2015-16 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Cavaliers

The Knicks welcome Lebron James and the traveling circus known as the Cleveland Cavaliers to Madison Square Garden tonight.

The Cavs are the most discombobulated team in first place in their Conference and winning seven of their last ten games. Yet there is something there. Whether just typical Lebron drama or not. The Cavs just lost to the Brooklyn Nets, so this game is ripe for the taking for the Knicks.

Let’s hope that Melo does so well tonight that Lebron insists on forming his Banana Boat Super Team this offseason! Since that’s never going to happen, I’ll “settle” for watching Melo, RoLo and Porzingis kick some major ass tonight and make the Cavs’ drama get even more, well, dramatic.

Let’s go, Knicks!

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I’m wondering how people feel about The Banana Boat forming up in New York? LeBron and Wade can sign here as early as this summer (and they could coax Jim Dolan to hire the coach they want), and CP3 could come here the following off season. I think it’s possible. And then it kinda makes the Melo signing and Melo Mega Max worth it, no? If he gets LeBron James and Chris Paul to New York, that would be great.

I’d rather they all hook up in LA in a couple of years. It would be a magnificent disaster…and very fun to root AGAINST!

If we thought that the Knicks turned a corner with the 2 wins vs. Chicago….they did…straight into a dark alley!

Still time to turn around and run, though!

We need to bring in our best shooters now to get back in the game. Who are they again?

Hield was out of his mind in that game. Oregon’s whole game plan was geared around stopping him, they had a hand in his face the whole game and he was still unstoppable. That guy is deadly.

Buddy Hield deserves to be a top 3 pick in the draft, and that’s only because he was born in ’93 and not ’97. He’s going to be a top shooting guard, if not the best shooting guard, in the NBA by the time he’s 28 if he reaches his ceiling, and at his floor he’s a more athletic JJ Reddick.

Rambis telling the guys to stop missing so much during halftime was a key turning point in this game.

Delly is fine but if we’re scraping the near-bottom of the guard barrel I’d just as rather pick up some d-league guys or buy some late 2nd rounders and take a flier on Kay Felder or Payton Jr. or Gibinije or something.

Counting Galloway we actually have a total of one athletic players in the game.

Smart coaching to limit Grant to 8 minutes once he missed two shots. Every point counts in a game like this.

Smart coaching to limit Grant to 8 minutes once he missed two shots. Every point counts in a game like this.

Outside of Byron Scott, I don’t know if there’s a bigger tool of a head coach out there. Sam Mitchell is not good, but he’s not a tool.

Jackson certainly seems to be playing his cards close to the vest, so while I think the odds are highest that he tries to get Walton, fails, and then retains Rambis, I can’t rule out Thibs. Thibs is such a big name, and you know he would love to coach the Knicks, so, well, I dunno. It’s a real mystery as to how much it will take to get Jackson to move on from Rambis, who he clearly would prefer to see keep the job.

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