Knicks Morning News (2017.04.16)

  • [NYDN] NBPA reaches out to Silver over Jackson’s comments about Anthony
    (Saturday, April 15, 2017 10:12:05 PM)

    The situation between Phil Jackson and Carmelo Anthony is so volatile that the players union is now getting involved.

  • [NYDN] 3 ways Carmelo Anthony divorce from Knicks can play out
    (Saturday, April 15, 2017 10:07:59 PM)

    Get ready for the summer of Melo-Drama, the final Knicks chapter.

  • [NYDN] Phil Jackson is the one who should be getting run out of MSG
    (Saturday, April 15, 2017 9:28:58 PM)

    Phil Jackson says that Carmelo Anthony would be better off somewhere else and at least Jackson is finally right about something.

  • [NYDN] Phil Jackson officially makes Carmelo Anthony fall guy for Knicks
    (Saturday, April 15, 2017 6:58:27 AM)

    The genuine fear is that Dolan and Anthony may have been the victims of an elaborate basketball Ponzi scheme.

  • [NYPost] Everything wrong with Knicks — and how Phil Jackson can fix it
    (Saturday, April 15, 2017 9:57:55 PM)

    Phil Jackson has a broken heart and broken team entering the offseason — admitting the exit interviews a disillusioned Kristaps Porzingis blew off were “one of our most disappointing ones we’ve had.’’ There is no way to fix a broken egg, and maybe no way to fix the broken Knicks, but we will attempt to…

  • [NYPost] NBA union rips Phil Jackson for ‘inappropriate’ Carmelo talk
    (Saturday, April 15, 2017 7:07:42 PM)

    The National Basketball Players Association is after Knicks president Phil Jackson for his Friday remarks in which he trumpeted he wants to trade Carmelo Anthony and had told him he is better off elsewhere. Anthony has a no-trade clause. In a statement released Saturday night, union director Michele Roberts said she has reported Jackson to…

  • [NYPost] Phil Jackson wresting control of Knicks back from Jeff Hornacek
    (Saturday, April 15, 2017 11:47:07 AM)

    The Knicks’ new coaching lineup is this: Kurt Rambis is associate head coach, Jeff Hornacek is head coach, and Phil Jackson is now ready to become coach-at-large. It is unclear who will have the most influence. Across Friday’s 49-minute press conference, the Knicks president made three things clear for next season: He wants the triangle…

  • [SNY Knicks] NBPA calls Phil Jackson’s Carmelo comments ‘inappropriate’
    (Saturday, April 15, 2017 11:31:06 PM)

    The National Basketball Players Association contacted Commissioner Adam Silver to discuss what they say were “inappropriate” comments by Knicks President Phil Jackson regarding Carmelo Anthony.

  • [SNY Knicks] The time has come for Melo to decide on future with Knicks
    (Saturday, April 15, 2017 2:02:13 PM)

    With the power of his no trade clause at his hands, Anthony knows he needs to make a decision that will be best for himself and the team.

  • [SNY Knicks] Knicks need to turn to youth while turning page
    (Saturday, April 15, 2017 12:39:31 PM)

    With Carmelo Anthony apparently on the way out of New York, the Knicks need to resist the urge to replace him with more veterans.

  • [NYTimes] Chyna Thomas, Sister of Celtics’ Isaiah Thomas, Is Killed in a Car Crash
    (Sunday, April 16, 2017 1:14:06 AM)

    The Washington State Patrol said that Chyna Thomas, 22, died at the scene on Interstate 5 after a single-car crash at about 5 a.m. Saturday.

  • [NY Newsday] Knicks’ challenges continue into offseason
    (Saturday, April 15, 2017 8:01:11 PM)

    As terrible as the Knicks’ season was, their offseason might be even worse — and it’s only a few days old.

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    The Clippers lost at home last night against the Gobert-less Jazz in the first game of the playoffs. They NEED Melo.

    My hope is that Phil fails upward and adds enough talent to amass something resembling a future core.

    That’s where I’ve been for a while now. We all know Phil isn’t going anywhere, so we might as well just hope for the best!

    I think the best hope for getting an asset for Melo is if he accepts a team that is not LA, Boston or Cleveland. I could see Dallas or Portland making a move. Portland is a playoff team with good guards and Dallas has Cuban and no tax. I could see Melo saying yes to one of them.

    It just keeps getting worse and worse. It is HARD work being a Knicks fan

    If Carmelo goes to Portland I will burn the fucking Moda Center to the ground.

    RE: Michelle Roberts’ taking Phil to task over Melo

    This is a weird one. On one hand you have Phil probably being a little too candid, but truthful nonetheless. And on the other, Robert’s point about the player’s not being able to talk about playing elsewhere and whatnot so management should be held to the same standard is a valid point. However, in this situation- just making a statement on behalf of the NBAPA would have sufficed. Phil said basically that at this point it’s probably better for Melo – at his age, tenure, and skillset- to play elsewhere and get that ring because the Knicks are nowhere near ready to get him in position to get one if he stays. He also intimated that we haven’t been able to win with him and he doesn’t want or think it’s best for him to waste the few good years he has left on a rebuilding team. It’s not like he said, “we’re going to try and trade him to team abc”.

    So I ask- what was the point of Roberts going to Silver? Wouldn’t a simple press release like “we didn’t like the idea that management can openly talk about players playing elsewhere while our players aren’t afforded the same freedom” do the same job? Better yet, shouldn’t Roberts have reached out to Phil directly? Furthermore, Phil was responding to a question when he said that. Now Phil attempting to move Melo is a bigger distraction than it had been previously, as if the franchise doesn’t have enough problems. The whole thing feels..I dunno…like a valid nitpicking- it’s confusing lol. I don’t fault Phil as much as Roberts does.

    If Carmelo goes to Portland I will burn the fucking Moda Center to the ground.

    Oh sweet Jesus…. I know this is your day…. but please…. pretty please, allow this poor sinner to use my “ONE TIME!” on this……

    I think the best hope for getting an asset for Melo is if he accepts a team that is not LA, Boston or Cleveland.

    I think the ship has probably sailed on getting anything useful in return for Melo. At this point he’s a salary dump. He has 2 years and $54M left on his deal. I’m having a hard time seeing how this situation gets resolved, honestly. Most contending teams don’t have $27M in salary cap space just sitting there unused, and even if they did, they could probably think of vastly better ways to spend that $27M. Certainly there is no team dumb enough to absorb that horrible contract and ALSO surrender assets in return.

    With the trade kicker it’s not $54n, it’s north of $60m… so yeah, tough sell.

    @2 I’d take Austin Rivers straight up. But I’d try to get their 2019 1st pick too.

    To the extent that there is dissatisfaction in the organization it’s because Phil would like to run the triangle and some of the coaches (Fisher) and players (Melo, Jennings etc..) do not.

    Going off that Woj article it looks like the triangle is not the actual root of the problem. I think the triangle is just a stand-in for how the team is being run.

    I think the ship has probably sailed on getting anything useful in return for Melo.

    This seems right. Every possible trade at this point involves some level of stupidity on the receiving team. I don’t see how Melo leaves unless we waive him. Someone will pick him up for sure, at least we won’t be paying the full freight.

    Someone will pick him up for sure, at least we won’t be paying the full freight.

    I think he will clear waivers and play for the vets min. Then the Knicks indeed do have to pick up the contract. lol

    I think he will clear waivers and play for the vets min. Then the Knicks indeed do have to pick up the contract. lol

    Haha, a 50 million fuck you! I don’t think he’d do it, too much backlash. He’ll take just enough to fit under the cap of wherever he landed.

    Melo playing for somebody else while the Knicks pay him $54M in salary seems… Well, that seems suitably Knicksy.

    So it seems entirely possible that the Knicks will be starting off $45M in the hole for not just next year but the next TWO seasons. It is actually kind of likely that they will be paying a combined $90M over those two seasons to Melo and Noah and getting close to zero production in return.

    These next two years are going to be BRUTAL. Unless you’re of the deluded opinion that Ron Baker and Chasson Randle are somehow going to step into the void and make up that $45M in completely wasted salary cap space. Might as well cue up those Luka Doncic and DeAndre Ayton highlight reels now, because that’s what we’re playing for, folks.

    Who does the board think is going to have a bigger impact in this Hawks/Wiz series, Smith or Calderon?

    Saw a celtics chat question about trading for Porzingis and what it would take. The guy doing the chat reckoned both Nets firsts and smart or brown.

    For the record I’m anti trading KP – we need to develop our own players for once. But if they offered that you’d have to at least listen, no?

    The Knicks just need to figure out some sort of way to resolve this nonsense. If the NBPA and Adam Silver have to get involved then so be it, but this is exhausting. Trade Melo, fire Phil, and make Dolan sell his team to Beyoncé or something.

    Two BK picks and smart or Brown is an instant yes. Like there should be zero questions asked I think.

    I’m anti trading KP barring some godfather offer though

    Nobody is going to come bailing us out with some last minute miracle. Nobody wants Melo on that awful contract, nobody is trading us two high lottery picks plus a third player, nobody is firing Phil, nobody is forcing Dolan to sell the team.

    We’re gonna suck forever. We’re a laughingstock. That’s the reality. Just embrace it. It’s entertaining in a perverse way.

    All teams get lucky. It just so happens that this time our incompetent GM is smart enough to not trade away 1st round draft picks and can identify good young players.

    KP, Willy, NDour, and Randle present you with good youth at every level of your team with starters and bench depth. We’ll likely keep Baker around even though he sucks, but he’s exactly the type of player you want to take a chance on (a high IQ college basketball superstar with great numbers). Phil has 3 more chances to build his team in June and I feel better about it than I did when Walsh or Grunwald were drafting. I find solace in that.

    Nobody is going to come bailing us out with some last minute miracle. Nobody wants Melo on that awful contract, nobody is trading us two high lottery picks plus a third player, nobody is firing Phil, nobody is forcing Dolan to sell the team.


    We’re gonna suck forever. We’re a laughingstock. That’s the reality. Just embrace it. It’s entertaining in a perverse way.


    We’re going to draft well. The kids will embrace the Phil/Jeff system led by KP, Willy, and the new draft pick. We will make the playoffs next year. We will contend the following year during which Melo will be sixth man of the year (for us or someone else). 🙂

    The problem with the Knicks is James Dolan. He somehow always finds a way to ruin shit. We could trade Melo for Rubio and a pick, acquire Otto Porter Jr, and draft Frank Ntilikina and Dolan will figure out a way to ruin that. I can see it now:

    June 2018: The Knicks win 50+ games for the first time since 2013 with a starting 5 of Rubio, Lee, Isaac, Porter Jr, and Porzingis with Ntilikina, Hernangomez, and O’Quinn as the lead subs.

    July 2018: The Knicks trade Hernangomez, Lee, and Ntilikina to Toronto for DeMar DeRozan. Phil wanted a player to bail out the triangle that was failing in the playoffs.

    Coming out what seperated Brogdon and Baker apart. They had pretty similar college careers, played a similar style, and also have very very similar measurable across the board. I know we don’t know if Brogdon will continue to play at the level he played at or improve as time go by but his do two players come out so similar have to vastly different seasons.

    I really do think Baker can avg similar asts, rebs, and stls as Brogdon but I am unsure if he will ever have an efficient year. Instead the best case scenario is I see him being similar to early years Hinrich which is a pretty good rotational player. What I am afraid of is him being Hinrich after his first 4 years.

    I’m also afraid of Phil giving him a sweetheart deal this summer despite his real worth.

    Wow this Portland-GS game is as entertaining a game as I’ve seen all season. McCollum is ridiculous.


    Apparently the players union is occupied by the same kind of snowflakes that occupy our current universities. They value idealistic notions over reality and put greater value on not hurting anyone’s feelings than telling the truth. Seriously, if you are grown man and you had a tough time coping with what Phil had to say yesterday, I don’t want you on my team even if you are a good player.

    Telling a player he holds the ball too much, they aren’t winning with him, or that it’s in his best interests to play with another team because the Knicks are going to rebuild, is barely even a criticism let alone something to have a fit over.

    He did not mention a specific team, made it clear they would no dump him for nothing, and actually praised him at times for carrying the load. There’s nothing he said that was out of line if we were dealing with teenagers, let alone professional athletes that understand this is a business.

    I already have most major political analysts blocked for gross incompetence and bias. I’m going to have to start blocking people that cover the Knicks too. They are out there TRYING to start trouble where there is none to be found.

    I’ve seen enough from Baker that I want him back on a multi year guaranteed deal

    He has sucked but he’s shown an upward trajectory as he acclimated to the game and he plays correctly despite the putrid shooting.

    Draymond with a decent stat line: 19 pts. on 10 shots, 12 rebounds, 9 assists, 3 steals, 5 blocks.

    Really, how is anyone going to beat that team?

    Rooting for IT tonight against Chicago. Man, I can’t imagine how he’s playing through this.

    Lol @ 32. Sorry it took me so long to get the joke. Phil Jackson, Truth Teller and Excellent Businessman. Hahaha!

    Strat, regardless of what you think about Phil Jackson or Melo or today’s society or anything else, it was moronic of Jackson to talk openly about a Melo trade and imply that Melo is the primary reason the Knicks haven’t been winning (he’s definitely a major factor IMO, but it’s irrelevant).

    Because of Melo’s NTC, if we were ever going to have a prayer of getting assets back for him we were going to need him to closely cooperate with Jackson. If that bridge wasn’t already burned, it almost certainly is now.

    So maybe you think what Phil Jackson said about Melo is all true. I don’t disagree, but it was still objectively stupid to go up there and say it. There’s a reason most executives stick to boring platitudes. Being a “truth teller” was more important to Jackson than doing his job well.

    ‘jk in the park’ thanks for the link…great article from lehman…

    yeah, hadn’t quite anticipated a power struggle with kp – shit, it’s not like everything was going fine as is…

    not a big fan of the no-show move, but, if i’m choosing between kp & family (fairly sure there was some internal conversation with his peeps prior to kp deciding to make a statement) and phil/knick management – I’m trusting the 21 year old and his family…all day…

    i mean shit – we aren’t really looking to add any high price free agents anyway, chances are pretty good we may be drafting next year in a similiar spot, and, then – beginning of 2018-2019 season phil’s a lame duck; and, chances are good we have a few solid players and lots of cap space…

    yeah, jan ’19, sunny days then…

    It’s that time of year everyone. The time to watch all of our Knick throw ins and throwaways play meaningful playoff minutes …

    Yeah but Jerian fell down this game so THERE

    Hahaha I know … he’s the worst. Isn’t it incredible though. Wrong place wrong time for the countless role players we’ve had. Our timing is just off I guess. Not quite ready for our grandiose plans. But always a good enough fit elsewhere


    Yeah the article didn’t close the door on some sort of “exit” meeting before KP leaves, so I’m curious to hear about that.

    From the article:

    Rose and Courtney Lee said they were amused Jackson went as far as teaching fundamentals on two-handed passing technique

    I’m all on board for “system basketball” but that kind of thing above can’t be pleasant for anyone involved at this stage.

    Personally. I like to go all the way back to Z bo… and No, I don’t remember every circumstance around that team and what our cap situation was… I do know we were bad, but that Year we dumped salary, we weren’t THAT bad. And I remember dumping him and his salary among others. And for me. That was the first moment I felt disdain for an organization. The first bad seed deposited in my brain. The Knicks were going no where back then. Maybe a 7 seed, maybe I’m mistaken, I dunno. Hindsight always 20-20 I get it … but that was my first moment experiencing a franchise giving up on their fans for the future. And. I didn’t like it. Call me short sited. Z bo had his warts and so on and so forth. He’s not my favorite player… so much to not like.. but actually, a lot to respect …let’s fast forward. The Knicks have never been worse. The organization is decrepit… … Zach Randolph is still out there dropping double doubles off the bench… why don’t I go cry about it.

    1) The Bulls actually have a shot at the upset. They have the best player on both teams, kinda like Indiana and the Raptors last year. Paul George was on another level that series.

    2) Reading the Woj article makes it pretty easy to see why the Knicks’ players hate the triangle. The only guy on the coaching staff that understands fully yells at the players whenever they ask for help. Rambis is a douche, not a coach.

    3) The duo of Rambis and Jackson may actually know what it is they speak of, but they clearly suck at communicating. You can’t use generational divides as a reason for being garbage at your job.

    Why is Zinger “boycotting” his exit interview? That’s some prima donna bullshit right there. Can anyone on this team just be a pro?

    I think it’s fine protesting the fact that this team is an absolute fucking dumpster fire even if I think he’s dying on the wrong hill if he boycotted bc of the Melo comments at the presser.

    “Yeah but Jerian fell down this game so THERE”

    2 for 9 shooting
    4 assists
    6 points
    is NOT Hall of Fame material
    so THERE

    Ntilikina was in New York today working out at Melo’s gym. Uh oh!

    I think Ntilikina is pretty much a lock to be drafted by us unless Fox is available or he doesn’t shine in workouts

    His stroke is absolutely pure if that video of him in the gym was any indication though.

    Jackson is a dunce. But these players have no pride. They only have ego.

    I totally agree. People laugh at the idea that Phil is teaching NBA players how to delver bounce passes but what they don’t recognize is that Tex Winter preached these fundamental drills from the very beginning because they are so important to executing this type of motion offense. When Steve Kerr first took over the Warriors he had them do the exact same things in summer camp. It was only on the Knicks, with the superstar mentality pervading the squad, that this is beneath the team.

    I agree with Grocer, Ntilikina’s jumper takes a while to hit its peak as he comes up slow to deliver his release. But he’s a pretty smooth dude. But why is he working out in Melo’s gym?

    Ntilikina working out at Melo’s could just be something that was set up a while back. Rumor is we’re looking at him and Monk.

    Lmao at the Heat giving us Winslow for Melo. I’ll carry him to Miami on my back if that’s a real offer

    Frank Ntilikina is the youngest guard in the draft, and he’s probably the best defender too. Malik Monk is not what we need. At all. Frank Ntilikina currently has a .596 eFG% in Europe, has an advanced handle, is smooth in and out of the P&R and plays with his head up. Besides, Ntilikina is way more likely to be perceptive to the triangle considering he’s never played AAU ball. Gotta take Ntilikina if he’s there.

    That line by Westbrook… M-V-P! M-V-P!

    I’ve already suggested Miami as a trade destination, both because they have something to offer for Melo and because they could maybe sell him on the idea that him, Dragic and Whitesides would be a new big three. And it probably helps that Miami is a much more organized organization than the Knicks seem to be. I think the Knicks could get a pick or too as well.


    I am sure you meant that as sarcasm, but it’s probably an excellent prediction too, since I think MVP is already decided, just not announced.

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