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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Author: Matthew Falkenbury

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Are Shumpert and Dolan Feuding?

On Saturday evening, Frank Isola of the NY Daily News wrote an article about potential troubles facing the Knicks heading into next season. The biggest threats are, of course, New York’s Eastern Conference rivals: Brooklyn’s mammoth upgrades, combined with expected improvement from Chicago, Indiana and Miami, pose a large road block for the Knicks in their quest to make the NBA Finals. The other major issue cited by Isola concern the team’s roster construction and a pair of rather curious summer moves: The three-year contract given to J.R. Smith, despite a knee injury for which Earl immediately underwent surgery; and …continue reading

Will Peace Give The Knicks A Chance?

Knicks Fans were keeping their eyes on the clock Sunday evening as it crept closer and closer to 5 pm — almost like when the clocked ticked down New York’s pick during the first round of the 1999 NBA Draft. The anticipation, much like it was in 1999, was over whether or not the hometown kid was going to suit up for his hometown team. As 5 pm came and went on Sunday, the Knicks were given a second chance. Another chance to make up for the one they blew 14 years ago when they picked a French Center named …continue reading

Welcome Back, Pablo

Pablo Prigioni was officially re-signed by the Knicks this morning to a new three year deal worth right around six million dollars. His contract used up nearly half of the mini mid-level exception that the Knicks had allotted to them, basically spelling the end of the Chris Copeland era in New York. Although in my opinion the Knicks will miss Copeland a lot, this move was the right one for the team moving forward. With Jason Kidd’s retirement, the point guard depth was paper thin. That news, coupled with the possibility that Prigioni was not going to be re-signed, made …continue reading