2015-16 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Kings

Sorry, fellas, I totally forgot that there was a game tonight. Why in the world are they playing a long road trip, then time off, then travel to Washington and then back to New York for a back-to-back? That is some stupid scheduling.

Anyhow, at halftime, one terrible team is up 3 points on the other terrible team.

Let’s go, terrible team #2! Also, congrats to Cleanthony Early for getting back into the NBA! Very impressive work from the youngster.

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Sasha Vujacic should see no time in the 2nd half. Play Cleanthony Early; we need to know if he can play in this league.

Anyone miss Fisher yet? Not that he inspired any sort of confidence, but we really need to keep Rambis as far away from the head coaching job as possible.

We are looking good for 2017. Grant, KP, DWill, Wroten, Lopez, Hernangomez and Galloway will all be stars by then or close to it. Throw in a few more free agents and a 2017 draft pick and look out!

I know we’re in the throes of a close game, but I just had somewhat of an epiphany about KP. He’s got loads of potential, but I don’t know that we should be disappointed if he peaks as the “2nd star” on this team. KP can seemingly do everything on the court, and just because I said “2nd star” doesn’t necessarily mean he wouldn’t be the best player. Looking back in league history, it has been a tough road to go for players who had the ability to do so much while being the top option on offense and leading a team to championships. It kinda gives me a bit more understanding on why Phil gave Melo the no trade clause. Look at LeBron for instance. Supremely talented but couldn’t win that chip until he had an amazing scorer or 2. MJ..couldn’t win a chip until he had the super versatile Pippen. On the other side..Penny Hardaway could do EVERYTHING, but when he left to become the top scorer- he couldn’t win while he was healthy. Sure, he didn’t have great teammates, but when you see a guy that talented you expect him to win..to be able to carry a team to a title. Point is, I see KP as possibly having that curse. Not that he won’t be good enough to win..but that he may be too good to take a team to a title as the leading scorer. I mean, at 7’3″ he can do so much that he shouldn’t be able to. Do you try to harness all of that ability and make him a 30 ppg scorer? Or do you let someone else be the 30 ppg guy and let KP’s ability make everyone alot better without him spending so much energy worrying about being the top threat on offense? We’ve got him on his rookie deal so maybe Phil should take cues from Cleveland’s inability to build around LeBron early on and let KP do his thing and not mold him into a Kobe or MJ type scorer. MJ kinda made it hard on guys like Penny & LeBron by being so great a scorer lol

Rolo and Grant are the only two positives out of this game.

Most importantly, Rondo played like shit

Carmelozingis with 13 points on 17 FGA. Can we go back to the time when it was fun and exciting to watch him? Doesn’t seem like it was that long ago.

Knick Guards: Grant 14 points. Calderon 3. Galloway 6 (2 on a last second garbage time shot). Vujacic 0 (0-5 from the field). Afflalo, 6 points, mostly played the three.

Yup, we need some guards.

sometimes when I watch coach kurt watching starting shooting guard sasha and his giant white wristband doing some light yoga stretches before the inbound, I seriously ponder the possibility that we quietly sold the rights to the entire 2015-16 season to wes anderson in the bargnani trade and just never told anyone

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