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If The Basketball Gods Are Willing – The 2023 NBA Lottery Thread

Here we go, people, a 20% chance for the New York Knicks to get the #11 pick in the 2023 NBA Draft.

I’m sure we’re all assuming the Knicks will get the pick, right? By the way, will the Knicks have a representative there in case the Knicks DO get the 11th pick? I don’t know how that works.

Come on, the Knicks need a first round pick so that they can trade it for three future protected picks! We need this!

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I assume only teams who can end up 1-4 are there but it’d be great if Rose could jump out, point a finger, and laugh at Cuban if they drop. He then immediately goes into his 2nd ever press conference.

Monica Mcnutt and Malika excellent complements to Woj.

I am starting to think the Wemby hype may be a tiny bit overdone. But super excited for him.

Malika looks amazing. I think her red jacket is a tip off… it’s either going to be Rockets or Bulls.

The hype is through the roof but Wemby’s numbers, not to mention the tape that always looks downright fake, really are insane.

Getting 11 would really open stuff up for us this offseason…

Yeah, “best draft prospect in team sports history” is an overbid.

Fantastic prospect, though.

Getting 11 would really open stuff up for us this offseason…


The good news is that it is theoretically impossible for us to go downward from our current draft position…

No doubt a fantastic prospect. His mother looks like a cross of Helen Hunt and Steffi Graf.

Blazers’ tanking paid off.

Pistons? Well not so much.

The probability of us ever getting that heavily protected Piston’s pick is down to 2% after that.

Well they did beat us twice so at least E can’t blame Thibs for that…

Sadly Detroit getting shafted is not great for us, having a protected pick of theirs and all.

Are Wembys stats really that good? 55% on 2s in the 4th or 5th strongest league in Europe?

Man the Hornets needed that win…

The Spurs have the mirror image of the Knicks’ lottery luck.

San Antonio is the Paris of South Texas. He is going to live the Riverwalk.

Man, if I’m Philly, and Scoot is there at #3, I think hard about a reset. Trade Embiid for Scoot and a few more 1sts, and load up the Scoot/Maxey backcourt.
Meanwhile, Embiid would give Dame a legit shot at a Chip.

I hope Wemby realizes how his whole career he will have to share credit with Pop for his success. I don’t make the rules.

Nuggets have already scored more points than the Knicks did against the Heat

Knicks home win vs Denver was one of the funnest games of the season.

Joker is insane. Yep graphic is correct. He is on track for 40 rebounds.

Joker falling short of the first quarter triple double like a total chump

My dream scenario is Phoenix tears it down and we trade RJ and every draft pick for Booker.

no triple double just 19-16-6

No wonder he lost the MVP vote

The Nuggets have a lot of dubious players not named Jokic


Great game… er… 3 quarters

Jokic coming out party to the uninitiated. Denver is fun to watch. Only team left I can root for

I wonder if Denver fans would like a JAG like Grimes to have in their rotation, I doubt it

Imagine being Joker, putting up that line, and still having the game this close.

Shoot…even Fournier would be a step up for the nuggets…is Reggie Jackson on their bench,…why can’t he get any run?

Even Murray who went off was a huge defensive liability. They went at him every possession down the stretch.

Reaves with a huge game. Hachimura
also a huge game and looks like the answer to Jokic on the defensive end unless Denver can force AD to the perimeter.

Damn straight, tastycakes.

These lotteries are so fucking rigged to favor these welfare teams who can profit while tanking bc they’re stealing money from the real teams.

Chris Paul, AD, Zion to the Pelicans. Robinson, Duncan, Wemby to San Antonio. So many more.

Here’s the easiest fix to tanking of all time: base the odds on a 20 year rolling record. And to make sure the same damn teams don’t keep winning over and over, weigh past lottery success.

It’s so damn easy but these small market teams run the league like those damn CONCACAF islands run FIFA.

San Antonio hasn’t picked in the top 8 in over 25 years. They’ve picked in the top 10 five times in the history of their franchise: Alvin Robertson, David Robinson, Sean Elliot, Duncan, and Sochan. That’s all their top-10 picks over 50 years. It’s hard to get a small-market conspiracy indictment in general, but certainly not with that kind of admissible evidence.

If I’m counting right, the Spurs have been in the lottery 7 times and have now won 3 of them.

And you forgot Cleveland who won 3 out of 4 years after LeBron left!

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