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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Author: Fred Katz (@FredKatz)

Fred Katz averaged almost one point per game in 5th grade, but he maintains that his per 36 minutes numbers were astonishing. Find more of his work at,, and Follow him on Twitter at @FredKatz.

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Old Is As Old Does

My pickup basketball game is awful. We’re talking embarrassingly terrible – so bad that I often sit out as a consideration to my team and friends. I don’t think anyone enjoys playing the Don’t Pass the Ball to Fred, 4-on-5 Offense. But I’m 23 years old and can still physically move so – most of the time – I play. Last week I did just that. I wasn’t getting the game MVP, but I like to think I do things that aren’t in the box score – like talking trash in a way that weirds out whomever I’m guarding enough …continue reading

White Can’t Cope

Five minutes of play and then to the bench. That’s pretty much NBA life for James White. 28-year-old rookie Chris Copeland is stuck in the opposite predicament: Mike Woodson parks him on the bench for every relevant minute, only to give him burn after the game is out of reach. (See: New York Knicks at Golden State Warriors, Mar. 11, 2013 for reference.) White starts. Copeland sits. Supposedly, it’s for defensive reasons, but at this point a player who is capable of being a legitimate offensive contributor has to have more value to a Knicks team that is in dire …continue reading