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Friday, February 22, 2019

2017-18 Game Thread: Knicks @ Pacers

Well, the one thing that we have to give the Knicks is that with the Emmanuel Mudiay acquisition, at least we will have someone to legit be interested in for the rest of the season, namely can Mudiay become a good player for the Knicks? He’s still super young, so there’s at least a chance and rooting for players to have a chance at being good players is more than we normally have to root for for the Knicks.

Plus, we can hope that Kornet-sanity becomes a thing. We can hope for more guest appearances by his mom, too.

Let’s go, Korne…okay, Knicks!

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69 comments on “2017-18 Game Thread: Knicks @ Pacers

  1. Brian Cronin Post author

    We should get used to the fact that next year’s starters will very likely look like:

    PG – Mudiay
    SG – Lee
    SF – Hardaway
    PF – Beasley
    C- Kanter

    And those dudes will play a lot of minutes.

  2. thenoblefacehumper

    Mudiay is randomly going to have the best stretch of his career, we’ll draft Dzanan Musa 13th, Mudiay will get a 4/60 extension and the narrative will be that he “found a home” or whatever, and alas, he will still suck.

    This has been preordained.

  3. djphan

    they are going to turn frank into the pg version of lance if he’s just going to keep standing and watching on offense….

  4. JK47

    Mudiay has a 1.000 percent shooting percentage and an infinity to zero assist/turnover ratio. He’s the greatest player I’ve ever seen.

  5. Brian Cronin Post author

    This is more like it. Strong play by Mudiay, but hopefully a loss. That’s what we should be rooting for. Mudiay doing well but the team not doing well.

  6. chrisk06811

    I have the flu and a nice fever. Just got home where the clinic, where I thought a woman’s bun was a cat. Now I’m settling in for the 2nd half. I will let you know of any insights.

  7. Brian Cronin Post author

    The sheer hubris of scheduling Paul Pierce’s ceremony for after a Cavs game

    Seriously. Total douche move.

  8. Brian Cronin Post author

    The second time I ever went on a trip with my now wife, we went to visit her grandmother in a small New England town. We flew to Boston, where we took commuter rail to her grandmother’s town. I had had what I thought was a slight cold, but pretty much as soon as we took off, it worsened and by the time we landed, it was clear that I had a terrible flu. We were already in Boston, so we kept going. Traveling on the shitty old New England commuter trains was a pain in the ass. We got to the bed and breakfast we were staying at and I slept for the entire weekend. That might be the last time I had an outright flu. I’ve had flu-like symptoms since, but never like that.

    Flus suck. Feel better, Chris!

  9. chrisk06811

    thanks. it blows. and, they kinda just give you some over the counter stuff and tell you that it will take a week to go thru you.

  10. Cock Jowles, Living through the Melo Era All Over Again

    When I was 19 I got a bad flu with a high fever during Super Bowl weekend at my parents’ house. I wandered into my parents’ bedroom sobbing, asking why there were potatoes floating in the corners of my bedroom.

  11. ClashFan

    Mudiay + Frank + Dotson = something worth watching.

    I had a bad case of the flu when like 12 or something and saw big insects crawling on the walls. Not a fun experience.

  12. dtrickey

    Off topic, but does it seem like Myles Turner has taken a step back this year? I haven’t seen much of the Pacers this year (so obviously small sample size), but he doesn’t seem to be having the noticable impact he had last year. I know he missed some time due to injury, but a quick look at his career v 17/18 stats doesn’t show a hell of a lot of improvement.

    Only watching the box score at work but good to see Frank and Mudiay with lots of minutes. Not sure how that actually looks on the Court though.

  13. Brian Cronin Post author

    I think the injury had a major negative impact on his this year. It’s what I worry about KP next year, as it takes away development time when you have to recover from an injury. Turner had to get stronger this year and he wasn’t able to do so because he was spending most of his time just trying to get healthy period.

  14. Brian Cronin Post author

    Yeah, they were a true blast to watch. Only three turnovers in about an hour of combined minutes, too!

  15. dtrickey

    Surprisingly good

    Noice. That’s with no practice too ;-) ha ha. Might have to watch the condensed game on LP when I get home tonight.

  16. djphan

    they each got 30 minutes each… which is more like it….

    i don’t really like them playing with each other because they both need a lot of touches…. but i can see why you would want to at least try it…. but if frank is just going to be sitting in the corner all game then the mudiay deal could actually torpedo both players…. we’ll see….

  17. The Glass Half Rebuilt

    Mudiay and Ntilikina looked good? That’s great news, and I hope we can have more losing efforts despite the youngsters playing well.

  18. ess-dog

    It’s funny. Mudiay really does have a hard time finishing, despite being able to get to his spots well.

    He can turn the corner on most of these guys, but then he either a. Hesitates at the basket or b. Can’t finesse the ball past rim protectors. It would be great if he could learn a teardrop/floater or at least go hard and try for contact… maybe these things can be learned? Idk.

  19. nicos

    Mudiay reminds me a bigger Ray Felton- stocky guys with surprisingly good first steps but not quite quick enough to get to the rim before help rotates over. He (and Frank as well) would be helped immensely by developing a floater like ess-dog said. Hopefully this doesn’t mean Burke gets buried- I’d still like to see him get some minutes as he’s probably the best point on the roster, still young and under control for next year.

  20. heavencent35

    Mudiay is promising.
    nice to watch our youngster play, develop, and lead us to lottery for the draft.
    it is better losing with the kids than losing with a mega max superstar.

  21. Brian Cronin Post author

    Mudiay is promising.
    nice to watch our youngster play, develop, and lead us to lottery for the draft.
    it is better losing with the kids than losing with a mega max superstar.

    Also so much more fun than watching Jarrett fuckin’ Jack play the whole game.

  22. heavencent35

    Still wondering why he is starting. Just give the minutes to our kids. he should be just a locker room presence.
    Mudiay reminds me of marbury. I hope he will improve.

  23. Stratomatic says "It's tough being us"

    Mudiay and Frank looked good together. They both have a long way to go, but at 19 and 21 we at least have a lot of potential upside. I think I like Frank better as a play making SG. He was brought here to be part of a 2 guard front in the triangle, not as a pure PG. He should still work on his handle, quickness, and aggressiveness, but playing off the ball with Mudiay at PG means if he can just improve his shot this off season, he can start making an impact quickly.

    Mudiay looks like a win for Perry. I liked McBuckets, but his upside was a lot more limited. Mudiay still has a chance to become a very good player.

    IMO, our long term problem is Hardaway. There’s obvious talent there, but the shot selection is atrocious and the salary is worse. If we had him at 8-10 million coming off the bench as a 6th man, he would be terrific, but he’s not a starting SG and we are paying solid starter money.

  24. The Glass Half Rebuilt

    I remember Ray Felton having a much better handle and being a worse passer than what I just saw from Mudiay. Mudiay doesn’t explode off the ground and that needs to change. He needs to attack with more strength.

  25. nicos

    It’ll be interesting to see what Beasley gets in the off-season. As long as he get the minutes he’s going to put up very good numbers (probably close to 20 and 8+ boards). Does anyone offer him more than the MLE?

  26. thenoblefacehumper

    This was pretty much the ideal game, but I still worry our inaction at the deadline left us with too much non-core talent to tank with the best of them. Between Kanter, Lee, KOQ, and Beasley we have a lot more production than our competitors.

    It’s hard to see us cracking the top-8, so all I really ask is that we remain at 9. There should be some intriguing guys around there.

  27. Stratomatic says "It's tough being us"

    I should add one thing. The defense is absolutely atrocious without KP covering for Kanter (and everyone else). In a way, this may be a good thing. Now everyone will realize what a problem Kanter is defensively as a starting C. That makes it more likely that when his contract is over they will either let him walk or only offer “backup” money (we’ll see how much he really loves NY). We’ll get a clue as to their thinking depending on what they do with O’Quinn. If they lock up O’Quinn (which imo they should do), that means he’s the backup for the eventual move of KP to C.

  28. Max

    I like what I saw tonight from the “odd couple”,
    it’s worth to let’s them play together to see if they develop chemistry on offense plus they’re big and long and could become a strong defensive backcourt.
    I’ll also like Burke as a change of pace waterbug.
    Take away Jack’s minutes and give them to Burke, same thing with Thomas/Lee in favor of Dotson/Kornet and let the youngsters learn.

  29. d-mar

    Recipe for games the rest of the season:

    1) Play – Frank, Mudiay, Burke, Dotson, Kornet, Beasley, Kanter, Lee, Hardaway, Hicks

    2) Do Not Play – Jack, Thomas

    3) Lose game

    4) Repeat

  30. Brian Cronin Post author

    I should add one thing. The defense is absolutely atrocious without KP covering for Kanter (and everyone else).

    Oh man, the defense is so bad.

  31. The Glass Half Rebuilt

    We will not win many games with Kanter, Beasley, Tim Hardaway Jr, and Jarret Jack as four of our five starters. Courtney Lee can’t play that much defense lol.

  32. Max

    The defense is really unwatchable, despite relieving Rambis from his DC role (one of the league best jokes of last year).

    Hardwaway has taken a big step back, clearly the accountability in Atlanta with Budenholzer was completely different… as was the contract

  33. The Glass Half Rebuilt

    Brad Stevens couldn’t coach Jack, Hardaway, Beasley, and Kanter to play watchable defense. You really can’t blame the coaching staff here.

    Let’s all send positive energy to the Sactown Kings tonight. They’re in a winnable game against Minnesota and we need them to win as many games as possible.

  34. Jack Bauer

    There is nothing to be gained by winning for the rest of the season. Getting a higher draft pick is all that maters now. Picking say 5 or 6 instead of 10 or 12 could make a huge difference in the future of this team. So today was a good start …

  35. The Glass Half Rebuilt

    I just want every victory between now and the end of the season is because of Mudiay, Ntilikina, Dotson, TH2, and Kornet. I don’t want Kanter, Beasley, Lee, O’Quinn, and Jack leading us to victory.

  36. kevin5318

    I’d bet against Mudiay/Frank working but hypothetically it would be great for us.

    Mudiay has the size to guard 2’s which would allow Frank to keep hounding opposing PG’s.

  37. Igno-Bot 3000

    Re: tanking I do want to say that it shouldn’t be the only objective of the rest of the season. We have two lottery guards right now that we need to develop, and I’d gladly take a lower spot in the draft if it was because of their contributions. If we’re not actually developing the players we’re drafting, what’s the point of getting high lottery picks?

  38. thenoblefacehumper

    Re: tanking I do want to say that it shouldn’t be the only objective of the rest of the season. We have two lottery guards right now that we need to develop, and I’d gladly take a lower spot in the draft if it was because of their contributions. If we’re not actually developing the players we’re drafting, what’s the point of getting high lottery picks?

    See #58.

  39. Brian Cronin Post author

    Yeah, if Mudiay and Frank end up being so good that they win more games than expected, I can live with the Knicks ending up in the #9 spot. Just no wins from THJ hitting a dozen threes or some such shit.

  40. The Glass Half Rebuilt

    Tim Hardaway Jr should be banned from April competition.

    @59 Mudiay and Ntilikina are both 6’5” with a 7’ wingspan. That’s a great thing to have if they both become players.

  41. dtrickey

    Tim Hardaway Jr should be banned from April competition.

    Is anyone willing to go Tonya Harding on Timmy so he doesn’t hurt the tank?

  42. latke

    Don’t know if anyone brought this up but Hardaway is the reason we ended up with KP instead of Towns. Be funny if he ruined two Knick drafts.

  43. JK47

    We’re gonna have to get Maurice Ndour on loan from the VTB United League so he can come back and fuck up our draft position with a meaningless game-winning jumper again

  44. The Glass Half Rebuilt

    The Knicks Wall posts some great content. Look at the defense on this sequence:

    Plays like this make me believe in Jeff Hornacek. Schematically this is good design and discipline defensively, and on offense they’re doing the right things. Kornet missed an open three, which is on him. Frank is pushing the ball up but turned it over, which is on him. Hopefully we’ll see more youth and we’ll lose our way into Michael Porter Jr.

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