2015-16 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Bulls

As the second half begins, the Knicks have opened up an 11-point lead on the Bulls.

Boy, the Bulls are just falling apart this season. Good for the Knicks! Kristaps Poringis is kicking some major ass!

Let’s go, Knicks!

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Ha. Just logged in to see if there was a game thread after that alley oop ha

Microsoft should have just had its teen girl Twitter AI learn exclusively from reading Isola tweets

That was a fucking oop and three quarters

Derrick Williams is definitely an exciting players at times!

Herring had a great tweet about the Bulls’ defense. It is shocking how much it has gotten worse since the start of 2016. Isola is a douche, but he’s basically correct that they didn’t do right by Thibs.

If we can somehow win the rest of our games…..we still wouldn’t make the playoffs. Sigh.

I hope Lebron does something funny on social media after they lose to the nets. Maybe he can follow Sam Wyche on ello.

One of Young’s teammates on the Los Angeles Lakers, rookie D’Angelo Russell, recorded him talking about another woman he hooked up with while dating Azalea.

In the clip, Young speaks on cheating with a 19-year-old girl, while at another point, Russell asks, “What about Amber Rose?” to which Young replies, “No, she knows my girl.”

Does that make D’Angelo possible Brotherhood material or nah?

That is a cuh-ray-zee story. Isn’t Young signed through next season? Yikes.

These 2 wins don’t amount to much and it could do harm if for some reason its taken as proof that Vujacic and Rambis should stay for next season but it was really nice to see these performances, especially in a back-to-back against a Bulls team that always dominated us the past few years.

Before the season I was hoping for 34-35 wins and right now they have 30. Granted at 22-22 I was fooled into hoping for more but winning in the mid-30’s with Porzingis looking good again is a nice step forward from the abomination of last season. Plus the Knicks now have a chance with a few more wins to really screw the Raptors pick, the Knicks are like 1 game out of going from a Top 5 pick to a Top 11 pick.

I’ve been waiting for the Knicks-esque meaningless winning streak just to screw over next season by affirming Rambis’ return for some time now. I was hoping for a second there that this time the most Knicks-ish thing wouldn’t happen. Last year, it was clear that they’d win some meaningless games at the end of the year to screw up their chances at the #1 pick and that’s exactly what happened (luckily, the draft was so packed that they still ended up with their best rookie in thirty years). So I expected the same to happen here – do just well enough to bring Rambis back.

That being said, I do love seeing them beat up Chicago. Fuck Chicago.

One can hope we can complete the fucking of Chicago by hiring Thibs this summer.

One can hope we can complete the fucking of Chicago by hiring Thibs this summer.

I’d be so down for that. It won’t happen, but I’d be so down for it.

Maryland lost and Melo Trimble likely returns for a junior season. The Knicks should select Trimble in the 2017 draft. He compares favorably to Kemba Walker.

You guys think the CP3/LeBron/Wade/Melo team could actually happen? Considering we’re the only big market team with:
1) Cap Space
2) One of those four guys already on the roster
3) An owner who will forfeit control of his team to CAA
4) An open coaching vacancy,

I think it’s whole crazy and half possible. The Cavs look really bad, and I think a lot of that is LeBron isn’t the same guy who made Mo Williams an All Star. He doesn’t seem to make players better at the rate he used to. The guy took a team to 61-21 one season and then the same roster without him won 16 games. You could argue that in his prime, LeBron James was worth 40 wins a season. He might be worth a total 25 wins now, and it’s showing up in Cleveland.

After reading up on the situation, I think LeBron is done in Miami. He wanted control over the organization that he couldn’t have. He hates Cleveland’s front office, so he could be leaving there if they get swept in the Finals (very possible; Ty Lue doesn’t stand a chance against Kerr or Poppovich).

Which would you guys prefer; LeBron to NY or LeBron to the Lakers and forcing the Lakers to trade Russell and their 2016 1st to the Knicks for Melo and maybe Lopez(who waives his NTC to play with The Banana Boat)? LeBron James could change everything this off season.

They have three easy games in their remaining nine (New Orleans, Philadelphia and Brooklyn). Counting these two wins, they could actually end the season winning 7 of their last 11 games. I think that might keep Rambis as coach.

They have three easy games in their remaining nine (New Orleans, Philadelphia and Brooklyn). Counting these two wins, they could actually end the season winning 7 of their last 11 games. I think that might keep Rambis as coach.

Winning games that seriously harm us long term is a big part of what we do here, so we’re not just gonna kick it to the curb


I’m not a fan of how he manages rotations and minutes management with our young guys at a point in the season when the playoffs are out of the question. Also his last stint in Minnesota does not fill me with confidence, though I do think in some ways he was shafted by the FO at the time. Still doesn’t excuse or justify his use of Kevin Love at the time.

On the plus side for Rambis is that I’m seeing much better recognition on our part of mismatches and plays designed specifically for player’s strengths. They’re running Afflalo off of screens much more frequently to free him up for off screen or catch and shoot jumpers. They are mixing up Melo’s touches more in both high PNR as the ball handler and in pinch post and low post actions.

I do think it’s good for KP’s development to get more post touches and that the media has totally taken things he’s said with regards to KP out of context. Also Grant has played with more confidence under Rambis, though I think he deserves more minutes. Also Lopez is averaging close to 2 more shots per game under Rambis and is playing more minutes, both things which Fisher failed to accomplish in his tenure. Our offense has actually improved in efficiency since Rambis took over.

On the other hand, while I accept we have a poor collection of defensive talent at guard overall, he hasn’t changed much of their coverage or tweaked it much despite the downtick in our performance on that end.

My main thing is that I think the Knicks should be making a genuine attempt at Thibs once the season is over. As we’re seeing with the Bulls now, he was seriously papering over a lot of cracks on that roster and this is a guy who ran plenty of Triangle his last 2 seasons in Chicago. I’d also rather have Blatt than Rambis. Both of them have proven to be plus defensive coaches as well.

Why are we so convinced that Rambis is a terrible coach?

Well, he certainly has that bad history in Minnesota, although I’m not sure that was entirely his fault. He didn’t play Love that much, but in retrospect it does in fact look like Love has serious defects as a 2-way player. (to be fair, Love’s on/off court #s in Minny were amazing).

Then there’s his insistence that KP play inside more.

Then there’s his insistence that Sasha play more.

Then there’s his playing Melo tons of minutes.

But that said — if you look at KP’s shot distribution pre/post Rambis, they’re basically the same. He just wasn’t hitting shots until the last week.

Sasha has actually played really well lately. Minute-for minute, he basically outplayed Jimmy Butler these last 2 games, which is something that I can’t believe i just typed. And starting Sasha has allowed him to bring Afflalo off the bench, which has been a good move.

He did bury Grant on the bench for the first 10 games or so, but he’s giving him a lot more leash now.

Melo is playing more minutes, but pre-ASB it was 34.8 MPG and post-ASB it’s 37.3 MPG. Hard to imagine 2.5 minutes/game will make or break Melo.

And I’ve written this before without much in the way of comment, but it sure seems like there is a lot of PNR and PNP being done on the weak side — seems an increasing amount over the last 2 weeks. There’s also that wrinkle with Porzingis being the guy in the corner of the strong-side triangle, which has led to him to take 1 corner 3 per game in the last 7 games after taking about 1 corner 3 every FOUR games before the ASB.

I dunno. I’d rather have Thibodeau or JVG or maybe even Luke Walton, but I’m willing to be open-minded. Amazing what beating what seems to be a heartless Bulls team will do for my mindset.


With regard to PNR and PNR, I think you’re right. I also have noticed yesterday that when Afflalo brought the ball up the floor and Lopez was on they had an automatic where Lopez would come up and setup a high PNR for him, which freed him up for a couple of open jumpers.

Rambis did spend a year with MDA with the Lakers, so it does seem like he’s picked up a few tricks from him.

For a lot of reasons though, I don’t want to persist with him as HC.

That’s fair, lp. You are not saying he’s a terrible coach, just that there are better, i.e. more proven coaches available.

I’m sort of ambivalent about who coaches this team, beyond the obviously incompetent. I don’t think Rambis fits into that category.

When the team was essentially at .500 midway through the season, Fisher looked brilliant. Then the injury bug bit, we lost a string of games and he was an idiot. Then Rambis took over and we continued to lose. Then we got healthier and started playing roughly .500 ball again.

I see Rambis as a step up from Fisher in that he is more candid and less of a player’s coach…he seems to be holding players more accountable. As to managing minutes, I don’t really have a problem with anything he’s done. I like that he has Afflalo coming off the bench. I like that he values Vujacic’s hustle and attitude. More generally, I don’t see anything that makes me worry that he is always gonna be a terrible coach, like Woodson’s iso-ball for example.

It’s always hard to evaluate coaches because we don’t have enough information. For example, is Rambis not playing Jerian in an effort to win games because that’s what Phil or Jimmy told him to do, or because he’s an idiot? Does he want KP in the post a bit more to work on his post game because it doesn’t matter if we win and it’s worth trying to develop his game more, or because he thinks big men need to stay inside even if they can shoot 3’s like nobody else his size?

Well KP’s averaging 0.6 more 3’s per game than he did under Fisher in the same minutes and like Frank pointed out they’re also setting him up for some 3’s in the corner instead of solely at the top of the key, which an underrated smart move as KP’s bad habit of chasing offensive boards after 3’s doesn’t cost you in transition defense when he does it from the corner instead of at the top of the key when he should be the last man back. Also obviously the corner 3 is a more efficient shot as well.

I think with Grant he’s not playing him a ton because he feels that he’s not capable of running the offense consistently in extended minutes. While that’s true I’d rather he run that risk instead of playing Jose 30+ minutes.

Well any coach that decides to run Melo into the ground to win meaningless games, plays KP at the 3 and less at the 5, and STARTS SASHA VUJACIC is automatically a fucking idiot. Sorry guys but this is all just a case of rationalizing after we won twice against a crashing and burning Bulls team. Something something broken clocks something something.

He’s a bottom two coach in the NBA.

My only problem with Rambis so far is that he’s a very strong advocate for the triangle. I don’t mind incorporating aspects of the triangle into our offense, but the game has clearly changed.

There are way more players that are absolutely deadly from outside the 3 point line.

The rules are more favorable to PGs.

There are a lot of PFs that have SF skills in a bigger body. They are way quicker, more skilled, can shoot from 3 etc…

To deal with all that, I think you have to understand that certain strategies that made sense statistically 10 years ago, and definitely made more sense 20 years ago, do not make sense statistically now. If you are still thinking about the game in terms of those older stats, you are playing the game the wrong way, possibly on both ends of the court.

Well the Knicks have defended the 3 point arc over the course of the year and Rambis hasn’t changed the scheme to prevent those at all costs since taking over.

So the issue with valuing the 3, or at least maximizing our opportunities there, are occuring a lot more on the offensive end of the floor. It’s also a lot harder to create quality 3’s when none of your guards can dribble penetrate consistently. Not a Rambis fan or a hardcore Triangle supporter, but I wish we had better guard play to see if the shot distribution would remain the same even then.

Fair points though strat.

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