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Sunday, January 20, 2019

2017-18 Game Thread: Knicks @ Nets

If the Knicks want to finally start settling their whole “can’t win on the road” rep, tonight would be a great time to do so, as they don’t even have to travel outside New York City! They can pretend that it’s the Garden!

Plus, the Nets are not that good. So this really has to be a win.

Let’s go, Knicks!

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129 comments on “2017-18 Game Thread: Knicks @ Nets

  1. Ben R

    I really want to see McDermott start until Tim is healthy. Then bring Baker as the first wing and Dotson as the second wing off the bench. That lets Lance keep his standard role of backing up KP and keeps Beasley and all his turnovers, no defense and ball stopping out of the rotation only to be used as a last resort when our offense is really struggling.

    I also would love to see us cut Beasley and Sessions and give Hayes and Burke contracts to see if they have any kind of future with the team. Both are killing it in D-League.

  2. the don nelson era

    The Knicks already have Isaiah Hicks and Luke Kornet on two-way contracts. I wonder if those guys would get a look before Hayes/Burke/anyone else, or if those guys would be cut before someone with a guaranteed NBA contract.

  3. ClashFan

    Very tough game to predict, but I’m feeling optimistic. I’ve also just finished a glass of wine…

    Knicks 110
    Nets 105

  4. ClashFan

    I’m totally with you!

    Though for the callup, between Kornet, Hayes, and Hicks, bring up the one who plays the best perimeter D. I’d guess Kornet will not be coming up until a C is traded, probably OQ.

  5. dtrickey

    Off topic in the timeout, but the Pistons are really struggling as of late. Hawks taking it to them.

    Love Ron getting some early burn this last few games.

  6. Ntilakilla

    The good thing about playing in Brooklyn is that even though it is technically an “away game,” the heavy Knicks fan turnout and proximity to the Garden makes it another home game.

  7. Bruno Almeida

    Porzingis has 4 assists, that’s very nice.

    If he can consistently pass out of double teams like this the offense will be in a very good place.

  8. Bruno Almeida

    The Knicks have 14 assists and 3 turnovers only, 4 for Frank and KP, 3 for Jack. They’re moving the ball like in the promising first stretch of wins.

  9. BklynBoy

    KP has learned to pass out of the double team almost overnight. Very encouraging to see.

    We’re really passing the ball.

  10. d-mar

    Pretty funny, after that dumb foul by Kanter you could read Hornacek’s lips: “He does that stupid shit all the time”

  11. BklynBoy

    Hornacek left this pathetic lineup in much too long. Lance + Jack + Beasley + Kanter should not be out there together.

  12. BigBlueAL

    God forbid we are allowed to feel good about this team for a little bit, something always happens to knock us back to the reality that we’re fans of a shitty, snake bitten franchise.

  13. ClashFan

    I always root for the Knicks to win when I watch, but I understand and am okay with tanking when appropriate.

  14. Ntilakilla


    Kid’s a winner. He’s going to be very good when he fills out and gets his legs NBA strong.

  15. BigBlueAL

    Would be feeling pretty excited after this win and with Melo coming to MSG on Saturday but KP’s injury puts a pretty big damper on tonight.

  16. chrisk06811

    IMHO, Ron’s no trade is not a big deal. because every GM in the league knows that if they trade for him, one of us will burn their house to the ground.

  17. Ntilakilla

    All we need for the bliss to last
    Is that KP gets well, fast.
    If not, this win was for naught
    Cuz a Tank will be what we’ve got.

  18. Bruno Almeida

    Frank with a sneaky pretty good line, 7 points, 8 assists, 5 rebounds, 2 steals on 2 turnovers and 3/9 shooting. Ron also had 2 steals but it felt like he forced more turnovers than that.

  19. Brian Cronin Post author

    Missed this to watch The Last Jedi. Sounds like a fun game, except, well, you know. My fingers are crossed so hard that they hurt.

  20. Ntilakilla

    7 points, 8 assists, 5 rebounds, 2 steals on 2 turnovers

    Get used to these types of stat lines when Frank matures, except with more points.

  21. DRed

    You can live with that line from Frank-bad offense personally, but lots of assists, good defense only two turnovers and some rebounding. He can work on his shot.

    Nice to see Courtney snap out of his recent funk. He’s a really good basketball player.

  22. Bruno Almeida


    Pretty much every shot he took was a good look, he just needs to knock a few more of those down. It’s been a very promising stretch of play in the last 4 games.

  23. Bruno Almeida

    Call me crazy, but I think Kuz could have been getting some of those Lance minutes out there, but instead we kept Ramon Sessions on the team to be useless.

  24. Ntilakilla

    Pretty much every shot he took was a good look, he just needs to knock a few more of those down. It’s been a very promising stretch of play in the last 4 games.

    Agreed. He takes high percentage shots at such a young age. He’s so advanced. But he needs to work on strength and conditioning those legs. You can see he doesn’t have the strongest core and that will develop with work and time.

  25. GoNyGoNyGo

    I like Frank’s line. He played 27 minutes, got everyone involved, didn’t turn it over and played super defense. So what if he was 3-9 from the field. Hey, just saying, nobody is talking about Courtney Lee. He’s also playing great defense and picking up the slack left by THJr’s absence. There’s lots of loving to spread around.

  26. Jack Bauer

    @Clashfan – you were eerily close again on the final score. Crazy, I hope you are laying some bets on these predictions, you would be cashing in.

    Nice win, another good game from Frank. Lance with the game winning 3, amazing. Lance goes from mostly useless to hero in a flash.

  27. alsep73

    Lee’s playing so well on both ends that the only way I can imagine Perry trading him — at least while TH2 is out — is if he gets some absurd offer involving multiple picks and/or a stud young player. Which isn’t happening. Career year or not, he’s still 32-year-old Courtney Lee.

  28. DRed

    28.2 PPG
    8.2 RPG
    9 APG
    1.4 SPG
    1.1 BPG
    58.3 FG%
    42.2 3P%
    66.4 TS% (!)
    76.4 FT%
    And he’s second in the NBA in minutes played.

    LeBron is preposterous. He’s 33 and he’s been the best player in the NBA pretty much every season since he was 21. Jordan maybe had a higher peak but nobody can touch that sustained excellence.

  29. d-mar

    I don’t want it to be true, but LeBron is so ridiculous at this age and with all those miles you can’t help thinking about PED’s.

  30. Ntilakilla

    Lebron is on HGH. Its one of the league’s dirtiest secrets. The circumstantial evidence is superstrong.

  31. geo

    good genetics, discipline, money for the best sports and health whatever…

    he’s like the perfect athletic and competitive storm…

    plus, from all outward appearances – a pretty good guy…

    man’s a monster, he must be stopped…

  32. Jack Bauer

    Not a fan, but I have to agree Lebron is putting up eye popping numbers considering his age and all of those minutes on his body. What’s really astonishing is Kobe and Jordan were wiry and not too bulky. Lebron is carrying about 250 pounds up and down the court and doing the the heavy lifting every game. It’s absolutely amazing that he hasn’t gotten hurt more often and is still the best player in the league at 33.

  33. geo

    just saw the kp interview…

    i remember watching a game a few days ago and wondering why the heck kp wasn’t wearing some type of brace/supportive device on his ankles, knees and elbows…

    if we ever hope of getting 70 games a year out of him in a consistent manner – he needs to be wrapped, head to toe, in duct tape…

    Edit: forgot to include shoulders, gotta wrap them too…

  34. thenoblefacehumper

    Missed this to watch The Last Jedi. Sounds like a fun game, except, well, you know. My fingers are crossed so hard that they hurt.


  35. DRed

    LeBron is probably using PEDs. Playing in the NBA can earn you a shit ton of money and their drug testing policy is a joke-if a majority of NBA players aren’t using PEDs I’d be surprised. Why wouldn’t you?

  36. Ntilakilla

    Fun fact. Frank Ntilikina is shooting better from 3 than Lonzo Ball, De'Aaron Fox and Dennis Smith Jr. His free throw rate is second only to Fox – even outpacing Mitchell.— Rory Breasail (@bballgodsblog) December 14, 2017

  37. Bruno Almeida

    I don’t buy much into the LeBron is on PEDs idea, I just think he has a freakish body and takes extreme care of himself.

    I read somewhere today on Twitter a guy saying that’s it’s funny we’re all talking about Wade and Melo as if they’re these veterans about to retire and LeBron is having his best season statistically when they were drafted together. If the NBA had such an easy way with PEDs it would only make sense for LeBron to hook his best friends up too right? Then how are they so done physically? Or maybe everybody does it and were back to square one of LeBron just being a freak of nature and miles ahead of his peers.

    I might be very naive or something but I think he’s just amazingly gifted.

  38. nicos

    LBJ’s been playing at 250+ for the last 8 years or so. If he was taking a steady diet of PED’s you’d think he’d have had some of those weird hip or tendon issues you saw with the baseball guys by now. He’s got the same body type as Karl Malone who still looks pretty much like he did when he was playing so I doubt he was on steroids. Still there are enough red flags (like rejuvenating trips to Miami) for LBJ that I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he was- though I’d guess it’s more occasional use than a steady thing.

  39. Ntilakilla

    Lebron’s actual weight was revealed in 2014 when he went on his “paleo diet.” Coincidentally, this happened in the months after Silver’s public pronouncements on changing the league’s PED testing policies during the Summer of 2013. Mind you, this was all begun by the renewed scrutiny MLB had garnered with the Alex Rodriguez Biogensis scandal, where he and other baseball players were reported, according to Tony Bosch, to have received PED from his Coral Gables “health clinic” on the outskirts of Miami. Even though baseball stars were linked to that clinic in the press, what was less reported upon was the possible connection Lebron James himself had with Bosch’s company from one of his former employees:

    In an interview conducted by one of IBN’s writers, who goes by “Incarcerated Bob” spoke with a women named Jessica who was a former employee of Bosch from April of 2010 to February of 2012. Jessica worked as an assistant for Bosch and kept track of “pretty much” every financial transfer that took place at Bosch’s clinic

    While keeping track of these financial transfers, Jessica, told Incarcerated Bob some of the initials that stood out to her. One of those initials, “LJ” she claimed to believe was Miami Heat forward and NBA Superstar, LeBron James.

    Jessica said that a man who went by the name of Mr. Paul came in every month, once a month to pick up products for the initials “LJ.” As for what those products were, Jessica doesn’t know. However, she did say that Mr. Paul, the person who picked up the products for “LJ” was a friend of James’s.

    Coincidentally enough, James’s agent and best friend’s name is Rich Paul.

  40. djphan

    i don’t entirely buy the lebron on ped argument either….. when you’re great at basketball you’re probably going to be great for a long long time… and lebron is def in that category of player… i mean jordan played competent starter level basketball until he was 40… same with kareem…. same with stockton… magic took 5 years off… and then came back from AIDS… and proceeded to post a ws48 of .186….

    i mean we talk about it because of his physique and all and i think some suspicion is justified but cp3 is also basically putting up a career year at 32….

    what lebron is doing is entirely normal with what great basketball players do… he’s not kobe… he’s not mcgrady… he’s in another stratosphere…. and that stratosphere has vastly different age curves….

  41. bidiong

    “I’ve been fucking hoes and poppin pillies man I feel just like a rockstar.” – Said Lebron James never.

  42. geo

    guess no kp for saturday…i know it’s being greedy – but, I really wanted to beat the thunder saturday…

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