Knicks Morning News (2015.05.02)

  • [New York Times] Hawks Find Their Groove in Finishing Off Nets in First Round (Sat, 02 May 2015 06:43:39 GMT)

    The Atlanta Hawks may never duplicate the way they played in January, during the best month in NBA history.

  • [New York Times] Hawks Soar Over Nets to Seal Series Victory (Sat, 02 May 2015 04:40:29 GMT)

    Paul Millsap collected 25 points, nine rebounds and six assists as the Atlanta Hawks closed out their first round playoff series against the Brooklyn Nets with a 111-87 road victory in Game Six on Friday.

  • [New York Times] Hawks 111, Nets 87: Hawks Eliminate Nets in Game 6 (Sat, 02 May 2015 04:29:47 GMT)

    Atlanta cruised through the fourth quarter to post a 111-87 win over the Nets, capturing their first-round series against in six games and in the process returning some order to the N.B.A. universe.

  • [New York Times] Hawks Beat Nets 111-87 to Wrap Up Series in Game 6 (Sat, 02 May 2015 03:53:03 GMT)

    Paul Millsap had 25 points, nine rebounds and six assists and the Atlanta Hawks finally finished off the Brooklyn Nets in six games, advancing to the Eastern Conference semifinals with a 111-87 victory Friday night.

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    Sticking with my pick b4 the series, San Antonio in 7. Pop and Duncan just have Doc’s number.

    Who cares about stupid basketball?? The Jets just drafted Bryce Petty!

    If you don’t count the Warriors, we’re basically watching the NBA Finals tonight, so I think it could end up in a quadruple-overtime tie.

    Woodson shaved the goatee! Now he just has a ’70’s porn ‘stache. I don’t like. Not one bit.

    This might end up being be the best game of the entire 2015 playoffs.

    Griffin missed so badly that it went right to his teammate!

    They are doing way too much iso-Leonard. That’s not his game. It’s so foolish.

    Will we be remembering this 20 years from now as Chris Paul’s “Hamstring Game?”

    Wow, what a dumb final play call. Great play by Paul on the previous possession, no doubt, but come on, you have a second left, you take a three, you don’t throw it to the basket in a desperation play like there’s 0.2 seconds left!

    It will be interesting to see who comes back to the spurs next year.

    What was the deal with that buzzer going off? Seems like that really fucked up their playcall.

    Also, final Clippers possession, why was Green on Paul and not Leonard?

    Cronin, man, just enjoy it. This was an awesome game. Analyze later.

    Did you see Buford yell “fuck you” to the clock guy?

    Yeah, that was nuts. That really was pretty fucked up.

    I definitely am pleased for CP3. And wow, Redick, those threes! Coldblooded!!

    Best game I’ve seen in a looooong time. Chris Paul, what can you say? Cojones Maximus. Unsung MVP: JJ Redick.

    Great Game!

    I remember after Redick was drafted and was a big disappointment and could barely get playing time. He’s come a long way.

    Unsung MVP: JJ Redick.

    Simmons had a great line the other day about how Paul was going to be good and Griffin was going to be good, but they needed one other guy to step up. Redick was that guy tonight.

    Now the Clippers play Houston. Houston probably has the advantage at center but LA has the advantage at power forward. At guard you have Paul and Harden facing off. I don’t think its a given that the Clippers win.

    “Simmons had a great line the other day about how Paul was going to be good and Griffin was going to be good, but they needed one other guy to step up. Redick was that guy tonight.”

    To be fair, Jamal hit some mammoth shots, and Barnes was phenomenal on both ends. The Barnes 3 might have saved the game!

    Really just an outstanding, epic basketball game. My kids were transfixed by it in the 4th quarter. It was truly one of those games that was a shame anyone had to lose. I guess you could say that the Spurs lost this game on the last day of the regular season combined with game 6 at home, so it’s fair to say that the Clips deserved it more. But save for the Clips’ heroics, we’d be here debating who was the Spurs’ MVP. Duncan? Parker? Green? Lots of choices there too! Wow, if ever the superlatives were justified, if ever a series and a game 7 lived up to the hype, this was it.

    Doc Rivers: “I know I’m a better person for having gone through this series.” ’nuff said.

    The last day of the regular season will haunt the Spurs, especially if they lose Duncan to retirement. Hell of a way to go out.

    I think the game that will really haunt them is when they lost to the Knicks (hopefully the Knicks won’t be haunted by that game, as well, come Lottery time)!!

    I truly hope that Duncan doesn’t retire. He’s still playing at an all-star level physically, and is always a breath of fresh air mentally.

    I also hope that CP3 can survive this hamstring problem and compete at least 80% in round 2. On paper, the Clips match up very well with the Rockets.

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