2014-15 Game Thread: Knicks @ Nets

On the one hand, we should likely be rooting for as many losses as this team can get, to best assure the worst record in the league.

On the other hand, wouldn’t it be fun to help the Nets not even make the playoffs? As bad as the Knicks’ future is, the Nets is that much worse, since they don’t own their own first round pick until…man, I don’t even know when (will we need a new rule, call it the Billy King Rule, where you can’t do first round pick swaps in consecutive years?).

So I’m going to root for a Knick victory tonight.

Let’s go Knicks!

ESPN: Stoudemire to use All-Star Break to weigh buyout option

From ESPN:

Amar’e Stoudemire is pondering his future and whether to ask the New York Knicks for a buyout, he said.

“It’s not an easy decision to make,” Stoudemire told Yahoo! Sports. “Over time, we will see how things pan out. You give yourself a break during the All-Star break. You think about it with your family. … That will give me a good solid week on how to weigh out the rest of the season.”

The Knicks have had internal discussions about a possible buyout but have yet to approach Stoudemire about it, sources told ESPN.com’s Ian Begley earlier this week.

“I haven’t talked with Phil [Jackson] or [GM] Steve Mills yet about the future,” Stoudemire said Wednesday. “I’m sure we’ll have a conversation soon about it.”

“It’s a decision I have to make with my family to figure out the best scenario for the near future,” Amar’e Stoudemire said of his plan to use the upcoming All-Star break to decide whether to ask the Knicks for a buyout.
Stoudemire has recently talked to close friends about the possibility of accepting a buyout from the Knicks but the decision wouldn’t be made without “deep thought” from Stoudemire, sources told Begley, because of Stoudemire’s loyalty to Knicks owner James Dolan.

Buying STAT out would be a good sign that perhaps Bargs’ time with this team is not much longer, as well. I’d love to see some more D-Leaguers given a chance.

2014-15 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Celtics

Tonight is a very important game in Tankathon 2015, as Danny Ainge has historically demonstrated an inordinate ability to have the Celtics tank really well. The Knicks are still seven behind the Celtics but the Celtics are 3-7 in their last 10 as opposed to the Knicks’ 5-5 and they are sinking fast. If the Knicks can pull off a loss tonight, that would be big in the tanking department.

Let’s go! Knicks?

2014-2015 Game Thread: Knicks @ Pacers

Things are starting to get interesting in the great tankathon of 2015.

Last night, the Knicks continued their strong recent play (the only game in the last five that they lost they played without their second-best player after Langston Galloway, Carmelo Anthony*) with a victory over the Kevin Durant-less Oklahoma City Thunder. Tonight they go to Indiana to play against a Pacers team only 6.5 games ahead of them in the standings. The other two contenders for the worst-record “crown,” Philly and Minny, also won, so the Knicks begin today a half-game behind Minny and tied with Philly. It’s going to be a tight race to the bottom!

The Knicks will be with Carmelo Anthony tonight, as the theory is, I presume, that if you’re going to have knee surgery, you might as well destroy the knee entirely before the surgery or else you’re not getting the most out of the surgery, right?

The Knicks will also be with two other players for the rest of the season, as they are inking both Lou Amundson and Lance Thomas for the rest of the season (it doesn’t appear that they gave them non-guaranteed deals for next season, though, which is odd, as that would seem to be a no-brainer. Perhaps we’ll find out that they did later on. The contract specifics are still iffy).

Boy, these 10-day contracts sure have worked out, right? It’s almost as if they should try to get rid of more useless players on their roster and try out more 10-day contract guys.

Let’s go! Knicks!

*That’s a joke, ah say, that’s a joke, son.

2014-2015 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Thunder

Tonight we will all get to see a superstar point guard play.

Oh, and Russell Westbrook will also be in action tonight.

The newly-signed Langston Galloway has himself a tough matchup tonight. Let’s see if he can keep his strong play up. He’ll actually open the game as the off guard, as Jose Calderon has returned to hopefully pump up his trade value (come on, teams, you know you want Jose!).

Melo also returns to the lineup. He’ll be the starting three tonight, with Jason “Stretch” Smith and Lou Amundson forming the rest of the Knicks’ starting frontcourt.

Let’s go! Knicks!

ESPN New York: Knicks agree with Langston Galloway

The Knicks have agreed to a two-year contract with point guard Langston Galloway.

Ian Begley has the details at ESPN:

The Knicks have agreed to a contract with point guard Langston Galloway for the remainder of this season and the 2015-16 season, league sources told ESPNNewYork.com.

Galloway’s second 10-day contract with the Knicks expired earlier Tuesday, so he had been free to sign with any team.

His contract for the 2015-16 season contains a partial guarantee, according to league sources. Galloway has impressed the Knicks’ coaches since being signed to his first 10-day contract Jan. 7.

The stumbling block as to this deal getting done was that Phil Jackson didn’t want to commit any of his upcoming cap space unless he had to. A cap hold is $500,000. A fully guaranteed second-year contract is $800,000. So that’s just $300,000, but I guess Jackson believed that $300,000 might turn out to be very valuable. So my guess is that the partial guarantee for next season is $500,000.

I saw someone note that the Knicks are in danger now of losing Galloway after next season, but I don’t think that’s much of a worry. The Knicks will have a lot of cap space, so if Galloway somehow develops into a star (which seems unlikely), they’ll be able to keep him. I don’t see Galloway getting even a MLE offer next season. Galloway is a bright spot on this team, but he’s more of a back-of-the-team player on a better team. Still worth a roster spot, of course, but I wouldn’t worry too much about losing him in two years. I’d be irked about losing him this year over $300,000, but that’s about it. And there, Jackson called Galloway’s bluff (that Galloway would just try to sign somewhere else) and got the deal he wanted. So good for Phil there.

Along those lines, though, many of us were presuming that the Knicks would pick up Quincy Acy’s relatively cheap qualifying offer for next season ($1,181,348), but I would imagine that the odds are better than not that Acy does not get an offer now. Jackson seems to be valuing cap space over pretty much anyone not named Melo on this roster (it is also why Prigioni will likely be traded this season, as well) so I suspect Acy’s days with the Knicks will be over after this season.

Mother Nature Doesn’t Want to Watch the Knicks Either


With one of the largest snowstorms in recent history bearing down on the New York City area, the NBA has postponed the New York Knicks’ and Brooklyn Nets’ home games scheduled for Monday night.

With the National Weather Service describing this storm as a “crippling and potentially historic” blizzard, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo declared a state of emergency on Monday. Forecast projections for New York City and areas surrounding it predict that up to 20 to 30 inches of snow could hit the area over the next two days.

The Knicks’ game against the Sacramento Kings has been rescheduled for March 3. The Nets’ game against the Portland Trail Blazers has been rescheduled for April 6.

This could be a valuable snow-out for tanking purposes, as Melo would likely play tonight but might not be still playing for the team in March if he does, in fact, get his knee surgery after the All Star Game.

On a personal note, my wife and I had good seats for Louis CK’s show at the Garden on Tuesday night, which was also canceled. Stupid snow!

Seacoast Online: Family keeps the faith as baby battles cancer

When Jim and Deana Cavan welcomed their son Everett into the world last April, they knew he would change their lives forever. What they didn’t realize was just how much their first-born child, who is currently fighting for his life in a Boston hospital, could teach them about courage, resiliency, hope and the human spirit, they have been helping other parents to not feel alone and made workshops and activities on how long does it take for a baby to talk, walk or if there are any signs to look after when there is a developing issue.
Nine-month-old “Rett” has been battling a rare and serious form of pediatric cancer after a rhabdoid tumor was discovered on his liver last fall. But despite a risky surgery to remove the mass and several rounds of chemotherapy to destroy additional cancer lesions on his lungs, this little boy and his parents remain positive about his recovery.

“It’s tough,” said Deana. “But, I feel like he can push through this and live an amazing life.”

Great article about our friend and fellow Knickerblogger writer, Jim Cavan, and his family.

Here‘s the full article.

And here, again, is the place where people can make donations to help with the future medical expenses (which might very well be outside of insurance because we’re possibly talking about some experimental stuff since Rett’s cancer is so rare).

2014-2015 Game Thread: Knicks @ Hornets

The Knicks are riding an unlikely three-game winning streak. They really would be better off with losing this one tonight, and the Hornets have been playing better as of late, so you figure this will be a loss, especially with Melo out.

While I should be rooting for a loss, I am still rooting for the chance to say my new catch phrase, “A clutch trey by Galloway!”

Let’s go! Knicks!

2014-15 Game Thread: Knicks @ Sixers, AKA “Tankageddon 2015”

In one of the most exciting games of the new year, the Knicks and the 76ers face off in a dramatic battle to see who gets more ping pong balls in the NBA Draft Lottery this June. The Sixers made a decisive move in preparation for the battle today by holding back “sick” Nerlens Noel (Tony Wroten is also out, but I think he’s legitimately injured).

Let’s see whether Melo has a mysterious stomach flu right before tip-off.

On top of exciting, this might be one of the ugliest games of the year, but it might also be so ugly that it turns around and becomes beautiful.

Let’s go! Knicks!