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Monday, January 21, 2019

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New York Knicks 100 – Washington Wizards 101 – Game Recap

Picture this: a grown up man jumping up and down in joy, all by himself, because the team he roots for just lost a game thanks to a buzzer-beating goaltending call. If that’s not a perfect representation of tanking in less than 30 words, I dare you to to better. I was prepared to write about a sad win (even if I would have stressed how the winning bucket would have come from Vonleh and not Mudiay – I’m sorry, I’m so scared by Mudiay’s future right now), instead I was, like, bursting from joy because of a loss in an …continue reading

Philadelphia 76ers 108 – New York Knicks 105 – Game Recap

Ah, finally, half a gem of a game. Pretty much all of the first half was as dispirited as they come, with large portions of the first two quarters spent being very bad on the court for a lot of the players. Fizdale changed the starting lineup again, leaving Vonleh as the starting center and inserting Lance Thomas as the starting four. Spoiler alert: they recorded the worst- and second worst-plus/minus of all the players who stepped on the court. I’m not sure why Lance Thomas was called upon to man the four from the start, but alas, I guess …continue reading

Indiana Pacers 121 – New York Knicks 106 – Game Recap

At what point, exactly, does resignation sets in? I’m not talking about being resigned to losing. We all knew that since February, 6th 2018. And that’s good! We need to lose the highest possible number of games this season. I’m talking about being resigned to watch ugly basketball with no hope for something better in clear sight. Our best overall contributor sees his minutes cut down by foul trouble. Our highest-paid player (not a good player to begin with) is collecting minor injuries as if they were Pokemon and the coach keeps on trotting him on the field as if nothing …continue reading

Golden State Warriors 122 – New York Knicks 95 – Game Recap

“Why do you put lipstick on a pig?” asked James, while going out of the barn to bring some more water to the cows. His hands were dirty and sweaty, but not in a natural way. If was as if he deliberately sprayed sweat and dirt on him, like a make up artist versed in hillbilly flicks, thinking that dirt and sweat were the poster boys of a well done job in a farm in North Carolina. Michael raised his eyes, while wiping out the sweat from his brow. The heat was starting to become insufferable, but he was used …continue reading

New York Knicks 119 – Los Angeles Lakers 112 – Game Recap

I have to say that, tanking interests apart, this team picks very well the games to win. We know we can’t lose all of the games, right? So sometimes you have to win one. Well then, why not winning against the Celtics (done), the Bucks (against whom our dear KP got injured, done), the Nets (I know, it’s a fake rivalry, but done nonetheless) and now the Lakers (just done)? And sometimes it feels good to win, even if that feeling is something that doesn’t come natural anymore. We’re at this point in the season where you don’t really know …continue reading

Phoenix Suns 128 – New York Knicks 110 – Game Recap

Or, how I learned to stop worrying and love the tank. Guys, this was such an amazing display of tanking prowess that I’m so proud of our guys. I mean, it was a bit too much on the nose at first. Lance Thomas as your first substitute? After he didn’t play for like a bazillion games? And after he’s Lance Thomas? But it didn’t look like it was enough. After all, these Suns had the worst record in the league prior to this game. We had to do better than that to tank effectively. And we did. We did. We come …continue reading

New York Knicks 99 – Indiana Pacers 110 – Game Recap

I had a fever, and the prescription was more zone defense. A decent loss, nothing to write home about, a game where the Knicks were pretty much always in the mix but couldn’t pull it off when they needed to (not that it mattered, after the win against Charlotte we are in dire need of quality losses – even if I’m not sure if this counts as one). The main new wrinkle in Fiz’s gameplan is a zone defense, which I am partial to, what with being European and all. My coach used to call the zone “the homeless man defense”, …continue reading