SNY: Source: Knicks, Mitchell Robinson ‘not close’ to potential extension before deadline

From Ian Begley:

A source confirmed an ESPN report that the Knicks and Mitchell Robinson’s agent – Thad Foucher of Wasserman – have had multiple conversations over the course of the current league season about an extension for Robinson.

New York can offer Robinson an extension of four years for around $48 million at any point prior to June 30.

In at least one of the conversations between the Knicks and Robinson’s representation prior to the deadline, the team and player were “not close” on the terms, per an SNY source.

I’d be lying if I told you I knew the exact numbers discussed at the time. But a source familiar with the talks said one of New York’s offers wasn’t close to the max that the club can offer Robinson via extension.

If the Knicks and Robinson don’t agree to an extension prior to June 30, Robinson will be an unrestricted free agent.

The worst-case scenario for New York would be letting Robinson sign with another team and not receiving any compensation via sign-and-trade.

We all know the Knickiest thing ever would be to not even sign and trade Mitch, right? And since Detroit was interested in him and has plenty of cap space, the Knickiest thing seems pretty darn plausible.

The Knicks’ decisions about when to pinch pennies on players and when not to seem to be based on shaking a Magic 8-Ball.

Mitch, meanwhile, chimed in with a tweet that seems to be a pretty reasonable complaint (although making it on Twitter is a bit less reasomnable) about how the team neve ever looks for him on offense, noting “Everyone knows when everybody gets involved and the ball moving and everyone touching the ball the energy and effort goes to another level let me as you this and be 100% with your answer how would you feel just running up and down the court for 48 or even for 20 minutes?”

Boy, why in the fuck do they never run any fucking plays for Mitch? The guy crushes in the pick and roll and they never run pick and rolls for him! It’s some really shitty offensive coaching, even with the Knicks’ lack of point guards.