Knicks Morning News (2017.08.30)

  • [NYPost] Kevin Durant just keeps twisting the Knicks knife
    (Tuesday, August 29, 2017 4:04:48 PM)

    Kevin Durant is relishing playing the successful, older brother to the NBA’s dysfunctional, younger one — also known as the Knicks. The Warriors star — who seems to have had an opinion on everything, from politics to foreign countries, since winning his first NBA championship and Finals MVP award — took advantage of another opportunity Monday…

  • [NYPost] Vegas is betting on another miserable Knicks season
    (Tuesday, August 29, 2017 11:12:43 AM)

    Las Vegas has spoken and it is sensing another dreadful season for the Knicks and Nets. Westgate Sports Book set a mark of 30.5 wins for the Knicks in its just-released over-under numbers for the season. If the line proves prescient it could be nearly identical to the Knicks’ victory total for 2016-17 when they…

  • [NYPost] Derrick Rose trying to reinvent himself after ‘crazy’ Knicks season
    (Tuesday, August 29, 2017 8:53:32 AM)

    LOS ANGELES — Derrick Rose has some secrets. He often plays chess online against random people who have no idea that their king is being attacked by the 2011 NBA MVP. He was a decent tennis and baseball player in high school. He’s spent a good amount of time this summer studying the life of…

  • [NYPost] Sasha Vujacic follows Phil Jackson out the door
    (Tuesday, August 29, 2017 8:45:39 AM)

    No more triangle, no more Sasha Vujacic. The Knicks’ backup guard of two years will now be a guard with Fiat Torino of the Italian league, the team announced Tuesday. Vujacic, a Phil Jackson favorite because of his fit in the offense, averaged three points and 1.2 assists in 9.7 minutes per game last season,…

  • [NYDN] Derrick Rose says Knicks season was craziest when on the court
    (Tuesday, August 29, 2017 10:26:36 PM)

    Rose described his one and only season in New York as both crazy and confusing yet he was only referring to basketball.

  • [NYDN] DA passes on assault charges for Knicks forward Kyle O’Quinn
    (Tuesday, August 29, 2017 12:29:09 PM)

    Knicks power forward Kyle O’Quinn, with an assist from Manhattan prosecutors, just caught a big-time pass.

  • [NYDN] Kristaps Porzingis chosen as the cover athlete of My NBA ‘2K18’
    (Tuesday, August 29, 2017 8:25:00 AM)

    The Knicks may not be showing signs of turning things around, but their star Kristaps Porzingis is rising up in the world.

  • [NYDN] Ex-Knicks guard Sasha Vujacic inks deal with Fiat Torino in Italy
    (Tuesday, August 29, 2017 6:50:18 AM)

    Sasha Vujacic, who spent the last two seasons playing for the dysfunctional Knicks, has inked a deal with Italian team Fiat Torino.

  • [SNY Knicks] Derrick Rose thought things were ‘craziest’ on the court last season
    (Tuesday, August 29, 2017 11:43:46 AM)

    Former Knicks PG Derrick Rose says his only year in New York was more confusing on the court than off of it

  • [SNY Knicks] Sasha Vujacic signs deal with Italy’s Fiat Torino
    (Tuesday, August 29, 2017 10:56:54 AM)

    Former Knicks G Sasha Vujacic signed a deal with Italian team Fiat Torino, the team announced on Tuesday.

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    I have no doubt that the feud between KP and Hornacek is real. While I agree that KP played soft and not well after a great start, Hornacek was a Phil stooge and was probably wrankled by KP’s top-to-bottom comments and associated petulant behaviors.

    But you have to hand it to KP. He got Phil fired, and has Horny on the chopping block. I don’t like the way he went about it, especially considering that he hasn’t really played like a star yet, but I doubt that Hornacek fucks with him again. He understands his leverage and is not taking any gratuitous shit from anybody.

    On the other hand, he better back up his power play with improvement on the court. He claims that his goal is to be an all-star this year. Put your money where your mouth is, big guy.

    I want to like and root for KP, but he seems to be getting less and less likable as time passes. We all see the upside, but he hasn’t done a damn thing yet. Quite frankly, the Charlie Rosen article that laid out the reasons the Knicks should consider trading him if they got the right offer back was spot on. They just didn’t get back the right offer.

    Another thing, I guess this means that all the media reporting that the communication breakdown was all Phil’s fault was BS. There’s a shock. I said from the start he was getting BS press and there was an agenda coming from somewhere (probably Mills) to get rid of Phil. They are either incompetent idiots that will print anything or liars. That’s the choice.

    But you have to hand it to KP.

    You know…. actually, I don’t…. the petulant underachieving juvenile.

    The Vescey story rings true mainly because Vescey is an old school actual writer like his better brother and doesn’t have a history of making shit up like many of today’s media personalities. He’s been wrong plenty, but hasn’t been accused of fabricating scintillating stories in my recollection.

    And I don’t believe he got Phil fired…. Phil “demanding” Dolan eat 60M of Me7o’s contract was probably the motivating factor.

    But KP has been nothing here other than a petulant underachieving league average player…. albeit one with immense talents who insists on playing like Brad Sellers when he could easily be a Tyson Chandler on streoids and HGH with immense offensive skills. How do you defend a 7′ 3″ dive man that is agile and who is equally comfortable stepping back and draining 40% from 3?

    Everyone here was complaining why he wasn’t screening and diving to the rim all season rather than hanging around the arc, and it appears Horny was wondering precisely the same thing. After addressing the issue with him and getting no response, talking to WHG was precisely the thing to do.

    and they should tow his car the next time he parks where he knows he shouldn’t.

    KP has shot something like 40/30/60 in Eurobaskets and got injured almost right away. He needs to look in the mirror more often before doling out criticism.

    I don’t know about the Vescey report but he should stop trying to hit on the same IG model. There’s plenty of fish in the sea.

    He’s a young guy getting a lot of attention, business offers, and probably feels some of the pressure. He has a lot to deal with. But it appears his perception of how good he is now is way out of line with reality. He wants star treatment, but so far all he’s been is a rich man’s Bargnani.

    Yeah I love KP and hopefully he’s just being a little immature, but the signs at the end of this season and this off season are concerning. Frankly, he does play soft and if you can’t take a coach chewing you out sometimes, then you will remain soft.

    I would also like it much better if KP said his goal this year was for the team to make the playoffs, not him make the all-star team. It feels like he’s starting to be a me-first player. Not that you can’t have a good team with a me-first player. There are plenty of them in the league. But I worry about this because I’d much rather he say stuff like “my goal is for us to make the playoffs.” Plenty of players make the all-star team while their teams suck (cough cough Melo cough cough).

    Some MSG shithead pissed off that Krsitaps took his precious parking spot is leaking to the shit starters in the NY media.

    @ 14 – nah man. I felt that way when he skipped the exit interview. When I’ve read about the way he goes after IG models (unsuccessfully). I’ve had this sinking feeling since the end of the season that KP is starting to grow an ego. Again, its not an issue at this point. Its just something to keep an eye on.

    Man if this is any indication, I sure hope kp balls out this year. Ya turned quickly on a 2-3 year project who’s success in the league may have been impacted because he was drafted by the LoLKnicks. Now he’s an underachieving league average player who hasn’t done anything yet. I suppose that’s good news though, as this means his development trajectory is right on schedule.

    When people park in my spot, I find another.

    KP does need to mature. Skipping the meeting was evidence – regardless of who he skipped it because.

    If the exit interview was with Phil, why should he skip it if he’s pissed at Jeff? Was he afraid to hear that Jeff complained about him being soft? SMH.

    The Knicks seem more dysfunctional today than this time a year ago. 30.5 seems very generous.

    I love Rose’s comments, “Some of the strategies and all that, I didn’t understand. It was confusing.”
    DUH! It was obvious. Let me help you with that Derrick. #1 Point guards are responsible for distributing the ball. That means “pass the ball”. #2 Point guards are responsible for “Guarding”. That means that you need to play some defense. Start with that and everything becomes clear.

    There’s talk that IT might miss the whole season with his hip injury. Will Cleveland really go through with that trade and go with Derrick Rose as their starting PG? This might be their last chance for a title (as slim as it is) before LeBron exits.

    Vecsey and Phil Jackson are good buddies. This reads as nothing more than Phil trying to further trash the place on his way out. I don’t care about any of it, and neither should you.

    I don’t care about any of it, and neither should you.

    Speak for yourself.

    By your interpretation Vescey and Jackson are both liars. If it was completely made up in 10 seconds Horny, WHG, KP and everyone on the team would be in a twitter storm supporting poor maligned KP….. but what do you get….. crickets!

    You be the judge…..

    I agree, time for KP to cowboy up and start realizing some of this “potential” that everyone sees.

    You have to walk the walk before you can talk the talk.

    He’s on the clock to produce this season as far as I’m concerned. Show some consistency, dominance, health, and most of all stamina. Make it happen big fella, it’s on you now. The free pass is over.

    Could Willie be Vecsey’s source for all this?

    Who knows yet if this latest story is true, but if so it is another in a series of little red flags that are beginning to add up about KP’s vanity. I know most people find it funny, but his twitter “courting” of the model seems a bit creepy to me.

    I taught high school for 29 years, and KP reminds me a bit of an enabled teenager. This is a huge year for him; hopefully he improves in many ways and puts all of our concerns to rest.


    When we drafted KP everyone expected him to take years to develop. Within 2 years he’s averaging 18/8/2 with all sorts of signs he can do more, but now he’s underachieving, and all of that is down to him not the system?

    Also, there’s a difference between ‘he had a beef with hornacek, not just Phil, and ‘the one reason he skipped out on his interview was Hornacek’. How about there were a bunch of things he didn’t like, summed up as the organisation from top to bottom is run like a little league team?

    Yes he’s a bit immature. Yes, he needs to keep showing improvement. But some of the comments here are ridiculous.

    @ 18 – and you do nothing about it? I’m not talking about a parking spot that you like to park in. I’m talking about your designated parking spot. So you’re gonna tell me that if someone (the same person) kept showing up in your spot you would do nothing but blow it off? And if you did say something to whoever was in charge and they talked to that person and that person CONTINUED to park in your spot, you wouldn’t think that person was being douchey?

    Maybe this is because I live in LA where parking is premium, but in my apartment building we had an issue with someone who kept inviting their friends over to the building, letting them into the secured parking spot and just told them to park wherever, even though each spot was reserved for someone who lived there. So you’d come home and someone would be in your spot and it was a huge pain. You’d have to go back out, find a spot on the street and park it. When it happened to us we got that fucker towed.

    ITs not like KP didn’t have his own parking spot. I’m sure he did. He was just too lazy to park there because he liked the other one better even though it wasn’t his. Kind of a dick move.

    yeah, kp needs to stop being such a pussy…hahahahahahaha…

    dear god, how i love the knicks…

    LOL we’re arguing over a parking spot. The NBA season can’t start soon enough.

    Wait a minute, I thought that drafting KP was the pinnacle crowning jewel moment of Phil’s tenure as a GM. Now everybody is telling me KP is a prima donna stiff who plays like a pussy.

    Holy Shit. Dan Isola is reporting that Derrick Rose borrowed KP’s shampoo and never returned it back. That’s the reason Rose was kicked off the team. Discuss.

    Wow, Knicks fans gotta be stereotypical Knicks fans.

    1. Unless a pro athlete has severe personality issues that affect his on-the-court performance, who cares? It’s a free country, contact girls of whatever IG is, who cares. Talent>>>>Personality in the NBA.

    2. Anyone in management knows ‘this guy took an employee spot’ turns into ‘he thought Sundays were open parking.’ I just don’t care or know enough enough to judge a star NBA player for this stupid thing.

    3. Hornacek calling KP a pu**y sounds like something that actually should piss him off, and I’m not sure it’s OK.

    4. I’m more interested in whether KP can boost his TS and WS by playing more efficiently, and diving/catch and shooting a lot more. That’s on him and Hornacek- let’s see what happens.

    5. I’m MUCH more interested in Hoodie Melo, and who he will play for next year. And whether Melo will be playing with him.

    What’s up with Kurt Rambis? Is that jackass still gonna be skulking around the sidelines next year?

    Isola is also reporting the rift between Phil and Melo started when Melo ordered a tunafish sandwich that both were supposed to split for lunch but Phil went ahead and a turkey club instead without consulting Melo.

    Melo had to waste half and Phil wouldn’t reimburst him the 5 dollars. Their relationship was damaged forever.

    4. I’m more interested in whether KP can boost his TS and WS by playing more efficiently, and diving/catch and shooting a lot more. That’s on him and Hornacek- let’s see what happens.

    5. I’m MUCH more interested in Hoodie Melo, and who he will play for next year. And whether Melo will be playing with him.

    LOL. What? You’re so moronic! Don’t you understand that arguing over the importance of parking space etiquette and the psychological profile of one’s Twitter behavior is what really inquiring minds want to discuss? Get that other basketball related garbage out of here!

    Technically isn’t telling KP not to play like a pussy a (bizarre) way to get him to improve his TS.

    I would rather be directed how to get something done. You know, like a coach or something.

    Who knows if this Vescey story is true? If it wasn’t, you’d think the involved parties would deny it. But if it’s true, that means the previous stories were wrong (about Zing skipping the exit meeting because of Phil’s treatment of Melo and general organizational chaos). Yet no one came out and denied those. So I’m not sure what to believe.

    Stealing the parking spot is a dick move if true. The Instagram thing is irrelevant. James Harden literally had his jersey retired by a strip club this year because of how much money he spent there. I can’t imagine many Rockets fans are judging him on it.

    LOL. What? You’re so moronic! Don’t you understand that arguing over the importance of parking space etiquette and the psychological profile of one’s Twitter behavior is what really inquiring minds want to discuss? Get that other basketball related garbage out of here!

    How about this for moronic… KP ws/48 went from .102 his first year to .100 his second year. That’s all you really need to know. With all his wonderful potential he improved not at all net between year one to two.

    Sure his offense was a little more efficient, but that was more than out weighed by declines in FT shooting, rebounding, shot blocking and fouling. His stamina didn’t improve a single iota from year one to two.

    That doesn’t mean he won’t get better or even blossom…. but it is really Pollyannish to assume it must. Maybe a little reality check and listening to his coach’s instructions might help.

    Guys shooting 40/30/60 in Eurobaskets against mostly inferior competion (before getting injured again) shouldn’t be throwing tuna fish sandwiches and aren’t ready for parallel parking.

    Ya’ll are some haterish people. KP was 21/22 the past season. Patrick Ewing – the greatest Knick ever –
    didn’t even start his NBA career until he was 23. Go look it up. He didn’t even produce a + .100 WS/48 until his third NBA season as a 25 year old.

    As for the Instrgram behavior, please. He’s a 21 year old millionaire who is famous. So much ado about nothing.

    Guys shooting 40/30/60 in Eurobaskets against mostly inferior competion (before getting injured again) shouldn’t be throwing tuna fish sandwiches and aren’t ready for parallel parking.

    Jesus Christ. Are you throwing out Eurobasket stats for two games?

    Clyde is actually the greatest Knick ever, with Willis at #2. Then Ewing.

    Is KP a ‘league average’ player?

    He’s 22 years old against a league average age of 26/27. Since most players improve when they are young and peak in their mid-late 20s, we’ll call that better than average. And since younger players haven’t peaked yet, we should also bear in mind when reading the following that this is as compared with all NBA players – i.e. including all those much nearer their own peak.

    He is top 10% in ppg and points per 48 mins.
    Top 10 total in the league in blocks per game
    4th of all high-usage big men in opponents field goal % at the rim (one spot ahead of Draymond)
    He’s 12th among PFs in RPG, would be 17th among centers – average for a starter, above average when you factor in reserves
    Pretty close to league average for 3p%, TS%, FG%, while in the top 20% of players for usage (and bearing in mind that higher usage generally diminishes efficiency)
    He’s at about the 80th percentile in PER, 80th in VORP, 70th in in BPM and 6oth in WS/48

    So basically – despite being at the start of his development curve he is already at least an average player by most offensive metrics and rebounding, somewhere in the top third to quarter of the league by most catch-all metrics and elite at defending the rim.

    He also won the skills contest at 7’3″ and posted combinations of block, rebound and 3pm totals pretty much never seen before in the league. So his combination of attributes and potential are WAY above average.

    Oh – and he did this on a badly run team playing a system they didn’t understand and sharing most of his minutes with not one but two high-usage hero-ballers with inflated sense of their own worth. When both those guys were off the court, almost all his metrics were actually better.

    I get that he could have had a better sophomore year, especially after the tantalising first month. I get that he’s showing some immaturity. But it is simply false to say that he is a ‘league average player’ in a meaningful way.

    Isola is also reporting the rift between Phil and Melo started when Melo ordered a tunafish sandwich that both were supposed to split for lunch but Phil went ahead and a turkey club instead without consulting Melo.

    Can’t blame Melo here. That’s too much tuna

    I think Wily is to blame here. You can’t go running your mouth like that. what’s he gonna do when he finds out I was goin around behind iggy Azalea’s back?

    Somebody should bookmark this thread and remember the time everyone shitted on KP over a parking spot and tied it into his inability to improve.

    it’s another to act like a creepy fuckboy in someone’s DMs.

    I imagine this sort of thing is widespread for NBA players, but yeah, it’s not good.

    Back to basketball, what do y’all think of 30.5 as the o/u?

    If we get something approaching league average PG play we’ll comfortably go over (barring injury), but I’m not comfortable in forecasting we get anything near league average PG play.

    It seems like the entirety of this “controversy” is Porzingis using a love emoji on this woman’s Instagram page and then a few months later asking her to follow him. Does that really qualify as creepy behavior?

    I get that he could have had a better sophomore year, especially after the tantalising first month

    Yeah…. he could have had a better sophomore season. He played pretty much the same as his first year with no net gain. That’s factorial and it is also factorial he played virtually to a league average player. Certainly he did this at 22 and not 30 and he should get better. But he also platzed the last 50 games 2 seasons in a row and that has to be a little disconcerting, notwithstanding his MMA training.

    I am hoping he fulfills all the expectations here…. but I’m not as confident as I was 12 months ago.

    I think the Knicks will get the over, and win more than 30.5. I’ll say as currently constituted they win 32-35 games. Neither fish nor fowl. Not good enough to make the playoffs, not bad enough to get a premium player in a top-heavy draft. Purgatory.

    I’ll take the over on that (my guess is 33 wins) but it’s a solid line imo

    Does that really qualify as creepy behavior?

    No, but since he’s a Knick and these are Knicks fans everything he does will be microscrutinized to the nth degree.

    What’s up with Kurt Rambis? Is that jackass still gonna be skulking around the sidelines next year?

    Maybe it was his parking spot that KP kept taking.

    Back to basketball, what do y’all think of 30.5 as the o/u?

    Pending what happens with Melo, I’m going to make a very large bet on “over” at that price.

    Back to basketball, what do y’all think of 30.5 as the o/u?

    that’s a pretty incredibly low bar…due to the fact that i hate losing much more than i enjoy winning – i normally never bet…but, our competition in the east alone should guarantee 31 wins…i hope “vegas” takes a beating on that number…

    i’ll be amazed if horny is our starting coach this time next year…

    horny to willie: “ummm, hey willie…do you think you can tell you buddy Kris to STOP BEING SUCH A FUCKING PUSSY and rebound more…yeah, ummm, thanks willie”

    Bucks are offering Brogdon and Middleton for Kyrie should the Celtics deal fall through.

    I think they are going to need to sweeten the pot.

    Can anyone honestly see Jeff Hornacek calling anyone a pussy? I mean yeah KP raised a few concerns during the season, but I think we can all acknowledge they were valid. I highly doubt that was enough to create a rift. It all seems like an August beat up because there is 0 going on outside of IT and Kyrie. Training camp can’t come around quick enough.

    That Bucks offer has the makings of a solid start. The PG trade really did skew the market on “star players”, so and offer like that probably isn’t too far off. It has been a weird summer for market value (not helped by the Knicks of course).

    I love Rose’s comments, “Some of the strategies and all that, I didn’t understand. It was confusing.”
    DUH! It was obvious.

    The only obvious thing about our defensive strategy last season is that we didn’t have one. If Rambis is our defensive coach again this year I’d take the under on 30.5. If he’s gone, the over. I don’t think we’ll get league average pg play even if Frank out performs expectations, he’s just so young. Melo has probably fallen off a cliff so it doesn’t make much difference if he stays or goes. KP/Willy improvements plus competent play from THj/Lee keep us out of the very bottom, probably finishing around 7th, same as this past year. BUT I expect us to be much more fun to watch. It’s a good line.

    New development: that woman KP’s been courting on-line just suggested that he change his twitter handle from “KPorzee” to “KPussy”.

    I like the under on the Sixers at 42.5, just based on injury history and inexperience. Under on the Pelicans at 39.5, I just don’t think they can actually get them playing together well.

    Whether the article is true or not, I’d imagine that KP will be on the receiving end of some “PUUUSSSSYYYYYY!” chants in road arenas this year!

    Note that I only read the first 25 posts before I am saying this, but you guys who are turning on KP are making it even more embarrassing to be a Knicks fan.
    A fucking parking spot? He likes hot models? Are you clowns kidding me?
    This thread is a disgrace. You guys deserve Dolan, Isaiah and melo.

    Early indications are its a top heavy draft with 5 potential stars. So I place my knicks prediction at whatever number of wins it takes to get the 6th pick in the lottery. Probably via finishing with the fifth worst record, then being leapfrogged by some team with the 9th or 10th best odds.

    On that basis 30.5 feels like a good line, but I’ll go marginally under.

    Bobneotune – I agree on some of your concerns re KP but I just don’t accept the assessment that he is league average. By my reading of the stats, even ignoring his age and room for growth he is already at least average in most measures and materially better than average on some. How are you defining ‘league average’, in terms of actual statistical evidence?

    I’m just hoping that KPussy’s productivity eventually catches up with his sense of entitlement.

    I see the Knicks as a 32 win team, so I’d take the over. I hope they are bad enough to go under, but specially if Melo isn’t traded this team won’t commit to going young and Hornacek wanting to keep his job will make sure the veterans play a lot and squeeze through those infuriating couple of wins necessary to bring the Knicks to the 6th or 7th lottery slot.
    If the line was at 32 I might take the under, but not 30.5.

    My reasoning for taking the under would be that the Pacers aren’t nearly as bad as people are making them out to be. PG has been overrated for a while and Collison, Oladipo, Bogdanovic, Young and Turner is a solid starting unit (plus they have depth and young players to develop). I do believe the Bulls, Nets and Hawks will all be worse than the Knicks (the Hawks might surprise because they look on paper like a terrific defense but I cant see them outscoring anyone, and Brooklyn is anyone’s guess), so there’s potential for the under. At this moment I fully expect the Knicks to waste as many great drafts as they can, so I guess I take the over as a pessimist.

    Generally the Vegas lines are just as good or more accurate as basketball pundits’ win loss predictions. In this case I see two possible sources of bias in the estimates. The Knicks have a roster that is suited for a traditional big man sort of line up with a center who stays home and doesn’t shoot threes or many perimeter shots at all. This sort of line up is out of fashion now and may not be as effective as small ball in many cases. If the Knicks actually make it work, they could exceed the line. If they don’t make it work, they could be worse. The other bias is that the basketball world seems to be assuming that since Smith was great in Summer league, Ntikilina will be bad, or at least unexciting. If he actually can contribute to wins, the Knicks have some upside over the 30.5 wins. He’s only 19, so some real contribution in terms of creating wins would be spectacular for him. So we will do better if our traditional big man line up works and Ntilikina is immediately useful. But I think that’s a lot to ask for, so overall, I think the line is depressing, but fair.

    Another good line that I won’t touch. They could be 28 wins or 34 wins, but not much worse and not much better. I would consider making an over bet if Carmelo got traded and they ended up at 25.5 or something close.

    You know who needs to coach the Knicks?

    Parcells or Cowher..either one. Preferably Parcells.
    I read an article on Vescey reporting about the Hornacek-KP rift, and I’m starting to lose a little of the hope I have for the future of this team- especially if any of it is true. Now I’m not sure Hornacek was a good hire. This shit is just bizarre.

    So..hypothetically..if not Hornacek as the coach- then who? Blatt? Is he really a good NBA coach or more a product of coaching LeBron? Calipari? He’s better where he is. Fuck! JVG is back at it again with the Team USA qualifying team…but that would never happen because Dolan. We need a coach who commands respect, I’m not sure Hornacek is that guy. Maybe he is and just made a bad judgement call trying to push KP to greatness.

    Either way..this level of dysfunction has become sickening.

    I think the o/u of 30.5 is just about right. The under is probably the smart bet, but there is much more uncertainty with this team than with most. Barring a non-Melo deal, the only relatively predictable players are Lee (below average starter) KOQ (average bench player), Lance (below average bench player) Sessions (below average starter), and Noah (non-factor). Everyone else is a crap shoot.
    Will KP improve? (probably) If yes, how much? (totally unpredictable)
    Will Melo be on the team? (probably at first, but then uncertain) If yes, will he play better than last year? (probably, but not like 2012-13) If he is traded, who will we get for him? (probably not an impact player for this year.) Will they tank after they deal him? (hard to say)
    Will Willy improve? (probably) If yes, how much? (probably quite a bit on defense, not much on O))
    Will Hardaway Jr. improve? Probably If yes, how much? (marginally)
    Will Kuz improve? (probably) If yes, how much? (probably not much)
    Will Ron improve (probably) If yes, how much? (probably not very much)
    Will Frank contribute much? (probably not)
    Will Dotson contribute much? (hard to say)
    Will Hornacek ditch the triangle and play a p&r based offense? (probably) Will it work? (somewhat, but not a huge difference-maker)

    Who are the last 3 rookies under thee age of 21 who have made a significant impact on a team’s W’s and L’s?

    Embiid was on his way, but he had to wait two years to play and didn’t play much. Kawhi? Harden?

    It would be astonishing if Frank had any meaningful positive impact on team wins this year.

    Frank can have a positive impact in terms of wins just because he’s the presumably backup to Ramon Sessions and / or Ron Baker, who are about as low in terms of production in the phases they are in their careers. Even if he’s better than both in terms of positive impact it will be very, very marginal in his first year and likely to not make more than a slight difference.

    The Knicks are super hard to predict this year to be honest, as we cant even figure out most likely lineups and etc. If the Hornacek / KP thing is indeed as reported, it will be a shit show (I’m skeptical about the most specific details to be honest).

    I’m still hoping that Frank starts, takes his lumps at times while showing flashes of brilliance at other times, and we move the future into the present.

    I’d like to see them get a shot at a top five pick, so I’d also like to just give Frank the keys to the offense and let us see what he can do. Man, it sucks to have a coach who’s fighting for his job, as he’ll probably try to wring out every win he possibly can from this team.

    @25 – My whole point is that that it’s such a stupid thing to create a rift over. But I guess this is a world of short fuses where anger and rage make mountains of mole hills.
    Let’s wait until late pre-season to make predictions. I know that I am curious too see what this team is like. My gut feeling is that they are mental wrecks and that the locker room could be toxic. It’s just a gut feeling, but KP is pissed off at someone. Wily is his buddy. Noah will be a pariah. Melodrama. . Castoffs and spare parts. Kiddies. They could win 35 or 15.

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