2016 Preseason Game: Knicks 100, Bauru 81

OK so I watched some of the first quarter before technical difficulties/family life occurred. So I’m going with my first quarter notes and then talk box score after.


* Carmelo looks thin, no? Maybe he lent a few pounds to Porzingis who looks a little less stick-like.

* For the first few minutes Sasha looks like a real NBA player. He’s not, but he actually looked like one.

* Bauru took a lot of shots from the outside against Porzingis. Obviously they thought him to be a liability guarding smaller players on the perimeter. I’m curious if this trend will continue.

* Aaaaaand Vujacic just airballed a 5 foot finger roll. That’s the Sasha I expect to see during the season.

* Porzingis seemed to rush that first shot. Second shot too. Next time with the ball he gets nervous in the post and coughs it up. First game jitters I guess.

* Looks like Kristaps is at center with O’Quinn subbing in for Lopez. I still maintain his best position is at the 5, even with his lack of width.

Box Score:
* Carmelo Anthony – 17 points, 10 shots, 20 minutes. I like all three.

* Lots of play from the bench. Seven reserves played between 12 and 32 minutes. And all of them were +11 or better, which means the team pulled ahead with these guys. Is this because they were playing a non-NBA team, or do the Knicks actually have a decent bench?

* O’Quinn tied for team lead with 8 boards in 20 minutes. Then I noticed he had 4 assists and 14 points. I love players that can quietly put up good numbers. He’ll be fun to root for this year.

* Seraphin with a nice line as well, 14 points and 5 rebounds.

* No Afflalo due to a sore hamstring.

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My observations:
* Grant was poised and under control. He had trouble finishing some plays.
* Galloway is a defensive pest. I watched very little hoops after the Knicks traded away the team. I didn’t realize how good he was. G+G will make a really good back court pairing.
* Calderon looked ehh.
* Porzingis will be a stud one day. He’s so athletic.
* Melo looked like he was having fun.
* O’Quinn and Seraphin were steals this off-season. They’re also very complimentary players.
* Williams doesn’t look like an overall #4 pick but he looks like a legit rotation player.
* Rolo can be a double-double machine in this system.
* Vujacic is happy to be back in the NBA but he probably doesn’t belong. He’ll be 3rd string.
* DRed was in midseason form.

It was a game against inferior talent (that might be the last time we say that about the Knicks this season) but they looked good.

can anyone recommend a way to watch the games online this year from outside of the NY area?

Porting over comments from the previous thread:

* Melo looked like Melo — the healthy version of Melo. That’s by far the most important factor for this year’s team. Even if all the new guys play reasonably well, the team needs Melo playing well to have any shot at respectability.

* That said, it was nice to see the team not only play okay without Melo on the floor, but for the second unit as a whole to look like a fun and interesting group. The Galloway/Grant backcourt looked much better than Jose and Sasha, both on defense and in terms of penetration and the opportunities that created for everybody else. Hoping Fisher’s not married to playing vets over young guys in this kind of situation, especially since Melo would benefit greatly on defense from having some quick guards playing alongside him.

* O’Quinn did a little bit of everything, including a three-pointer with good form. If Porzingis isn’t starting, KOQ seems the obvious choice, even though we also saw some good things out of Seraphin.

* Porzingis looked like a kid playing in his first real NBA action. He was tentative at times on both ends of the floor, looking like he wasn’t sure where to stand, and it wasn’t at all surprising when he admitted after the game that he was maybe overeager to show the crowd what he could do. But that block and those two three-pointers were beautiful. It’ll take time, but flashes of his enormous potential are what we should expect right now.

* Cleanthony played the same day he got his wisdom teeth out, and hit a half-court shot before the buzzer. That’s badass.

* Derrick Williams had the two nice buckets, but played no defense. Was happy to see that Fish put other guys in ahead of him, despite the big-ish contract.

Early has been touted as a backup to Anthony as a scorer, but last season, in the limited time he played, I never saw any sign he could be a scorer. Last night was different, he looked like a scorer out there. It wasn’t making the half court shot that made me think that, it was his general form and smoothness that impressed me. It will be interesting to see how he does in upcoming games.

Yeah. I missed commenting on Early and he really looked engaged. I have to see more but he might be a sneaky good player. Last year was a lost season for him so this is really like a rookie year extended. I want to see his defense and I would like to see how consistently he can knock down a 3-pt shot. That half-court prayer at the end of the first half was nice.

This year the Knicks look to be a very fun team to root for, like the partial year they had Amare, Gallinari, etc. Interesting mixture of youth/upside and experience. It will be very interesting to see what rotations Fisher ends up going with when the regular season starts.

The D needs lots of work, obviously. They gave up tons of wide 0pen threes. I can’t imagine that Calderon will be a starter for long. Even if he does, he won’t be in late in 4th quarters.

Let’s hope we can get something out of Cle. Last year over half his shots were from 16ft +. He hit 20% between 16 and the stripe and 26% of his 3s. That (obviously) is atrocious. He’s unplayable without a massive improvement.


can anyone recommend a way to watch the games online this year from outside of the NY area?

League Pass?

I thought the issue was local blackouts. But if you’re outside of NY, it should work, no?

Let’s hope we can get something out of Cle. Last year over half his shots were from 16ft +. He hit 20% between 16 and the stripe and 26% of his 3s. That (obviously) is atrocious. He’s unplayable without a massive improvement.

Also 24 (will be 25 before the season ends) already despite the fact that he “feels” almost like a rookie. He definitely needs to make a big step forward this year or he’s probably close to a write-off.

In terms of all the open looks the visiting team got from behind the arc, it appears (see these replies to Net3rk’s tweet on the subject) that’s just a thing they do, and caused Real Madrid (the best team not in the NBA) a lot of trouble recently because of it.

Even Fisher has admitted he undervalued the importance of 3-point defense last season — which is both troubling (because how would he not have known this a year ago) but also promising (because unlike a certain goateed gentleman who previously held that job, he seems capable of learning from his mistakes).

Quick comments on Early..

I expect for him to make his mark on defense until his ballhandling is better. He’s athletic enough, long enough, and generally engaged a bit on that end. He looked fine last night on offense, but his biggest contribution will be on the other end. I don’t foresee him ever being on the floor at a time where he’s the best option on offense considering Williams’, KP’s, O’Quinn’s, Grant’s, and Seraphin’s presence on the roster. Especially if Seraphin and O’Quinn can maintain the level of efficiency they displayed last night. Early will have to, and should pick his spots to play off of the attention others get on offense. If he can improve like I think he can on defense, he should get plenty of rotation minutes.

Totes, Early didn’t look particularly good in summer league, except playing off the ball and making the most of opportunities that came as a result. So he could be well equipped to play with some more offensively-minded guys like Seraphin. Just not sure if he’s good enough on the defensive end to fill that kind of role.

Just not sure if he’s good enough on the defensive end to fill that kind of role.

And that’s probably the only reason TA is on the roster. I hope Early can make a mark defensively, he’s got all the attributes.

What’s interesting is that, as Chris Herring noted a few times during the game, Thanasis didn’t play. Even if you assume that rotation players and potential rotation players should have gotten priority in the first game, Lance Thomas (who should be on the roster only as a practice body except in the event of a wave of injuries) got 12 minutes, at least a few of which should have gone to Thanasis. The team has to figure out what it has with him, so that they can keep him on the 15-man roster (even if he spends much of the year in Westchester) or cut him in favor of somebody more promising. Still some other exhibitions to go, but last night seemed an obvious opportunity, given that we were cruising and our opponents weren’t NBA-level.

My only real notes on last night:

1. Porzingis has some skills, but if he can’t rebound we have a 7′ 3″ small forward playing PF and C. That’s not good. That has always been one of the problems with Bargnani. I’m not saying he’s going to be a bad defender or only an average efficiency scorer like Bargs, but one of Bargs’s biggest drawbacks has always been poor rebounding for his position. I’m willing to be patient with his development as an offensive and defensive player, but you don’t see many players suddenly get good at rebounding. He has to get way more aggressive and not just stronger.

2. Grant is going to be a good player. I don’t know how long it will take and I don’t know his ultimate upside given that he’s older, but he should have Calderon’s spot by mid season unless they are playing together.

3. I thought O’Quinn was a great pickup. I may have underestimated how good. He’s exactly the kind of player I love. He plays hard, can rebound, can pass, and even hit a 3 pointer!

4. I’m not a Seraphin fan, but he looked pretty good last night.

Isola’s douchiness continues unabated, heard him this morning on NBA Radio and his snark-o-meter regarding Fisher and the Knicks was at record high levels. I really can’t stand that a-hole.

The Knicks have treated Isola (and all the beat writers, really) horribly for a very long time. I don’t blame the guy for turning completely bitter on the subject. I do blame his editors for not moving him to a different beat. It may feel like they’re being defiant against bullies, but the end product is suffering horribly.

Isola’s douchiness continues unabated, heard him this morning on NBA Radio and his snark-o-meter regarding Fisher and the Knicks was at record high levels. I really can’t stand that a-hole.

He’s having to reach sooooo hard to make it out like Fisher is in any way in the wrong here. From today’s column:

The incident in Los Angeles was a scene right out of the trashy show. Fisher, who filed for divorce from his wife last March, is the victim here since Barnes reportedly attacked him. Fisher might press charges. But on some level Fisher should be held accountable as well. Why put yourself in this position on the first week of training camp 2,500 miles from your team?

Why would Fisher be irresponsible enough to ever be in a relationship with a woman when he’s clearly just setting himself enough to be the victim of an assault from the woman’s insane ex-husband? You have to look at that.

Isola is not alone:


General consensus in speaking to folks around the league today regarding Fisher/Barnes. Fisher is 100% out of line and no one blames Barnes

Lord, this league.

I mean, I guess on some level you shouldn’t date a friends ex, because you might hurt your friends feelings. But that’s an entirely personal matter-its not unprofessional for Fisher to be mean or unfeeling to someone who (maybe) was his friend at one point. And it in no way gives anyone the justification to attack coach.

Celts up 2 on Real Madrid. Real Madrid lost to that Brazilian team. 60 wins is the floor

Isola’s douchiness continues unabated, heard him this morning on NBA Radio and his snark-o-meter regarding Fisher and the Knicks was at record high levels. I really can’t stand that a-hole.

I came here to post virtually the same thing. What a scum-bucket. He’s a parasite (and I don’t care how poorly Knick management has treated him in the past).

The definition of a parasite: “An animal or plant that lives in or on another (the host) from which it obtains nourishment. The host does not benefit from the association and is often harmed by it.”

So, Isola earns his paycheck by writing about the Knicks. He doesn’t give a damn if his words are harmful or not. He fits the bill. Yes he’s a parasite.

Oh, and another thing. Anyone who uses physical violence that is not in response to having had that done to him is wrong. Barnes is wrong. If there was no NBA, many of these players would be in jail. Their opinion does not matter to me.

If there was no NBA, many of these players would be in jail. Their opinion does not matter to me.

And ours matters even less to them, lol. Surprise!

This is sports and that’s where I leave it: entertainment for a small fee. Let them fight it out (on and off the court) – they are like us, only more skilled and quite richer….lol

Story took a bit of a different turn today after what Barnes said to the media but who knows if he is lying or not.

NBA LP has a 1-team option for $120 or $130 which is cheaper than the $200 for regular LP so if you just want to watch Knicks games thats an option for you. I believe its only a Broadband option though, if you get it thru your cable provider like I do I think the only option is the full $200 one.

I don’t really care who’s wife Fisher is dating or if he or Barnes are to blame.
I only care if Fisher can coach this team effectively. That is still an unanswered question.

Watched the game last night. Some good signs, but I was pretty impressed with Baru’s offense. The 3 point defence is an issue, but some of their ball movement was really crisp. They definitely weren’t scrubs.

I have to agree with the comments on the second unit. They look like they could be really fun to watch. O’Quinn and Seraphin look good, and we really need to get Grant in starting. His playmaking looks really great, and the sooner he is starting the better. He needs to work on his shot, but his penetration looks really good and he makes smart plays. Probably needs a little more composure, but he’s a rookie PG so that will come. Props to Early as well playing a few hours after having his wisdom teeth removed! One thing I really liked was how Melo seemed like he was having fun with these guys. Pre-season I know, but he looked really engaged. It will be interesting to see how these guys go against Washington, who have really dominated us the lats couple of years.

As to Fish, I think he has done 100% the right thing here and not commented on it. You can say what you want about him dating an ex-teammates missus, but end of the day that’s his private business so as long as it doesn’t creep into his ability to coach then he can date who he wants.

Seraphin is an eye test superstar. He has legit post skills, but he’s been a hacking, TO prone chucker on balance. He doesnt draw fouls, so even though he shoots well for a big fella he’s not particularly efficient on offense, and he never passes. He’s going to have to do more than light up some Brazilian team before he should get any minutes.

He’s also 25. While it’s unlikely he or Williams fully develop into their talent, they’re the type of players (at the right price) who still have the time to do so, and are worthy of taking flyers on.

8 million on Seraphin and Williams is stupid, but they do at least have some potential

I think being a known domestic abuser (with the victim being the same woman if I’m not mistaken) loses Barnes any privileges normally afforded to those recently divorced/separated. YMMV.

Like DRed said, Seraphin is kind of a fools gold player in the Jason Smith mold. I hope he doesn’t get real minutes unless he tangibly proves that has changed. If O’Quinn has developed a semi-reliable three, I’ll be very happy. Zinger’s game was meh but if he can hit threes at a solid rate that’s a fine way for him to derive value until the rest comes along. Grant looks good, Calderon still kind of sucks.

Shane Larkin 17 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists against the Pistons. I’m happy for him, but I also hope he doesn’t start haunt us with what ifs.

Celts up 2 on Real Madrid. Real Madrid lost to that Brazilian team. 60 wins is the floor

Well how did Willy H . look?

Willy H. line:
Min:17:40, FGM-A:2-6, FTM-A:1-2, +/-:-4, OffR:4, DefR:3, TotR:7, Ast:0, PF:2, ST:0, TO:0, BS: 1, Pts:5

Box score on NBA.com

Average is good for a young, late second-round pick who has another year to develop before he’s playing for us.

Afflalo still expected to be out for tonight’s game, and now Seraphin is doubtful with a sore right knee. Since Amundson had an excused absence for the Brazil game, I imagine he’ll soak up some of those Seraphin minutes. Hope we get to see Thanasis and/or some of the other D-League types play at some point soon.

So what’s the deal with Thanasis’s contract? Are we allowed to ship him down to the D-League and still keep his rights?

We can ship Thanasis to Westchester, but he’d still count as part of the 15-man roster, just as early or Grant or any other player we have under an NBA contract would if we sent them to the D-League.

Thanasis has a partially-guaranteed contract, so if the team decides it doesn’t want him on the final roster after the preseason, he becomes a free agent.

Doesn’t it seem that we’ve been hiding our young prospects so far? Closed practices, keeping them out of games. Is there an advantage to not letting other teams know what we have?

@38 — I agree. If a 20 year old PF/C, who was picked in the second round looked “average” against NBA competition, that might have been a great value pick. Between being the youngest guy on the national team, playing now against NBA competition and playing this season on a top European team, he’s getting great experience.

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