2016-17 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Hawks

Happy Martin Luther King day, everyone!

The Knicks have some very impressive African American history that is worth celebrating on a day like today.

They veeeery nearly had the first African American player in the NBA (a few teams each signed one African American player, the other team just happened to play first in the schedule). The Knicks were also the first team to have an entirely African-American roster.

Today, the Knicks host the Atlanta Hawks and what will likely be a difficult game, but what is perhaps more worrisome is that the Hawks are not particularly good, so there’s a chance that the Knicks might actually pull this out.

In other news, Phil Jackson made Charley Rosen write an article about how Phil Jackson didn’t make Charley Rosen write his previous article (I can just hear the phone call now, “Phil, I’m sorry, I don’t know how they broke our brilliantly clever code!!” “It must have been something you did, Charley, go tell them that it was all you! That will fool them all!” It’s never a dull moment with this team!

Let’s go, Knicks?

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