2015-16 Game Thread: Knicks @ Pelicans

The Knicks travel to New Orleans, where they take on the tanktacular New Orleans Pelicans, who have taken a page out of the 1997 San Antonio Spurs’ playbook by resting their star player and trying to get as high of a draft pick as they can. Buddy Hield sure would look good playing with the Brow.

The Knicks should win this one, but let’s hope that it is a fun win like the Chicago beatdowns! I want 30 from Porzingis!

Let’s go, Knicks!

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Gotta keep winning games for recruit free agents. I will sign with a 35 win team but not a 32 win team

we are up, but we are playing horribly. if robin lopez doesn’t spontaneously decide to set a perfect pick we are not running any play at all.

No one else on this team can throw that pass that Grant just threw to Lopez.

we are up, but we are playing horribly. if robin lopez doesn’t spontaneously decide to set a perfect pick we are not running any play at all.

Oh sure, if they were playing a real team, they’d get their asses kicked. Luckily, the Tanking Pellies don’t really count.

Looking at the lineups on the court right now, it’s hard to tell which team is intentionally trying to lose.

Do we want the team to win or lose tonight and for the rest of the season?

I don’t want them to go on a big winning streak, but losing to a team that is TRYING to lose is a little too embarassing to accept.

KP’s about 20-30 pounds of muscle from becoming an absolute monster on D.

George Karl really said Seth Curry will only be in the league another year or two? What a dick! You coach that guy and you make that statement about him publicly?

Makes you really look at him and shake your head.

Can we sign Seth and then make a play for Steph next year? Does Durant have any brothers?

Seraphin lumbering in the lane like Gerard Depardieu on his 11th bottle of wine

Someone needs to watch tape with Langston and have him explain what he was pointing at

How the fuck does Rambis keep Afflalo in the game when he is being forced to cover Holliday??

where the hell was afflalo when we were trying to get all the lotto balls last year

The key to our offense is never letting Aron with one R touch the ball.

Where’s Sasha?

Toronto’s leading scorer tonight with 18 points: the one and only Norman Powell.

josh richardson looking like a player. that’s whiteside, tyler johnson, winslow and richardson picked up by Riley last two years.

Yeah, this is a mighty bad loss for Rambis. Another nail in the coffin of his coaching career.

someone once told david wesley to announce like he was just hanging out on his couch after a long day and he took it really, really seriously.

Don’t think there’s a need to foul anymore. I wonder what Breen and Clyde talk about off air regarding the Knicks.

I learned that Hamilton is a real sleeper. Possibly the next Draymond. It made the whole evening worthwhile.

AA “how many did we score in the 3rd quarter?”

RH “ten”

AA “yeah that’s not good”

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