Isiah Thomas To Be Named President Of The New York Liberty

Robert Silverman has the scoop:

Oh good. That’s just wonderful. That’s just peachy.

You know what, this is as much our fault as anything. The moment we think this organization and this useless, soiled baby wipe of an owner is inching towards competence, he does this.

This isn’t just a matter of letting a bumbling, fool like Zeke, a gentleman that hass botched each and every single team he’s ever managed to get his slippery, vile hands on. (And in case you’ve forgotten, beyond his destruction of the Knicks, he also sent an entire pro sports league, the Continental Basketball Association to its grave), you’re going to put a convicted sexual harasser in charge of a WNBA team? Really? REALLY?

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Nice world right, this after Mayweather brags on a $180,000,000 check to fight a guy who apparently will be having shoulder surgery from a pre-existing injury.

To be fair, I dont think that Isiah was ever convicted of sexual harrassment… for whatever that’s worth

Oh, he certainly was found liable for sexual harassment. MSG was stupid enough to let it go to trail, rather than just settle out of court.
I know that the MSG board is full of Dolan’s, but even then, someone had to speak up about how batshit insane this is, right? Surely this is a move that would have had to pass a board vote.

This is going to be kind of perversely fun watching Isiah royally eff this up.

Jesus Christ this is disgusting. With everything else that this team has done I just don’t know if I have the spirit to continue to be a Knicks fan.

On the one hand, it sucks that this cretin is once again working for the Knicks, even in this tangential capacity.

On the other hand, just think of all the lulz that are coming our way!

It’s a business, boys.

Sure, but it’s not like this is a good business move. Everything Isiah has touched since he retired as a player has turned to shit. It’s not like Dolan is willing to take the PR hit on this because in the end having Isiah in charge of the Liberty is great for the bottom line. This has nothing to do with business and everything to do with Dolan doing a favor for a guy he (inexplicably) likes.

And lets be very honest here: the Liberty job is not Isiah’s endgame. He wants to be a GM again in the NBA. His buddy Dolan also wants that. The Knicks press release says, “We believe that Isiah belongs in basketball”, only he was already “in basketball” (working at NBA TV). It’s clear that they mean “in basketball” as in, “in management”. And it’s a safe bet they don’t mean “in women’s basketball”. Is there anyone out there who doesn’t, deep down, think Dolan is giving him this as a stepping stone to rejoining the Knicks FO sometime in the next couple years?

This is terrible for all the reasons Robert Silverman wrote. I keep saying to myself that Knicks’ lore is more powerful and valuable than all of this Dolan shit, but I find it harder and harder to rationally root for this rotten organization. At least I can take solace in knowing that I pay the League, and not only that fucking moron, to watch the games (NBA League Pass full overseas package). Jimmy D gets a slice of it, but just a slice.

Man, this is hilarious. Seriously Jimmy?

And he gave him a stake in the team as well…

I wish Dolan had hired Chris Webber and gotten him off of the airwaves.

That’s a move I would support 100%.

Unfortunately, this is just one more evidence that MSG is just a toy for Jimmy D and his buddies.

There is no way anyone serious would think that this kind of crap is a reasonable decision.

Lucky Rangers that one of his friends is actually a competent one.

Seems like a good time for a trip down memory lane.

“Who made the decision to have Ms. Browne-Sanders terminated by the Garden?”

“I did.”

“Did you make it on your own or was it with consultation with someone else?”

“Well all decisions at the garden I make on my own (chuckling)”

“Did you consult with counsel about the decision to fire Ms. Brown-Sanders?”

“No, I fact I specifically I think did not consult with counsel.”

“Why is that?”

“Because I felt that overall health of the Garden was at jeopardy here and that would override any opinion counsel might have otherwise on why we should have Ms. Sanders should stay in the job.”

If I was a reporter the first question I would ask Phil would be “how do you feel about working in and representing an organization that hired someone verified in a court of law as having sexually harassed a female employee as the senior executive in charge of it’s women’s basketball team.” You know Phil hates this stuff as a bonified liberal political active. He was very outspoken on Sterling. My guess is that Phil may not make it through the summer. This is the first domino to fall.

I’m going to refrain from commenting on the sexual harassment component of this because I don’t know what actually happened, didn’t hear any testimony, didn’t follow the story closely, and don’t trust the media to be objective and balanced in its reporting anyway.

However, this quote said it all for me.

“Does it indicate that Dolan remains a blinkered, arrogant, narcissistic ass that will eventually do something so unimaginably stupid, so preposterously wrongheaded that it boggles the the imagination?”

It means he’s eventually going to “F” it up for us too.

If you want to get a sense of what a loathsome shit Jimmy is just watch any clip of his Brown-Sanders deposition.

Look at it this way, when this poster boy for legacy kids everywhere finally kicks it, we’ll just have one more reason not to feel guilty about being happy about it.

Did anyone else see the MSG twitter statement basically saying, “We didn’t agree with the jury then and we don’t agree now?” Two comments —
– I am once again embarrassed to be a fan of this organization.
– If the Knicks had somehow built up any goodwill with the “basketball gods,” Jimmy just flushed it down the toilet. What a moron he is.

My Christian upbringing taught me that it is wrong to pray for certain things (harm to others being the most obvious one). Yet somehow I feel certain there must be a “Dolan loophole” somewhere in the fine print. Even God must be contemplating tweaking universal laws temporarily just to send an asteroid into MSG headquarters.

God doesn’t give a shit about whether the Knicks win or not.

Dolan was an alcoholic and got sober, so that is something. It would be nice if he wasn’t in control of the Knicks, but he is.

Luckily, there are 29 other teams, and they’re all better than the Knicks.

God doesn’t give a shit about whether the Knicks win or not.

Some extremely competent people have lost careers over poorly chosen words, temporary bad judgement, or a blind spot in their understanding of the political climate on a sensitive issue.

Isiah is among the most incompetent men to ever have any important position in the NBA (and he’s failed badly in every capacity other than drafting). Dolan has reached new and unforeseen levels of stupidity by putting a incompetent boob who is almost certainly guilty of sexual harassment in charge of a women’s professional basketball team.

God may not care about the Knicks, but even HE has a breaking point. 🙂

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