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Thursday, June 21, 2018


Playoff Game Thread: Knicks @ Pacers Game 6

Here we go! Win and the Knicks will get to play an epic Game 7 on Monday night, lose and, well, you know. Pacers starting point guard George Hill has been cleared to play. It will be fascinating to see how he deals with contact, or whether the Knicks will shy away from hitting him hard, fearing that the refs will call any contact with Hill tight. Just like Game 5, the key for the Knicks is to take an early lead. The Pacers are not good at coming back. The team leading the game entering the fourth has won …continue reading

Playoff Game Thread: Knicks vs. Pacers Game 5

The Knicks already had to feel good about heading back to the Garden to try to take care of business and at the very least force the Pacers to clinch the series in Indiana. However, things changed dramatically a little while ago when the news came out that George Hill suffered a concussion during the last game. Hill will miss tonight’s game and since you never know how concussions go, he might very well miss the rest of the series. The Pacers’ third-string point guard is Ben Hansbrough (the Pacers have cornered the market on Hansbroughs), but I bet they’ll …continue reading

Playoff Game Thread: Knicks @ Pacers Game 3

Well, here we go, the first game 3 the Knicks have played in the second round since 2000! Seriously, though, the Knicks pretty much have to at least bring a split back to MSG for Game 5, so they need to get one of these two games in Indiana. Might as well be tonight! In the Knicks’ year-long hokey pokey dance, Amar’e is about to put his right knee in but JR Smith might have to take his whole body out as he is sick and is listed as questionable for tonight (he missed today’s shootaround). Should be a really …continue reading

Playoff Game Thread: Knicks vs. Pacers Game 2

Here we are, the first Game 2 of the second round for the Knicks since 2000! In all seriousness, the Knicks are in a hole after losing Game 1 but they can right things to a major degree with a win tonight. The key here, as it was in Game 1, is to play stronger to start. We all know that the Knicks tend to turn it on late (they have done so in pretty much every game in the playoffs so far), but their problem has been that they have started slowly in pretty much every game in the …continue reading

Playoff Game Thread: Knicks vs. Pacers Game 1

Here we go, the first Game 1 of the second round for the Knicks since <b>2000</b>!! The Knicks should win this series, but I think we’ll have a much better idea of where the Knicks stand after this first game and we see if the Pacers have anything sneaky up their sleeves in how they plan to play the Knicks. The first series had Shump play out of his mind and Tyson Chandler slowly got back into shape, so the Knicks are in really good shape right now, and that’s with JR Smith not even playing particularly well! Let’s go …continue reading

Playoff Game Thread: Knicks @ Celtics Game 6

Here we go! On a night where the NBA is having four, count ’em <b>four</b> Game 6’s, for only the second time in league history (granted, the first round has only been seven games since 2003, but still!), the Knicks travel to Boston in an attempt to finally put these pesky Celtics out of their (and our) misery. Tonight, we can hope that the Knicks bury the Celtics with a barrage of three-pointers instead of a barrage of rhetoric. The Knicks are clearly the better team, so they should close things out tonight. It seems hard to believe that the …continue reading