Tramps Like Us, Baby, We Were Born to Brunson – The 2022 Free Agency Opening Day Thread

How funny is it that free agency really is treated like a game in and of itself, right? And today is opening day for this stressful but entertaining game.

The Miami Heat will apparently not be meeting with Jalen Brunson today, making it a near certainty that Brunson will be signing with the Knicks as a free agent. What’s left to determine is A. how much he signs for and B. whether the Knicks and Mavericks work out a sign and trade for Brunson. There’s a possibility that the Knicks send out a player making enough money that the Knicks could maintain a lot of cap room even after acquiring Brunson.

Or not.

The Knicks might also finally get a chance to move on from Julius Randle.

Or maybe they won’t.

There’s a lot up in the air heading into the 6pm opening of free agency, but at least one thing appears not up in the air, which is that the Knicks are finally signing a big time free agent that other, actually good teams, also seriously want (heck, the Western Conference Runners-Up are going to be devastated by his departure). That’s the first time that’s happened since…Tyson Chandler, I guess? That’s cool.

Trading Randle would also be cool.

Oh, and of course, before I forget, Mitch Robinson is set to break the Charlie Ward Curse, which is also awesome (amusingly, if the Knicks work out an extension with RJ, I guess he and Mitch would share breaking the curse, right?).

So let’s talk about free agency!