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Friday, December 6, 2019

Author: Brian Cronin

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2019-20 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Nuggets

See, now this is why I don’t think it is inconceivable that the Raptors might actually let Masai Ujiri leave if he wanted to join the Knicks as the Glen Sather of the Knicks (the competent guy that Dolan trusts enough to run his sports organization). Ujiri was pushed out of Denver in one of those embarrassing power plays where the owner’s kid didn’t want to give Ujiri a big raise and total control like Toronto was offering Ujiri, but Ujiri had built up such a strong organization below him that when Tim Connelly was brought in to replace Ujiri, …continue reading

NY Post: Knicks shockingly aren’t closer to scapegoating David Fizdale

You have to admit that that’s an awesome headline by the New York Post. Since this is Marc Berman, this is almost assuredly coming directly from Steve Mills as the “unnamed NBA source” in Berman’s latest article about the Knicks’ coaching situation: If David Fizdale is going to be made the scapegoat by Knicks president Steve Mills for his hodgepodge roster, it’s going to take a little while longer. According to an NBA source, Monday’s 44-point blowout loss in Milwaukee did not put the Knicks coach in any immediate danger, as bad as the optics were. Fizdale, though, must still …continue reading Is end near for David Fizdale? One Knicks source expects head coach to be fired soon

From Ian Begley, who has been on fire this season since moving to SNY: The lingering question after the Knicks’ 44-point loss in Milwaukee is this: how much longer will David Fizdale be on the sidelines? We don’t have a definitive answer, but one member of the organization said late last month that he expected management to fire Fizdale soon, per SNY sources. The person who expressed the thought isn’t someone who would make the decision to fire Fizdale. But the idea that a member of the Knicks believes a coaching change is coming says a lot about the level …continue reading

2019-20 Game Thread: Knicks @ Bucks

Man, it’s so weird how little the regular season seem to mean nowadays. Don’t get me wrong, I would kill to be able to actually watch a good Knicks team play during the regular season (2012-13 was a whole lot of fun. Hell, 2010-13 was, in general, a fun era, where the Knicks could actually, you know, beat teams), but it’s weird to see how the East is made up out of teams trying to lose and teams not trying to lose and so the teams trying to win beat the hell out of the teams trying to lose and …continue reading

2019-20 Game Thread: Knicks vs. 76ers

After that Marc Berman article, I probably should bring back the David Fizdale Coaching Death Watch, but honestly, after that article, it sounds like it is more like a question of when they fire him rather than if they fire him, so the Death Watch really doesn’t seem to be necessary, as that is more about if he gets fired. Anyhow, the Knicks host the 76ers, a team that decided to do a rebuild and then continued to collect assets rather than, you know, sign veterans to one-year contracts and refuse to trade cap space for assets. It seems to …continue reading

NY Post: The Knicks’ failing youth movement is a David Fizdale fiasco

Something that we have all observed over the years is that while Marc Berman is not literally a Charlie Rosen/Phil Jackson-style mouthpiece for Knicks President of Basketball Operations, Steve Mills, he is certainly willing to be the guy that Mills can come to when he wants send a message through a Berman article. We’ve seen it a number of times over the years, most prominently during Phil Jackson’s tenure as the Mills’ predecessor as the PoBO, where Berman wrote enthusiastic things about Jackson early on and then tore him down later on, when Mills’ knife was stuck firmly in the …continue reading