2021-22 Game Thread: New York Knicks vs. Toronto Raptors

The Knicks host the somewhat surprising Toronto Raptors tonight at the Garden.

Luckily for the Knicks, one of the main reasons that the Raptors have looked pretty good so far this season despite missing Pascal Siakam all season has been the strong play of rookie Scottie Barnes…who won’t play tonight.

So that’s good news!

Nerlens Noel likely remains out with his sore knee. That’s a shame. But he has a chance to suit up tonight, let’s hope it happens!

This should be a fun one to watch. The Raptors give it their all out there, but sans Barnes, this should be a very winnable game for the Knicks.

ARE THE KNICKS STILL ON PACE FOR 56 WINS? Yes, my prediction is looking, as Billy Crystal would say, mah-valous right now.

As part of our all-poll content (which we all know is the reason for the Knicks’ turnaround since 2020), I’ll ask about the exciting Raptors rookie…

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

Let’s go, Knicks!

KnickerBlogger Ticket Giveaway 2022 #1

OK folks, a kind person has decided to buy three pairs of my tickets to donate to our KnickerBlogger community. So the first giveaway will be a pair of tickets to the Knicks-Pacers game at the Garden on Wednesday 11/15.

The contest will be this: you have to guess Randle’s combined PTS + REB + AST in tonight’s game (vs. the Raptors). Person with the closest combined score will win. Tie breakers will be the closest to PTS, then the closest to REB, then the closest to AST, and finally a random “drawing” among those tied for first if there isn’t a decisive winner. In the event that Randle plays zero minutes, RJ Barrett’s line will be used instead! If the winner doesn’t reply in a timely manner, a runner up will be given the opportunity, and so on. All decisions will be made by yours truly, and my decisions are final.

POST A COMMENT IN THIS THREAD TO YOUR GUESS. IT MUST BE IN BEFORE 7:30pm ET. I’ll reach out to the winner via email & will announce it the after. For KBers that don’t live in town and have no one in your personal life to give the tickets to, you are free to enter, and if you win you may give/donate the tickets to another KB commenter of your choice. (I’ll just send them to the person of your choice.) The tickets are digital & you’ll need the msg ticket app on your phone to enter the stadium. You (and your guest) will have to be vaccinated to attend, and the Garden staff will check vaccination status before you can enter the building.


(This way I can easily enter them into a spreadsheet!)

To clarify the rules, imagine two people guess the following:

If Randle’s line is 20-10-8, the first person (A) wins, because the total score is 38, which is exactly what they guessed.
If Randle’s line is 20-10-9, the second person (B) wins, because each person is one point away from total score of 39, but the first tiebreaker is PTS, which B is closer.

Good luck & as always – Let’s Go Knicks!