The “How Many Wins Will The Knicks Have In 2021-22?” Prediction Thread

Ah, the truest sign that time is actually passing, we have another “How Many Wins Will the Knicks have?” prediction thread, a Knickerblogger tradition as valued as never being willing to kick anything to the curb or debating whether end of the Dallas Maverick bench player Frank Ntilikina is any good.

So let’s all make our bets as to how many games the Knicks will win in 2021-22!

As is my wont, I will guess high. The offense looks excellent and as we saw in the preseason, Thibs will do anything to win a preseason game, can you imagine what he’ll be like with 82 regular season Game 7s? Combine that with the Sixers looking to be worse with Ben “working out in his sweats with his phone in his pocket because he doesn’t want to lose millions by sitting at home” Simmons and the Celtics choosing to sort of kind of keep their powder dry for the 2022-23 season, I think there is room there for the Knicks to be at least as good as the Woodson Hawks, and let’s throw in a few more wins on top of that for Thibs not being the type of guy who blames a player for making a pass to a dumb player who then made a terrible play instead of blaming the dumb player who made the terrible play.

So that brings me to 56 wins as my prediction.

Let’s hope, like last year, that my optimistic prediction turns out to be still low.

As part of our all poll content (which we, of course, all know is the REAL reason why the Knicks had such a great year last year. All of those polls really inspired them), we have a poll for your predictions, as well.

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