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Friday, June 22, 2018

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Knicks 2009 Season Preview Part IV

Part I here. Part II here. Part III here. FRONTCOURT: During the summer it was assumed that both Stephon Marbury and Zach Randolph would be playing for other teams once the season started. Yet somehow both managed to stay on the New York roster. Randolph was twice mentioned in trade talks, but both times it seemed that the other party wanted too much to take his contract off New York’s hands. Unable to move Randolph, it was thought that the Knicks would play him only to keep his trade value high. But a funny thing happened on the way to …continue reading

Open Thread 10/1/2008

Z-man – Oct 1st, 2008 at 10:10 am Mike, How about a new thread on training camp? Based on Hahn’s column, some cause for optimism….my thoughts on camp thus far: 1. Jerome James lives! Imagine if he can actually contribute this year? Funny how he is the only one on the roster to have even an outside chance of filling a gaping void on this roster (interior defensive presence). 2. If D’Antoni is only going to play 9-10 guys, lots of players are going to ride the pine, especially if Steph is in the mix. Mardy looked good in Vegas, …continue reading

Abbreviated Recap from the Live Chat

Here’s a recap of the chat from draft night. I wanted to capture this moment in time from the point of view of the KnickerBlogger Readers. This was heavily edited from a few thousand lines of chat. All typos are forgiven. Pre-Draft Owen: I think there will be a huge group in here to celebrate the arrival of the Italian Stallion, the real one dave crockett: Not sure I’m happy about JVG and MJax in the booth. They really don’t do the college game. KnickerBlogger: We have to come up with a better Danilo nickname KnickerBlogger: Van Gundy loves rookies! …continue reading

NBA News and Notes for May 16th

The Spurs have forced the first Game 7 of the second round, beating the New Orleans Hornets 99-80. The home team now has won a staggering 20 out of 21 games in the second round. Last year, the home team was 13-10.

What They Saying In the Mainstreamosphere From beat the Newsday beat writer: As for David Lee….I’ve often suggested to him privately that he needs to be more aggressive with his moves to the basket. David knows he’s not a top three option when he’s on the court. He’s an active rebounder, that’s his main role. I think he’s developed just fine. He had 13 boards last night. When he gets minutes, he gets rebounds. Sometimes with players you see them reach a certain point and that’s when you have to decide: is this what they are? Can they be better? I think David can be …continue reading

Isiah Sucks, In Song Ryan – Thank you for giving me a good laugh. That’s about all I have left.