Knicks Morning News (2017.04.14)

  • [NYDN] Phil Jackson extension is proof winning not priority with Knicks
    (Thursday, April 13, 2017 9:42:05 PM)

    James Dolan took all the suspense out of Carmelo Anthony’s exit meeting when a story surfaced early Thursday

  • [NYDN] 3 steps to Knick offseason: a look at trades, draft & free agency
    (Thursday, April 13, 2017 12:48:46 PM)

    The summer for the Knicks is a three-step process: We analyze the trade market, NBA draft and free agency.

  • [NYDN] What Knicks president Phil Jackson needs to address Friday
    (Thursday, April 13, 2017 12:43:33 PM)

    As it turns out, Phil Jackson will address this disaster.

  • [NYDN] Jackson, not Anthony, is to blame for Knicks’ problems
    (Thursday, April 13, 2017 6:11:35 AM)

    Anthony’s future will be the recurring storyline this offseason.

  • [SNY Knicks] Daily News Live: End of an era for the Knicks?
    (Thursday, April 13, 2017 6:33:19 PM)

  • [SNY Knicks] The time has come for Melo to decide on future with Knicks
    (Thursday, April 13, 2017 12:30:36 PM)

    With the power of his no trade clause at his hands, Anthony knows he needs to make a decision that will be best for himself and the team.

  • [SNY Knicks] Knicks, Jackson quietly pick up option for final two years of contract
    (Thursday, April 13, 2017 9:00:58 AM)

    The Knicks and Phil Jackson quietly picked up their option on the final two years of Jackson’s contract this spring.

  • [SNY Knicks] Loud Mouths: Is Noah’s contract the worst in NBA history?
    (Thursday, April 13, 2017 9:25:52 AM)

    Marc Malusis and Jon Hein debate if Joakim Noah’s deal was the worst contract in NBA history based on his playing time since.

  • [NYTimes] Kelsey Plum Is a Lot Like James Harden. But Is It a Left-Handed Compliment?
    (Friday, April 14, 2017 5:38:15 AM)

    Plum, the top pick in the W.N.B.A. draft on Thursday, is a prolific lefty like Harden. But she hopes that female players will soon be a measuring stick.

  • [NYTimes] N.B.A. Playoffs 2017: Who We Think Will Win
    (Thursday, April 13, 2017 1:33:53 PM)

    Will the Cavaliers and Warriors meet in the finals for the third year in a row? Who will win the superstar battle between Russell Westbrook and James Harden?

  • [NYTimes] Sports of The Times: Knicks vs. 76ers: A Battle of Losing Philosophies
    (Thursday, April 13, 2017 1:46:48 PM)

    Although the Knicks beat the Philadelphia 76ers on Wednesday night, the victory meant nothing. It was the contrast in team philosophies that was striking.

  • [NYTimes] A Spur Takes His Game (and Flannel Shirts) to the TV Studio
    (Thursday, April 13, 2017 8:17:06 PM)

    Matt Bonner, a fan favorite in San Antonio for 10 seasons, has moved quickly into his new role as a studio analyst for Spurs’ broadcasts. The cheap ties? They’re new.

  • [NYTimes] After Season of Silence, Phil Jackson Is to Address Local News Media
    (Friday, April 14, 2017 5:48:09 AM)

    Jackson is scheduled to talk with New York reporters on Friday after conducting exit interviews with the team’s players.

  • [NYTimes] In Sports, Boston Is Now Second to None
    (Thursday, April 13, 2017 2:00:03 PM)

    It’s a good time to be a sports fan in the city. But it wasn’t always that way.

  • [NYPost] Why Carmelo Anthony is really ‘open’ to a trade this time
    (Thursday, April 13, 2017 10:21:45 PM)

    The key word Carmelo Anthony used during his season’s final postgame press conference Wednesday was this: “open.” “Just communicate with me and be up-front with me,’’ Anthony said of his future with the Knicks. “I’m open.” Though he said he would “love to stay’’ if he heard a “commitment to winning” now from Knicks president…

  • [NYPost] Phil Jackson must answer these 12 pressing Knicks questions
    (Thursday, April 13, 2017 4:39:18 PM)

    Knicks president Phil Jackson will address the media Friday for the first time since Sept. 23 — three days before training camp — to lay out his newest grand plan. In February, Knicks owner James Dolan announced Jackson would fulfill the final two years of his contract, and around his three-year anniversary, March 18, Jackson…

  • [NYPost] Flaming the fans: the trouble with James Dolan
    (Thursday, April 13, 2017 3:18:02 PM)

    Knicks owner James Dolan has his reasons to feel cocky: The franchise is the NBA’s most valuable, according to Forbes. And Madison Square Garden was packed and rocking Wednesday night for the Knicks’ final game of the season. Yet that game was utterly meaningless, as the team missed the playoffs (again) with a miserable 31-51…

  • [NYPost] How Kristaps Porzingis is adjusting his offseason plan
    (Thursday, April 13, 2017 10:04:42 AM)

    Kristaps Porzingis called this “a huge summer” and said he will experiment with boxing as a training method. The 7-foot-3, 240-pound Knicks forward’s offseason goal is to get stronger, and he said he will use untraditional methods — he noted boxing among them — in addition to lifting weights. “I’ll be doing a little bit of…

  • [NY Newsday] Kristaps Porzingis plans to build himself up during offseason
    (Thursday, April 13, 2017 7:43:22 PM)

    Kristaps Porzingis is eager to get back in the gym, and the way he described his offseason plan, it sounds as if he plans to take up residence there.

  • [NY Newsday] Knicks and Phil Jackson pick up options on final two years of deal, report says
    (Thursday, April 13, 2017 7:28:52 PM)

    The Knicks and Phil Jackson have picked up their options on the final two years of his contract, according to a report by Knicks owner James Dolan said in February that he would honor Jackson’s five-year deal, and it appears he’s keeping his word even though the Knicks missed the playoffs in each of Jackson’s three seasons as president.

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    What do you guys think of Andre Roberson as a potential free agent acquisition?

    KnickerBlogger running joke Miles Bridges is going back to school. I guess the Knicks did so well that he had to return to school in order to fulfill his destiny as a mediocre Knick.

    Andre Roberson is a + player. It sudks he can’t really shoot but just means his defense is that solid.

    Does the NBA still hold the draft lottery at halftime of some playoff game? I thought last year it was just done behind closed doors? I ask because I read Devin Booker will be representing the Suns at the lottery.

    Also the ridiculous rumor of the day is a Doc Rivers reunion to the Orlando Magic as GM. Especially if the Clips get bounced in first round.

    Seems far fetched and improbable but would be funny. Would probably hurt any chance of Melo the Clips though :/

    Roberson is solid and likely to be undervalued given how much shooting is valued in this league ATM. If we have to spend our cap I’d certainly inquire.

    Zero interest in Roberson. Good player but I’m not interested in overpaying to pry an RFA with zero offensive skill. You could work around the lack of shooting, but his inability to dribble or pass isn’t workable for a team that needs to find a balance between the need for better perimeter defenders and guards that can set up our bigs more adeptly than we’ve had this year. Roberson’s just a one trick pony, who’s damn good at his trick, but is almost a lock to never learn another.

    Didn’t know he was an RFA. I’d probably pass, then, unless OKC really wasn’t interested in holding onto him and he could be got on the cheap.

    For those of us hoping against hope that a non-Knicksy miracle will occur and we’ll somehow move up to the top 3 in the lottery, here’s the results of the last 10:

    2007 – Blazers had 7th worst record, moved up to 1st
    2008 – Bulls had 9th worst record, moved up to 1st
    2009 – Grizz had 6th worst record, moved up to 2nd
    2010 – Wiz and Sixers had 5th and 6th worst records, moved up to 1 and 2
    2011- Clips had 8th worst record, moved up to 1st
    2012 – picks 5-10 went per record
    2013- Wiz had 8th worst record, moved up to 3rd
    2014 – Cavs had 9th worst record, moved up to 1st
    2015 – picks 5-10 went per record
    2016 – picks 5-10 went per record

    So I’m going with probabilities and saying that this year one of the 5-10 teams will move up. And of course it will be the Sixers, Magic or T-Wolves.

    Roberson is solid and likely to be undervalued

    That’s exactly why I’m thinking it would be a good get. If you have to overpay for him obviously you pass, as I would pass on everyone at this point other than a top 10 player.

    I’m ok with trying to be competitive next year and sign someone in free agency.

    Phil is not accumulating assets taking bad contracts from other teams, so as long as we are not talking about paying max money to some middling veteran (e.g.. Holiday) or an injured former MVPs, we could add a couple of Andre Roberson type of players and don’t hurt our rebuilding process.

    Oh and just get rid of Melo. There will be no rebuild here as long as he is in the roster. Melo for a bag of deflated basketballs + top-10 protected 2096 pick should work just fine by me.

    Joe Ingles isn’t really young, but I think he’d be a really good fit here for a couple of years. If the Jazz have to pay up to retain Hayward and Hill, he seems very gettable.

    KnickerBlogger running joke Miles Bridges is going back to school

    Why was he such a joke, btw? His college numbers are pretty good.

    Courtney Lee, Joe Ingles, Kristaps Porzingis, and Willy Hernangomez sounds like the perfect complementary 5 man unit for James Harden. I reckon it would also be a very unselfish group and Courtney Lee would average 15 points a game.

    Why was he such a joke, btw? His college numbers are pretty good.

    Because most mock drafts had him around #12 and #15 early on and that was the nightmare scenario nobody wanted.

    Nobody bothered to look at his numbers or watch him play.

    I wanted to ask this question many times during the regular season…

    I plead ignorance in the matter as to why Knicks management did not simply bench Melo when he failed to consistently defend or his other poor play. It seems like Melo is running the team. By cutting down on his playing time, he would be more inclined to opt out of his no trade contract.

    Possible reasons? Gutless management, “star status”, fan push back? what else?

    I would hope management would put that type of pressure on him and force his hand.
    I also hope that during the so-called exit interview, his potentially reduced role and emphasis on the post Melo Knicks was made very clear to him.

    Melo: we don’t want you anymore.

    I am not confident that he will leave this year. He has sucked this team dry.
    It would be so depressing to see him again next year in a Knicks uniform.


    it’s more that he became a joke because people were excited about top 5 prospects, but expected the Knicks to fail enough at tanking to end up drafting a not so exciting prospect like him in the top 10.

    @15, it’s a pretty rare thing to bench a “star player”. There was mild controversy when Nate Robinson got benched. I don’t really recall any comparable benchings. Maybe years ago Indy might have benched Ron Artest for “conduct detrimental to winning” or something to that effect, implying his shot selection sucked. Also, no one ever called Rose out for always talking about defense in his post game comments while sucking at it in game.

    I don’t like the term rebuilding. It suggests that you have to blow everything up and reset to zero in order to win. IMO, that’s not the case. You can use draft picks, trades, and/or free agency to accumulate bargain players of various ages. You see what is available and go with the flow. IMO, there isn’t a single formula, but this is the general framework.

    1. Acquire picks and undervalued players on attractive contracts in free agency and via trade

    2. Rid yourself of poor contracts over time or via trade.

    3. Use the acquired attractive contracts and picks to select young players in the draft and/or to roll up into better players on attractive contracts.

    That does not mean the Knicks should blow up this team and trade O’Quinn and Lee (though we might if the deal improved our position in terms of undervalued assets) . It does not mean we should dismiss the idea of acquiring a couple of 28-32 year old vets to go along with KP and WH and make us a more competitive team next year.

    The idea should simply be to TRY to trade Melo, Noah and Thomas for shorter duration contracts because those are the bad contracts on the team. Shorter duration contracts would get us extra cap space quicker which we would hopefully use intelligently. Now granted, it’s not going to b easy to trade any of those guys. We may be stuck with Noah and Thomas for awhile (Thomas is at least tolerable when healthy and not such a big contract anyway). But I don’t care who we acquire or how old he is as long as the contract is deemed a bargain or expiring. The idea is to keep rolling those bargains up into better players . If someone is crazy enough to give a decent pick or young player for Melo, we can celebrate.

    What we don’t want is any debacles like last year where we gave up 2 players on attractive contracts (Lopez & Grant) for a gamble on a player likely to fail. That further promoted us to overpay for Noah. Terrible off season.

    I wonder about the same issue. Management seemed to take a pretty passive/aggressive approach towards Melo and his shortcomings. Messages through Charley Rosen, Horny damning him w/ faint praise. Some have posited that the refusal to bench him was out of fear of alienating possible future free agents. Certainly the dynamic between stars and mgt have changed dramatically. But should Melo be on team next year, difficult to see the team improving significantly,even with a strong draft without a material change in how Melo is deployed and managed if he resists adjusting his style of play.

    Bridges is going to be fine-to-good. It’s more that he was going to be our pick if we played our way out of Fox, Frank, etc. at the end of the season.

    Count me as very interested in Ingles. I think we should focus on getting him this offseason–he’s absolutely perfect for what we want to do with his passing, shooting, and defense.

    Or we could throw a max contract (if we have the space) at Otto Porter just because he’s really good. Even if it doesn’t work out.

    I’m not sold on Porter’s production translating to a team that doesn’t have a Wall-level setup man for him to spot up off of. He’s not producing much off the dribble and his defense isn’t elite or anything. To even have a chance of getting him you have to be willing to offer the max and I feel in a year that would be looked at as an albatross contract.

    I think Ingles is great, but he’s perfect for a team just like Utah, a very talented team that needs a guy on low usage to fill the holes, either passing, shooting or defending / hustling. I doubt they let him go unless his price gets too high, at which point he’s probably not worth it for the Knicks in their current state.

    Porter i can get behind easily, he has been an underrated star this season and has truly gotten so much better in pretty much every part of his game. He’s even a decent rebounder and defender and a legit great shooter, but there’s no way in hell the Wizards won’t max him.

    Yeah, I’ve always been big on Bridges being an NBA level Talent. He just doesn’t seem to be a game changer, and in the draft that looks like there might be three or four game changers in it, I was hoping that the Knicks would get one of them and it would be disappointing for them to end up with just a decent player. But that does not mean that Bridget is not going to be a decent NBA player, as I believe he definitely will be one.

    It is a similar thing with Monk. Dude can clearly play. But I’d like a guy with more upside.

    The Knicks should not be maxing anyone this offseason. Let the big names do their thing. Try to find this year’s Robin Lopez (solid player at a good value) or Kyle O’Quinn rather than some alleged superstar. Sign one or two guys to D-Will like deals, except this time make the option the team’s, not the player’s. Emphasize defense in ANYONE signed. Unload Anthony.

    However, given that Phil’s got just 2 years left, the fear is that he will again try to “win now” with a big splash.

    Phil’s press conference today should be fascinating. Anyone have an idea where to stream it?

    However, given that Phil’s got just 2 years left, the fear is that he will again try to “win now” with a big splash.

    Honestly, if they show even the smallest sign of growth by year 5, I bet Jackson could stay if he wanted to. Dolan clearly loves not being the guy people bitch about anymore. Remember how quickly he reacted when something happened that he couldn’t just let Phil take the blame on? Dude did his first radio interview in years because he was like, “Shit, there mad at me again! I hate that!”

    When is the coin flip?

    It was on this Friday last year, so I guess it’s today? It’s insane that the media is not more on top of this stuff. No one has even written a single article on the fact that this coin flip is actually pretty darn important to the Knicks. And yet no one is even saying when it happens!!

    Ingles would be really nice to have but my guess is Utah isn’t letting him go anywhere unless the money is crazy, and it shouldn’t be in our case. I’d be happy to throw a max offer sheet at OPJ, especially if Melo is traded, but that’s even more unlikely to work out for us than Ingles.

    I hope for the first time in a while we have a relatively quiet free agency period. I’d be happy to check in on the markets for OPJ, Ingles, Mills, Roberson, Muscala, JaMychal Green, and maybe a few others but it’s pretty hard to identify a signing I’d really want the Knicks to make.

    It was on this Friday last year, so I guess it’s today? It’s insane that the media is not more on top of this stuff. No one has even written a single article on the fact that this coin flip is actually pretty darn important to the Knicks. And yet no one is even saying when it happens!!

    Are you sure it’s not after the lottery? Because the lottery odds are just split evenly, and if either the Knicks or Wolves get a top-3 pick the coin flip becomes irrelevant.

    it’s usually around this time shortly after the season ends as brian mentioned… they have to determine the draft order at the lottery when they’re announcing picks so i imagine it’s before the lottery at least…

    Phil’s press conference today should be fascinating. Anyone have an idea where to stream it?

    it’s on msg – but, doesn’t look like they’ll be streaming it…not sure where else to watch/listen???

    although my guess is phil will be elusive and vague…gotta imagine whatever media members will be allowed are foaming at the mouth right now to get there questions off….

    It’s going to be nuts. He’ll probably say nothing, but I bet that the questions are going to be “go for the jugular” type stuff.

    i don’t know exactly how they work public relations at msg (except for the horror stories from the past), but, i’m guessing this is going to be an invitation only for media personnel type event …

    tough part is – even when phil does speak: how much future stuff will really come to pass, and how much of the retrospective stuff will make any sense…

    i’ll be honest – if not a word was spoken and instead the media folks were simply allowed to fling darts at phil’s head – i’d be pretty cool with that…

    Here is your depressing Knick stat of the day:

    Since 2001, the NY Knicks have 7 playoff wins. In that same span the Seattle supersonics have 8, and haven't been a team in a decade. #NBA— Tom O'Brien (@tommyob009) April 14, 2017

    They’re streaming the conference on Facebook for those interested. Should be…interesting.

    “He is a player who will be better off somewhere else”

    -Jackson on Melo

    “He is a player who will be better off somewhere else”

    -Jackson on Melo

    Wait, did he actually say this?


    He did, but he also said they looked at options at the deadline, and none “benefited the team” and that they “aren’t going to dump him.”

    Phil is the most inarticulate “intelligent” person I’ve ever listened to.

    Phil is the most inarticulate “intelligent” person I’ve ever listened to.

    He just seems like a guy who doesn’t want to be there. He can be really articulate at times, but here, he seems like it’s painful for him to say anything.

    I dunno, I actually like what he’s saying here. Definitely seems like we’re gonna move on from Rose and Melo and build around young players, which is what I think we all want.

    Jackson just claims that he and Melo have an arrangement when he gave him the no trade clause where Melo would agree to take a trade if Jackson determined it was time for him to go. Huh?

    Uh oh, Phil just said that you can rebuild and “win now” at the same time. Gulp.

    He wants to be competitive next year and will sign free agents. Gulp.

    He thinks that this team was competitive, as well. Lots of last minute losses, he thinks. Gulp.

    Ugh, Phil should just coach the team. Watching this presser, when he has to talk about managerial stuff he sounds bored and disinterested, when it comes to the granular basketball details he still come across quite well.

    Regarding the Melo deal. “We had stuff that happened that we couldn’t account for.” Oh? Rather than it being a terrible move right from the get go?

    Jackson just claims that he and Melo have an arrangement when he gave him the no trade clause where Melo would agree to take a trade if Jackson determined it was time for him to go. Huh?

    I knew there was an arrangement set into place between Phil and Melo. Philemelo has been vindicated!

    Phil beautifully evaded and stared down the reporter who asked that question about how poorly he treated Melo.

    The Bulls blew up the MJ team and haven’t made the NBA Finals since, so that has proven to Jackson that you can’t blow teams up. This guy.

    thanks silky…

    funny stuff from jackson – yeah, us fans can really see the progress…

    spot on sjk about jackson’s true interest in basketball – x’s and o’s, x’s and o’s…

    So basically Phil said all I really want to do is to collect checks and coach from afar.

    I will always believe the Knicks’ failures are more front office related than Melo related. Sign pretty much anybody (like Dwight Howard, who was interested) to the Knicks instead of Joakim Noah and you’re in better shape. Trade for Jeff Teague or George Hill instead of Derrick Rose? You’re in much better shape. Sign Seth Curry at even double what he received (I wanted him on a 3 year deal at $6M AAV with the 3 year being a team option) and you’re in much better shape.

    At least Phil Jackson’s Knicks have been good at adding young players and Courtney Lee. Everything else has been a disaster and should be looked at as such. Maybe Phil Jackson is better at adding and acquiring young talent than he is at putting together a team to win. Mark Jackson built a great Warriors team and Steve Kerr is reaping the benefits today. When Phil Jackson is gone, hopefully the next man up is good at putting the right guys around KP, Willy, and the 2017, 2018, and 2019 picks.

    Overall, it was fun to hear Jackson just talk for a change. And it’s good to know that they’re going to try to do everything in their power to trade Melo. Hopefully it happens! I don’t like that he is making it sound like the roster is a lot better than it actually is, but that could just be noise. Once again, with Jackson, it really comes down to his actions. We can all guess at to what direction he is going to go each year (although safe money is typically “try to make the playoffs, even if we’re not going to make the playoffs”), but we won’t know for sure until he actually makes some moves. Here’s hoping that it all works out well! It’d be fun to see some smart moves this offseason.

    The Melo/PJ agreement may end up beneficial though. The timing of it couldn’t be any better IMO. Cleveland is looking it’s worse and they might get pushed to the brink by Boston. If Boston and Cleveland go to 7 and Boston loses, they might very well believe they are a Carmelo Anthony away from the Finals seeing that Cleveland has no way of improving outside of development from Tristan Thompson and Kyrie Irving.

    What could make that situation even better is if LeBron and Cleveland see Melo to the Cavs is in line and we can get Cleveland in on a bidding war offering up Love for Melo. Melo to Boston will likely involve a swap of 1st round picks this year and some filler. Say we get Phoenix on line to have a big 3 of Bledsoe, Booker, and Kevin Love, and they give us their draft pick this year and Miami’s 2018 pick next year along with whatever contract filler necessary to make a deal go.

    Considering the balance in the Eastern Conference, this is the year to move Melo. Boston and Cleveland will be fighting for supremacy today, and that is going to give us the upper hand against Philly and Milwaukee tomorrow.

    Also, the truth is the roster is indeed a lot better than it actually looks. Imagine if Melo, Derrick Rose, Kristaps Porzingis, and Joakim Noah actually produced 25 wins this season instead of the 15.5 we got from them per Win Shares or the 4.36 according to Wins Produced? That’s a difference of 10-20 wins that we missed because the main distributors were defunct this season. We have a roster filled with good role players. We just need the juice from the top guns.

    One of the more interesting and IMO telling moments was when he talked about leaving the Bulls when they decided to rebuild and how they said “being an 8th seed is the worst place to be”. He then implied that this was a foolish perspective, citing the fact that the Bulls never even made the finals since then.

    Such a fallacious way of arguing. Teams with the very best players in the league dominate. Since 1999, every NBA finals team has had a top five player with the exception of maybe the Pistons.

    It’s next to impossible to get that kind of player. The fact that the Bulls and many other teams haven’t gotten one doesn’t mean they approached the post Jordan era in the wrong way. Why not look at all the teams that don’t care about being in that middle territory such as the mid/late 2000s Bucks or the Knicks or the Nets… Those teams have been a lot worse vs. the teams that have just signed lots of FAs and tried to build short term success no matter where they are in terms of overall talent.

    Jackson and Hornacek have both mentioned adding tough, physical players. Which of the potential draftees meet that criteria?

    One of the more interesting and IMO telling moments was when he talked about leaving the Bulls when they decided to rebuild and how they said “being an 8th seed is the worst place to be”. He then implied that this was a foolish perspective, citing the fact that the Bulls never even made the finals since then.

    Such a fallacious way of arguing. Teams with the very best players in the league dominate. Since 1999, every NBA finals team has had a top five player with the exception of maybe the Pistons.

    While I obviously agree, I also wonder how much of that is just Jackson being Jackson and trying to troll the Bulls because he still holds a grudge against Reinsdorf and the late Krause? Because, yes, “The Bulls blew their team up in 1999 and they haven’t even been to the Finals since, so blowing your team up is bad!” is illogical.

    Welp, Melo has seemingly responded on Instagram, and not favorably. Perhaps there wasn’t an agreement after all.

    Since 1999, every NBA finals team has had a top five player with the exception of maybe the Pistons.

    Ben Wallace was absolutely, without a doubt one of the top 5 players in the league that year.

    @70 – Caleb Swanigan. A junk yard dog guy who could take the place of KOQ if we use him n a trade.

    not to stray too far from the task at hand – but, i know there are one or two geek elite type comic book folks on the site…was going through my dvr and just finished episode 4 of legion – holy shit – wow, is noah hawley absolutely killing it…

    comic book/graphic novels have always seemed like a very visual medium to me (not overly long on dialogue, but, rather letting the reader fill in the blanks on the story and environment with their own knowledge of the characters and settings)…legion is a very unique show in its use of visuals to tell the story…

    most recent thing i new about david was a story line from the 2000’s in the ultimate marvel universe where he had kinda merged with some other character named proteus…however, the thing i know david best from is ‘legion quest’ (from the mid 90’s) – which was the beginning of the age of apocalypse (marvel on the brink of bankruptcy tossing all the chips in the middle of the table) storyline…

    never would have thought the “astral” plane could work in cinema or tv – but, noah hawley is absolutely crushing it….

    oh well, back to our regularly scheduled knick news…

    I’m literally writing an article about ranking telepaths in comics right now (well, in between distracting myself with Knicks talk ;)).

    Longtime comic books fan but hater of comic book adaptations because they just become mediocre Hollywood action movies but I have to say Legion is some A+ stuff. Fitting that it comes from Noah Hawley. Fargo season 3 is coming!

    I think Phil is going to focus on rebuilding but isn’t gonna pass up on a FA if he likes him. I don’t see it as a foregone conclusion that we blow all our cap this year though, so we’ll see.

    Phil clearly lied about something. Melo ain’t feeling it either.

    Dammit Melo just take a trade to Boston so we can be a young and exciting team for the first time since 2010.

    Phil clearly lied about something. Melo ain’t feeling it either.

    My guess is it that it is less of a lie and more like Jackson is interpreting something different from Melo. Like, I could easily see it being, “Okay, Melo, I’ll give you a no trade clause. But if you think that things aren’t working out here, I presume that you’ll be willing to work with us on a future trade.” And then Melo just disputes what “not working out here” means. Or whatever. Plus, of course, he likely took issue with Phil’s “I have never criticized Melo” stuff.

    If Melo refuses a trade then he should become a 6th man or a bench player going forward. He should be told that right now so there’s no doubt. It would be his decision. We could also waive or stretch him I guess.

    @74 Thanks. Swanigan sounds like the type that Phil and Hornacek are talking about. Toughness. He’s projected to go late in the first round so trading Melo to the Lakers for their 28th pick might be perfect if Magic Johnson still wants him. He was raving about Melo not that long before he got the job with the Lakers so maybe its possible.

    Tankathon updated their mock draft recently and they have Smith, Fox, Frank, Zach Collins and O.G. all available when we pick. They have Isaac going just before us to the Magic, which makes sense.

    Oh, they have Swanigan going at #31.

    Both Porzingis and Willy liked Melo’s clapback on Instagram, so that’s good.

    so sorry…can’t resist….

    1). jean gray/dark phoenix
    2). en sabah nur/apocalypse – worst movie characterization ever!!!
    3). professor x/onslaught
    4). nathaniel grey/x-man
    5). franklin richards
    6). david haller/legion
    7). amahl farouk/shadow king
    8). nathan summers/cable
    9). emma frost/white queen
    10). elizabeth braddock/betsy

    honorable mention: cassandra nova xavier – just was never a big fan of the character/storyline and madelyne pryor – i’m holding the whole clone thing against her…

    Anigbogu from UCLA is younger/ more of a project but is big and an athletic freak

    Melo’s Instagram post was in response to Phil saying he never criticized Melo, ever. That’s total BS.

    Melo and our 2017 draft pick for Boston’s draft pick this year (and possibly their 2018 pick since they have the superior Brooklyn pick) plus Jaylen Brown and Tyler Zeller works pretty well I think. If they pick 1st or 2nd and we pick 7th, they can get Melo and Lauri Markannen/Zach Collins. We get Markelle Fultz and no real cap relief, but landing a stud guard like Fultz means we can look forward to some games next year. I’d be pretty happy watching Fultz, Lee, Brown, Porzingis, and Hernangomez for a season. If Courtney Lee wants a trade then send him to OKC for Alex Abrines or something.

    I don’t think there’s any way Boston deals a top two pick for Melo and the Knicks’ pick. But if it is top three, it’s at least a theoretical possibility, I guess. Unlikely, but not impossible.

    I think from that post, Melo is a Knick next year. And Phil has himself to blame. How the fuck you gonna give someone a NTC and then try to force them out of somewhere they wanna be in an ignorant ass way?How does that work?

    I initially thought that was a decent press conference, but if he really didn’t clear his comments about the Melo situation with Melo a few hours earlier you can go ahead and add one more item to the long list of unnecessary, inexplicable, and completely self-inflicted Phil Jackson fuck ups.

    My wife and I love to watch CBS Sunday Morning every week, and it’s funny when they take on topics that they’re obviously not experts in, so you can easily see where they’re full of shit (it’s a show geared towards, like, the Reader’s Digest audience). They did a profile on Swanigan recently, and it opened with, “He might be the most talented player in the NCAA.” And I’m, like, say wha?

    I can’t believe what Legion’s done with the genre. Its really taken the X-Men universe and dramatized it without the comic-book/punchy elements.

    Professor X is the Marvel Universe’s greatest telepath.

    My wife and I love to watch CBS Sunday Morning every week, and it’s funny when they take on topics that they’re obviously not experts in, so you can easily see where they’re full of shit (it’s a show geared towards, like, the Reader’s Digest audience). They did a profile on Swanigan recently, and it opened with, “He might be the most talented player in the NCAA.” And I’m, like, say wha?

    News is never short on hyperbole lol. Like the Yahoo link about Harkless and his 500k called him. Star lol

    I can’t believe what Legion’s done with the genre. Its really taken the X-Men universe and dramatized it without the comic-book/punchy elements.

    Professor X is the Marvel Universe’s greatest telepath.

    had a feeling you might already be in on legion ras 🙂

    the whole differentiation between telepathic abilities and psionic manipulation is a tough one though…

    I liked what Phil had to say about the way he envisions the defense to evolve. He wants to move towards more of a full court press but needs the right personnel to do so.

    I’m ready for another year of being fundamentally incapable of giving a fuck. Hey, why not trade KOQ and Hernangomez for “experienced veterans with playoff experience” so I can really push my chips in?

    I’d love to have just one more year of way-too-high expectations. I won’t be so timid as to not bet the under if Carmelo indicates he’s going to stick it to Phil and not waive the NTC and then opt out during summer.

    the whole differentiation between telepathic abilities and psionic manipulation is a tough one though…

    I’ve had major conversations about this. Telepathy is a sub-category of larger psionic manipulation (telekinesis, clairvoyance, precognition, postcognition, illusion projection, etc.). Professor X is a super-powerful telepath, even more powerful than Dark Phoenix even though she’s a way more powerful psionic entity.

    I’ve had major conversations about this.

    you rock ras 🙂 and, a very good point sir…

    I think half the NBA players have liked Melo’s Instagram post today.

    Including KP.

    The fact that Phil believes a full-court press is the way to go defensively now is fucking insane. He also said he was happy one game that KP didn’t take a 3pter because he wasn’t forcing 3pters looking for cheap points. Phil basically thinks 3pters are cheap points. How’s it goink??

    What’s wrong with a full-court press if we have the personnel to run it (hello, De’Aaron Fox)? If anything pressing helps force steals and limit slow break/early movement opportunities in an offensive set which is probably more useful than it’s ever been given the ever-increasing pace of the game.

    Good luck full court-pressing NBA teams in today’s game. Phil used to press Riley’s Knicks cause he had MJ, Pippen and Horace Grant while the Knicks had poor, slow ball-handlers. The only team you could probably press in today’s NBA are the Knicks cause they are the only team in the NBA full of poor ball-handlers. Phil today complained that the NBA nowadays with the rules is set up for the guards to penetrate making the pick and rolls difficult to guard. Phil hates the way the NBA is played in today’s game and he seemingly refuses to adapt to it but instead wants to continue to play like his teams did when he was coaching to try to seemingly prove some point.

    I am down with building an athletic, energetic team that will pressure a defense from one end of the court to the next. And before we go crazy with Phil’s statement about the full court press its important to note that he wants to consider using it.

    Another good development is that Phil affirmed a commitment to playing defense. That means no Monk, Markannen, Smith Jr, etc. It does mean Ntilikina, Fox, Isaac.

    #Knicks fans probably won't be happy to hear this but NY has done some serious scouting recently on Frank Ntilikina out of France.— Sports News (@JSports_ent) April 14, 2017

    If the Knicks draft Frank Ntilikina, people will boo on draft night and then his jersey will sell out by December.— NYKnicksPodcast (@NYKnicksPodcast) April 14, 2017

    I have a pretty strong feeling that it’s going to be either Fox or Ntilikina if they’re both available. It’s pretty obvious Phil wants a defensive guard.

    If Frank plays really well in workouts I wouldn’t be surprised if Phil picks him over Fox. I’d be tepid about that, but it wouldn’t be a disaster, necessarily.

    Not too worried about whatever Phil says. He said great things about Rambis before picking Hornacek. Didn’t mention Porzingis at all before drafting him. He has always been full of shit with the press. It doesn’t mean jack.

    Not to say he might not do something as stupid as trading for Rose, but his words about it all don’t mean a lot.

    I’ve been super high on Frank since watching his tape recently. Fox is still my favorite prospect outside the top3, but I would be happy with either.

    Frank is just so huge and long, and with his decent jump shot I can imagine him being a productive player on offense while being a monster on D.

    Frank is just so huge and long, and with his decent jump shot I can imagine him being a productive player on offense while being a monster on D.

    I feel the same way. I think his floor is better than a lot of people estimate. At minimum he can be a 3 and D type combo guard who fits well in the offense we want to run. If he ever physically matures into that frame to develop elite explosiveness and strength he’d be a perennial All Star. Either way he projects to be the type of guy who will fill up a box score with points, assists, steals, rebounds, blocks.


    What offense do we want to run? Jackson even admitted in his press conference that he’ll probably be gone before this team is any good. I can’t see hte triangle lasting beyond that.

    That said, seems like Ntilikina could be a George Hill type if he improves his jump shot, allowing him ot play SG. Hill is a really good, underrated player. Having two guards with playmaking skills is really nice these days.

    just watched the phil interview in its entirety…just looking at phil trying to stand up makes my back start hurting…

    one very telling comment – what have you learned: “i need to do a better job mentoring”…no phil, you need to do a better job at evaluating talent and negotiating deals…

    was phil smoking blunts prior to that presser…sounded like he needed a box of lozenges next to him…

    Oh come on, geo. Phil has had only one inherited first round pick since he got here. Don’t join the mob.

    Basically that video shows that Dennis Smith Jr is exactly the type of guard who can pick up defense full court. He uses his strength and technique to flat out irritate ball handlers when he’s engaged on that end. And he actually fights over screens and sticks with ball handlers! He doesn’t have the arm length to bother guys’ shot attempts but that’s not the most important thing for a point guard. He has lapses in intensity at times, but he is a great defender when he’s engaged. Not a passable defender like other high usage guys, but a great defender. Get a coach that’s going to tear into him for not playing defense (and Hornacek is your guy for that) and you have one hell of a two way guard.

    Frank Ntilikina is definitely a taller, more athletic George Hill. In other words he’s an excellent fit for what we wanna do.

    What offense do we want to run? Jackson even admitted in his press conference that he’ll probably be gone before this team is any good. I can’t see hte triangle lasting beyond that.

    I want us to run some motion offense like San Antonio and Golden State run. One where you aren’t dependent upon a dominant ball handling guard to create the offensive opportunities like in many of the pick and roll based offenses we see around the league, but upon your entire team moving off the ball in sync to find holes in the defense. It doesn’t make much difference to me if its the Triangle, the Princeton, San Antonio Motion Offense, or some hybrid combination of these so long as this is the direction we take.

    howdy reub…as strong as i’d like to think my mind is – i do realize i’m susceptible to group think…shoot come next season i hope to be spitting out stats with everyone else 🙂

    however, reference to phil’s performance – as parcells so eloquently put it: “you are what your record says you are”…

    unavailability of draft picks aside – other than keeping on budget – phil has done a god awful job at team building…he has not been able to put complementary pieces on the court together…

    there is no one else to blame…maybe that’s not entirely true – but, still in all – phil has been calling the shots now for 3 really poorly performing years…

    Porzingis skipped exit meetings due to frustration with the team, apparently

    This is not good. And while its questionable that Melo can get Phil fired, its clear KP will have that power in due time.

    KP skipping his exit meeting could be a reason why Phil said today everyone is on the table in terms of trades including KP. So now Phil has pissed off not only Melo but apparently KP too.

    Literally the one thing we have to avoid is pissing off our 7’3 guy who is routinely going to be top 5 in blocks and rim protection while also shooting 3s

    Apparently Phil doesn’t like it when KP shoots 3pters because it’s looking for “cheap” points. Phil actually said that today during his press conference, he mentioned one game where KP didn’t take a 3pter as if it was a good thing.

    I think what he meant by that is that often times shooting 3s is a crutch when you’re out of rhythm and just looking to score. So you hoist up a 3 rather than looking for quality shots. Phil doesn’t make it easy to be charitable with him though.

    I kinda dig most of what Phil said at his “face the music” press conference. Unfortunately, I came away with this eerie feeling that Rose ends up getting re-signed. I don’t feel like anything I heard him say was spin. He spoke mostly like a coach who knows his shit and has a clear vision of what he wants as team president. I hope he gets a player he wants this offseason. 1 good one. Hard for me to get a feel for who he may want out of the draft, but depending on where the team lands- Ntilikina is probably a safe bet.

    Porzingis skipped exit meetings due to frustration with the team, apparently

    Thanks, Phil!

    Imagine a alternate universe where the Pistons picked Melo instead of Darko.

    Aww did Phil hurt KP’s feelings? KP chucking from the perimeter instead of running the offense is a lazy, less productive way to play basketball. Poor baby!

    Pissing off KP is grounds for termination. They better reach out to him and get him back on board.

    that’s an interesting story on kp, doesn’t really seem like something he’d do (comes across as a good soldier)…

    wonder what the real/full story is…if it is true – wondering what feedback he’s getting from his family…

    escape from new york

    I doubt that story too. He’s become close to Melo and that’s probably a bad thing. Melo is like a modern day Rasputin. He needs to go.

    But I wonder if Boston would do Fultz for KP?

    I actually don’t hate Phil in all of this. He’s rather clueless about the finer aspects of GM-ing but I do believe he has the organization’s best interests in mind because his legacy is aligned with its success. Melo, on the other hand, is all brand. That doesn’t always align with the best interests of the franchise.

    If Melo isn’t traded he should be waived. It’s time.
    He cannot come back to this team.

    I do thank Phil and Dolan though. They have finally put me in a place where I don’t care anymore. We have an owner who would rather have a “fall guy” GM then a guy who can really do the job. We have an owner who plays mind games and has surrogates who speak for him to the media. He tries to coach from the GM position and handled the Melo situation as bad as you can. Then you have Melo who bless his heart wants to be. Knick for some unknown reason when it’s not the best thing for his career. KP is seeing all of this and is probably counting the days. Fuuuuuuuuck this franchise man. I’m glad too cuz I can put my heart into better things than this piece of shit. I spit on this franchise

    If we waive and stretch Melo and some dumb team signs him does that reduce his cap hit for us?

    KP for Fultz. Then draft Zach Collins or Isaac. Get it done, Phil.

    Also, why is everyone acting like Phil gravely insulted Melo? Melo said he’d want to move on if the team was going in a different direction. Phil essentially said we’re moving in a different direction. And it would be better for Melo if he went somewhere else. That’s the same shit Melo always says.

    @dred it’s not even just today it’s just everything that Phil does that irks me. For me at least. He so damn smug….he’s not even good at his job. If he was, I could deal

    KP needs to be a professional as well. Not showing up for meetings is lame as fuck. That’s where you make your grievances heard – right to the GM’s face. Its an immature move from a normally professional young man.

    @dred yeah. Sure. He’s no Phil though. He plays and answers questions every night. Phil sits in his chair and sends his goons to the media. Melo is Melo. Always was. Phil gave him a NTC then acted as if he didn’t. If he acted this way, and melo didn’t have a ntc and he traded him, I would mind far less.

    Melo sucks at his job too. Lotta suckers involved

    Pretty much. Its not like Phil didn’t say anything which was untrue. The problem is the method of his delivery. These types of little mindgames turn players off and publicly devalues the stock of the player you’re trying to convince another GM is worth the trouble. Phil ends up blowing up his own agenda out of ego and spite.

    He plays and answers questions every night.

    From what I’ve read, all of the major sports leagues in North America have made it a requirement for players to participate in media availability.

    This is an ESPN story which makes me doubt the source. They have a history with the Knicks and a vendetta.

    Wow, so KP has taken his first step to prima donna status? Gotta admit, that takes me by surprise. Then again, he watched Rose walk out on the team for a day with no real consequences.

    The sooner Melo is gone, the better.

    KP will, hopefully, get over it IF the Knicks can field a good team in a year or two. Maybe he’ll realize what a crappy team player Melo is. Of course, that’s a big IF.

    Who had year 2 in their “when will the Knicks irreparably damage their relationship with Porzingis” office pool?

    KP’s going nowhere. At worst he gets into a power struggle with Phil and forces him out. He’s not uprooting his family and his life to escape Phil. He’ll just push to get rid of Phil. And he’ll do it if push has to come to shove.

    Collins or Isaac or Markkanan/Ndour

    Plus whoever we get for Melo.

    Not so bad.


    He wouldn’t have to uproot his family of he plays for Brooklyn. Now that would be a nightmare.

    @158 What does Brooklyn have to do with it? Brooklyn is owned by Boston. KP would fit perfectly in Boston and we could do very well by trading him there. I know it’s wild speculation but that would be a really nice young team we could put together. I think that Boston would jump at it too.

    I think that this probably all blows over but Melo should not be allowed back under any circumstances. There’s no way that 21 yr olds develop this attitude unless it is instilled in them by a “father” figure like dadMelo.

    Yesterday KP was a player “who can be very, very special” and Phil Jackson was a genius for drafting him.

    Today, we should trade KP away because he didn’t show up to an exit interview because that’s his way of expressing that the Knicks are a fucking laughingstock.

    Remember that time Phil said he was gonna “change the culture” around here? Oh man, that was a good one. That’s right up there with “Mexico’s gonna pay for the wall” in the pantheon of bullshit empty promises.

    Some people on here are just insuffarably angry all the time and another believes that their word is the gospel. He thinks he’s better than the average fan because he’s just so smart and sophisticated. He is the ultimate authority on everything. Just ask him.

    “The New York Knicks are heavily considering trading Kristaps Porzingis and starting anew this offseason, sources tell the @TheVertical.”
    Adrian Wojnarowski

    The Knicks should fine KP $50k for the exit meeting stunt and start next season with Melo not being part of the team (trade him if possible, wave him if not.)
    Not to say that Phil’s BS is justified but if a second year player believes he can act like an ass he should be punished. End of story.

    I’m wondering if the C’s would agree to a Melo deal centered around Avery Bradley. I think Marcus Smart, albeit not as good as Bradley, makes him sort of expendable. I just think they can’t continue to be such a tiny team in the backcourt. The combination of Smart and Brown at the 2 should go well for them- provided they knock down open shots. This would allow the C’s to add Melo while keeping most of the rotation intact, and allow Phil to draft the BPA and not necessarily hafta possibly reach for a PG depending on where the pick lands.

    I’m probably gonna re-post this on the next thread since it’s so early in the morning

    I’m floored by this whole KP situation. Part of me applauds him for making it publicly known that he is NOT okay with the chaos around this team, and putting Dolan on notice that he is not a given – but then part of me wishes he had found a way to do that without dumping rocket fuel on this dumpster fire.

    Either way, the days of KP playing nice are over. He knows this is his team at least for the time being, and he’s staking his flag.

    Re: Phil – disclaimer that I didn’t physically watch the whole press conference, but based on what has been reported, it doesn’t actually sound to me like he said anything that wasn’t the truth. But the problem with him speaking the truth and holding Carmelo and others accountable is that he doesn’t hold himself accountable. I’m not a professional athlete, but in any walk of life, someone who criticizes others without taking a good hard look at himself (and who is AWOL from his job 1/2 the time) is not someone that gets any respect, no matter his accomplishments in another job a basketball generation ago.

    And those quotes about KP shooting 3’s = “cheap points” and that he was so happy when KP went a whole game without shooting a 3 – there are insufficient emojis in this world to describe the degree of OMG SMHs that I feel about that.

    The good thing about European players (gross generalization coming) is that they don’t seem to care about money as much, and are more likely to play in a team concept. But that also means that when it comes to re-signing KP, he may just say the $ are not that important to him and that he’ll be ungodly rich no matter what, sign the qualifying offer, and move on to a place where the leadership isn’t rotten to the core. Honestly, if I’m KP, I have a long hard talk with Dirk and consider signing the qualifying offer in 2 years and then threatening Dolan that he might sign with Dallas unless Phil is booted and someone progressive and smart is put in place.

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