Regarding Issues with the Site

Hopefully have it back up on Friday?

UPDATE 2: Well my hosting company let me down. Despite reaching out to tech support multiple times, they couldn’t get the upgrade done this weekend. So we’re stuck waiting for another week, at best. They still haven’t confirmed a date/time yet, hopefully I can get them locked into one before the weekend arrives.

Fingers still crossed.

UPDATE: I am aiming to upgrade the site this weekend. I suggest that if you have something important to say — save it until Monday. I don’t guarantee that everything from this point forward (1pm ET on Saturday) will be there when I upgrade. But I did backup the DB and should have everything up until that point.

Fingers crossed!

Mike made a comment explaining the situation, but I thought I’d pin it for a while just so everyone sees it. I’ve disabled comments, just so it wouldn’t distract from the other discussions.

Here’s Mike:

There’s a huge upgrade that needs to take place, and my server is too outdated to perform an in-place update. Unfortunately to do so I’ll have to migrate to a new server. Which means copying all my files, sql settings, user settings, mail settings, etc. Not just for this site, but all the domains I own/use. So that will take some time. Right now I’m trying to keep the old horse up & running with duct tape. My goal is to sort this all out before the season starts. The only thing I need is a few hours/days in my personal life, which should happen in the next month.

One other thing – there is a small chance that the problem is the database/configuration, and I need to scrap the whole thing and start anew. My thinking is if this occurs, I’d have the old site running somewhere ( for read-only/reference. The site would probably run better, but I’d have to spend a lot of time re-configuring everything. In a way that would be a blessing and a curse.