2016 Preseason Game: Knicks 100, Bauru 81

OK so I watched some of the first quarter before technical difficulties/family life occurred. So I’m going with my first quarter notes and then talk box score after.


* Carmelo looks thin, no? Maybe he lent a few pounds to Porzingis who looks a little less stick-like.

* For the first few minutes Sasha looks like a real NBA player. He’s not, but he actually looked like one.

* Bauru took a lot of shots from the outside against Porzingis. Obviously they thought him to be a liability guarding smaller players on the perimeter. I’m curious if this trend will continue.

* Aaaaaand Vujacic just airballed a 5 foot finger roll. That’s the Sasha I expect to see during the season.

* Porzingis seemed to rush that first shot. Second shot too. Next time with the ball he gets nervous in the post and coughs it up. First game jitters I guess.

* Looks like Kristaps is at center with O’Quinn subbing in for Lopez. I still maintain his best position is at the 5, even with his lack of width.

Box Score:
* Carmelo Anthony – 17 points, 10 shots, 20 minutes. I like all three.

* Lots of play from the bench. Seven reserves played between 12 and 32 minutes. And all of them were +11 or better, which means the team pulled ahead with these guys. Is this because they were playing a non-NBA team, or do the Knicks actually have a decent bench?

* O’Quinn tied for team lead with 8 boards in 20 minutes. Then I noticed he had 4 assists and 14 points. I love players that can quietly put up good numbers. He’ll be fun to root for this year.

* Seraphin with a nice line as well, 14 points and 5 rebounds.

* No Afflalo due to a sore hamstring.

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