playing Deandre Jordan? Obviously, the answer was to suck up to Kevin Durant, but I guess that’s not something Kanter wants to hear.

Anyhow, like I note, it’s not much, but it’s sort of quasi-Knicks news, and that’s better than nuthin’.