NY Post: Scott Perry safe as Knicks GM after newest front-office hire

Berman with some “sort of kind of news”:

With Brock Aller soon to jump from the Cavaliers to become the Knicks’ vice president of strategy, general manager Scott Perry still will plow on in preparing for the NBA draft and is expected to run it — whenever the event takes place.

However, Perry’s long-term future as GM still is not guaranteed with his contract up June 30. The draft is scheduled for June 25 and could remain there if the NBA cancels its season in May.

Though Rose is considering keeping Perry, one NBA source told The Post, “The impression is Leon will do his due diligence.’’

An urgency to make a change, though, is lessened because of the new logistics amid the COVID-19 pandemic, especially with New York the nation’s epicenter.

“The shutdown may have helped everyone — at least temporarily,’’ one NBA source connected to the Knicks said.

Aller, who has been with the Cavaliers since 2014 as a capologist, will have a broader role with the Knicks. He is a financial maven coming in during a financial crisis. NBA teams face a revenue stream that has dried up completely.

NBA sources believe teams will tighten their belts on the size of front-office staffs. Sources have indicated Aller will look to reconfigure and even streamline the Knicks’ massive scouting/basketball operations department.

You simply cannot have Perry run your draft and then fire him. That’s just incompetent. And, of course, it’s what the Knicks already did a few years ago by letting Phil draft Ntilikina and then fire Phil right afterwards.

Based on the guys Rose was talking about hiring, Perry is as mediocre as any of them, so whatever, better Perry than Allan fuckin’ Houston, ya know? But it’d be nice if they could hire someone good, like the Bulls did. But in the absence of someone good, Perry would be fine.

And who knows who might become available in a year? There’s a certain Canadian GM whose contract is up at the end of next season, after all. Dare to dream, people! Dare to dream!