2016-17 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Nuggets

The Knicks host the Nuggets tonight in a game that is very important for the tank, as the Nuggets are just ahead of the Knicks and a bunch of Nuggets are out tonight.

Let’s hope that the Knicks can pull out the loss!

Let’s go? Knicks!

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You know, all things considered, the Knicks have been very entertaining recently. In a WWE sort of way.

KP is going to foul out with Rose and Jennings as our starting backcourt. We’ll give up around 120 tonight.

Breen and Clyde to Kenny Albert and Wally is the biggest downgrade possible. Might watch the game on mute.

Loving the pace and total lack of defense in this game

What tremendous action here. Great offense. Running and passing. The team is always exciting.

Some fabulous passing there. We actually looked like the East Coast Warriors there for a minute.

It’s amazing how much better the second unit looks than the first

@19 Hypothetically if the team gelled, made the playoffs and finished say 15th from the bottom who would you draft?

Terrance Ferguson, Rodions Kurucs, Anunoby if he declares, or Kennard.

Small sample blah blah blah but this is why I said we could trade Melo for nothing much and get better

Bench + Porzingis is better than our starting lineup

Now do you see why Melo/Rose is crucial to our tank?

@34 Don’t get frustrated. Accept your fate. The Force is with the Knicks tonight.

Reub, please stop. We’re playing a losing team without three of their five starters. You’re everything that’s wrong with Knicks fans. Zero impulse control. The Knicks put together a couple of high scoring quarters and you change your mind like a bipolar child with ADD. Either you’re committed to tanking or you’re not.

Melo and Rose came back in and it puts me more on the tanking side as the lead dissipates.

People always talked about how cool it’d have been to see Arvydas Sabonis in his prime in the NBA. I think Jokic’s career will be as close as we get to that.

Everyone always talked about how cool it’d have been to see Arvydas Sabonis in his prime in the NBA. I think we’re getting that chance with Jokic.

Big Honey is going to be really really good.

Jokic makes me want to sign anyone whose name ends in “ic.” Teodosic. Who else?

Yeah if Jokic could shoot threes and play above the rim more that’s pretty much prime Sabonis from what I can glean

Sabonis seems like he was absolutely insane honestly

Horny muttering the F word as he leaves after the half. No lead is safe.

If he would have left Melo and Rose on the bench he wouldn’t be cursing now.

Horny sitting Willy and KP down was wonderfully Tankalicious. Its almost like he wanted us to lose that lead.

suggestion for all – any one whom places their happiness or state of mind in the hands of our new york knickerbockers is truly living la vida loca…

win, lose or draw (thank god a tie can’t actually happen in basketball)…choose to be happy…and take whatever solace you can from when the knicks step out on to the court…

life is short – and, then james dolan owns your team…

forgot which knickerblogger mentioned it yesterday – but, i loved how they mentioned the joy they had as a raider fan from out living al davis…

digs your heels in folks, eat right, exercise and live a long time – dolan kicking off before any of us is the true light at the end of the tunnel…

Jokic shoots 35% on almost 2 3PAs/game. Sabonis was a better shooter but Jokic could get there. Only thing missing is yeah Jokic isn’t the same athlete, but he may have better touch around the rim. Sabonis (at least late career) relied on hook shots and up and under type moves for the most part inside. Jokic seems to have a lot more variety to how he shoots near the basket.

I remember Sabonis being bigger than Jokic, but that might have been because he was a grown man.

Did KP do something to Jokic in the Euro league because he looks like he wants to abuse him every time he touches the ball.

Did KP do something to Jokic in the Euro league because he looks like he wants to abuse him every time he touches the ball.

Every offensive minded center is going to do that KP if he plays the 5.

don’t worry we have a foolproof plan to stop Jokic from embarrassing us at the garden like this once he retires

Don’t think I’ve ever seen a big come into the league with such a fully developed down low repertoire

I’d pay good money just to watch Billy and Jokic repeatedly go at each other in the post to be honest

The good lineup is doing good things again.

that finish in the paint by Porzingis over Jokic was pretty impressive. Jokic isn’t a good defender, but he had position and he’s a big dude, but Kristaps took his time and just shot over him.

The only player I’d take over Jokic is Giannis

Yes, Jokic is better than KP. But I don’t feel bad because I am pretty sure he’s also better than KAT, Giannis, and Anthony Davis too. His basketball IQ is off the charts.

I’m honestly having a hard time believing the Knicks win another game this season.


Dolan said Phil’s job is safe until his contract expires but at this rate I can’t see Hornacek coaching this team next season. The defense is just too horrendous for him to keep his job.

Good News: Lakers blowing out the Bucks
Bad News: Bucks look like they’ll be breathing down our necks all season

Giannis is better I think because he’s an elite defender and has maybe the most diverse skill set in the NBA (like, if he learns to shoot 3s at even a league average rate he’ll be Lebron level)

But Jokic is a close second

I certainly think Phil should get most of the blame for this awful season but Hornacek doesn’t get a pass. He looks like in he’s way over his head and has no clue whatsoever on coaching defense. I hope he stays and gets to coach a better roster next season but I’m beginning to seriously doubt he’ll be around much longer.

Giannis is not better, if he was better the Bucks would have a better record. Jokic’s IQ transcends his boxscore. He’s another coach on the floor. Denver might become a .500 team just for starting him after their horrible start.

Hornacek is coaching a lineup with Brandon Jennings, Carmelo Anthony and Derrick Rose.

Even Pat Riley won’t get that group to play competent defense.

I don’t think Hornacek will get canned because paying 3 different coaches at the same time would be fucking humiliating. I also think he’s a good coach who got handed an incoherent roster that was especially nonsensical for his preferred style of play (just efficient basketball, really). He’s not one of the best, but if you keep searching until you find one of those guys you’ll be searching for a damn long time. Like maybe forever.

We can definitely pass the Lakers.

But we still need to trade Melo even if it hurts the tank.

With so many players being in college for a year or two and coming off the AAU circuit, how much defensive coaching have they received prior to being drafted?

I’m just can’t wait until Phil is gone when we read reports about how scouts pushed for Jokic but Phil wanted Cleanthony Early because he was a 4 year player.

Why did Jokic last into the 2nd round? His talent is pretty evident.

Cuz everyone thought he was another slow Euro center. They wanted high upside athletes like Zach Lavine!

Yeah Denver is definitely making the playoffs barring injury

Their defense is truly awful however

O’Quinn Jennings Lee all have trade value. Melo shooting this well helps his value too.

Jokic was considered poor defensively without enough strength and a weak post game.

He doesn’t look like a defender at all yet, but his post game, shooting and passing all look real good.

That was the most obvious foul on a three I’ve ever seen. You can’t tackle a three point shooter Courtney.

I think Isaac and Ball are a definite possibility.

Smith, Ntilikina, Fox all seem like a probability.

February 10, 2017 at 8:05 pm
Denver could hang 130 on us easily

I’m so good at this.

Willy had 12 points on 6-7 shooting and 4 rebounds in 8 minutes Jesus

Our bigs are so good and our everything else is so bad

Good tank game. Lots of promise there. We really have to draft for perimeter defense. It has to be a priority.

Melo and Rose have excellent, efficient scoring games, but they led the tank with -13 and -15. Amazing.

Does Rose even halfheartedly try any more?

Rose better hope the Kings don’t use up their cap space bc most everyone else is watching (unless magic is really running he lakers)

We could almost definitely get Anunoby with OKCs pick that we could almost definitely get in exchange for OQ

Tonight would be perfect if it weren’t for the fact that I saw up close how much better Jokic is than our young stud.

We could almost definitely get Anunoby with OKCs pick that we could almost definitely get in exchange for OQ

If Anunoby declares eligible.

@120 He would be so much happier in LA or Cleveland honestly. Why go through another rebuild?

Heat won again. Excellent news for our tank. They’re a shoe in to pick Isaac given the chance.

Tonight would be perfect if it weren’t for the fact that I saw up close how much better Jokic is than our young stud.

Yep. I saw it in the olympics. He’s really good. I hope KP gets some help here

Hornacek is ripping the starters now. He is killing their lack of defense. It may not be a exact quote but he said “if they’re happy getting their points but not playing any defense we’re gonna lose every game. ” “effort” “the second team came in and gave up ten points in like six minutes then we put those guys back in and they gave up like twenty points in five minutes ” and so on. In fairness, Jokic, I’m pretty sure, was sitting when the second unit was in, but still.

Melo played piss poor horrible defense. Even Wally called him out on it.

Lol k. Keep hanging on to this every game. Get melo to LA puleeZ


Jokic was unstoppable. A lot of the time he was well defended but just executed a terrific move and scored. The problem is with the uncontested dribble drives to the paint and kick outs. We were slaughtered at the 3 point line again.

I think everyone on the team was bad on D. It’s not like someone was getting stops. The second unit didn’t have to play against Jokic lol

I was terrified of this LAL-LAC-DEN stretch, but I underestimated our tank unit. So proud of the squad. Onwards!

Also, KOQ is legitimately a stud as a role player and if Cleveland has to deal TT to get Melo he could slot right in. We could give them Melo, Jennings, and KOQ for TT, Frye, Felder, and some of the crap they have lying around. TT could either go directly to a third team (he’d be great for Boston and they could make it work salary wise) or we could just take him and deal him at our own pace.

Bwahahahahahaha. This is so sad I have to laugh about it.

The Nuggets are 236-236 since trading Carmelo Anthony to the Knicks. The Knicks are 212-265 in that time.

Let the excuses commence!

This team looks really bad right now, and the morale is obviously very low around the locker room, so they’ll probably play below their meager talent level.

There’s a lot of time left, and several players on the team seem to be checking out. The tank possibilities are tantalizing.

“The melo isn’t trying ” is mad old. His men didn’t do much was my point. Wally called him out for one play. He also praised his passing which no one ever does. And praised his defense which bo one does. Who cares? It’s just a lazy refrain here to lump him here with rose.

O’Quinn has some weaknesses, but he’s a good NBA basketball player. There are a lot of good teams that could use a guy like Kyle.

It’s just a lazy refrain here to lump him here with rose.

Oh really?

Jennings -2
KP -3
Lee -8
Melo -13
Rose -15

The Nuggets are 236-236 since trading Carmelo Anthony to the Knicks. The Knicks are 212-265 in that time.

Comforting factoid. Sad I missed the Jokic game but happy we lost.

Sabonis’ wiki page is worth a stroll. He was a lot bigger than Jokic, 7’3 like KP but massive (not like KP). He was devastated early on by an achilles injury which he attributes to overuse. After the injury, the Soviet doctors kept sending him out and ruined him further.

Apparently the joke was that his X-rays were bad enough to qualify him for a handicapped parking spot when he finally arrived to suit up for the Blazers. But he actually put up remarkable numbers nonetheless, posting a ws/48 of at least .200 in his first five seasons (31-35).

But he is a die hard Celtics fan, so screw him.

First time since bref has data anyone has had 10 steals and 5 blocks in a game, let alone adding 10 assists and 12 boards

From The Ringer:

It’s time to try something extreme: They should give more to get more, dealing Blake for Melo and additional depth. Here’s the three-way deal that could accomplish that:

Los Angeles gets: Carmelo Anthony, Avery Bradley

New York gets: Amir Johnson, Jamal Crawford, 2018 unprotected Celtics first-round pick, 2018 protected Grizzlies first (via Boston), 2019 unprotected Clippers first

Boston gets: Blake Griffin, Paul Pierce

I love NYC I LOVE the Knicks that you for all your love .. I will be holding a Press conference next week Let's go Knicks— Charles Oakley (@CharlesOakley34) February 11, 2017

holy sweet balls do we suck. Unless we are just amazing at tanking.

it’s funny, though. In a very deep 2015 draft:
These picks met / exceeded expectations: 1, 5 (KP), 11 (turner), 13 (booker), 27 (nance)
These disappointed: 3 (Okafor), 5 (Hezonja), 6 (Stein), 7 (Mudiay), 8 (Johnson)
Debatable: 2 (Russell), 9 (Frank the Tank), 10 (Winslow)

So…..is it really draft position? or great scouting? or luck? because if we picked 2nd or 3rd, we would probably have taken Okafor or Russell. And the only thing that could sink our team lower is tweets from Swaggy P regarding our disrespect for recording artists.

Knicks are now officially the 9th worse team in the NBA this season.

Even the Suns won tonight. We’re moving on down, boys.

I’m starting to believe that Lonzo Ball or Jonathan Isaac are real possibilities


I’m telling you. A perfect storm of ineptitude is lining up to produce an epic run at a tank during what projects to be a special draft. Now we must hope Phil manages by miracle of God to trade Melo in some sort of trade deal that involves Love or Griffin.

Jennings -2
KP -3
Lee -8
Melo -13
Rose -15

Lmao. KP literally got destroyed all night. But yeah his -3 was soooo much better than melo. My bad

I’ve been travelling, and unable to watch a game for over two weeks. I finally watched most of this one. I can’t prove this, but my impression is that it isn’t total ineptitude that is making them lose. I got the impression that some substitutions would have been different if Hornacek really wanted to win. For example, NDour got significant playing time. There was no need for that unless you prioritize player development over the best chance of a win. There was one period where the second unit looked great, but that wasn’t repeated. If “player development” keeps up, we could lose a lot of games this season.

Sabonis along with Bill Walton are probably the two biggest “what if” guys in NBA history. If Sabonis had come over early (possibly saving himself a ton of health problems) then he would have had a shot at being the third greatest center of all-time after Kareem and Wilt. He was really mobile when he was young and given how good he was when he finally came over you can only guess at how dominant he would have been young and healthy. Walton might not have put up the numbers to be #3 but his intangibles were the best of any center I’ve seen- great defender and screener, terrific outlet passer too. For all his deadhead weirdness his basketball IQ was off the charts. Portland could have won multiple championships if he’d have stayed healthy.

Lmao. KP literally got destroyed all night. But yeah his -3 was soooo much better than melo. My bad

Its funny that your gut reaction when I point to the two lowest differentials in Rose and Melo is to mention KP. Almost like you need to distract from the actual point.

Except he has KD. Curry and Klay……moron

LOL. Yeah, Melo would produce a triple double without scoring 10 points if he played on the Warriors. Man, this is delusional.

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