2016-17 Game Thread: Knicks @ Wizards

The Knicks travel to D.C. tonight to take on the Washington Wizards in yet another one of those Eastern Conference games where the Knicks have too good of a chance at winning.

Luckily, the Wizards have legitimately played well as of late, looking like an actually good team. However, the Knicks still played them very close the last time these two teams tangled, so it will likely be another close game. Hopefully the Knicks don’t pull it off, as they don’t need any sort of sign to Melo for him not to waive the NTC.

Let’s go, Knicks?

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With KP out, this game is gonna need 1. Five OTs 2. Ron Baker triple double or 3 Carmelo mysteriously not playing the second half…to be even a little interesting.

Clyde calls me every year to wish me a happy birthday. He’s a great guy.

reub…man, that is freaking awesome…’ol stylin and profilin himself…seems like a serious chill dude…definitely gives me hope for aging well…

never watched him play ball…was slowly introduced to him as a knicks announcer…checked his stats and was amazed to see he averaged over 40 minutes a game for a six year period…read his profile and, not sure why, but it made me smile to see he had gotten a charter-boat captain’s license at one point after he retired – captain “clyde”…

great thread earlier…as always learned more about different stat aspects (this in reference to evaluating college players):

stls/blks/pts per 40 and 2p fg are usually the best markers with a/to applicable in some cases

From what I’ve looked at the players with the best advanced stats plus athleticism per 48 stats (steals, blocks, rebounds) are the ones who end up the best NBA prospects.

It’s funny, I thought my fan fanaticism was next level – the truth it seems to pale in comparison to ras’/derricks’…you are seriously tuned in to this stuff…

favorite quote of the day was bob referencing horny’s response to some of fischer’s critical remarks:

bobneptuneJanuary 31, 2017 at 3:48 pm

Hornacek said it’s against coaching protocol to criticize others within the profession. “Well, I wouldn’t do it,” Hornacek said. “I don’t think a lot of other guys would do it. But certain guys will.”

What a perfect retort by Horny. He might have well as said…” I don’t think a lot of other guys would tap a teammates ex wife with his kids there! But certain guys will.”

Game , set and match to the current coach. Nuff said.

With KP out, this game is gonna need 1. Five OTs 2. Ron Baker triple double or 3 Carmelo mysteriously not playing the second half…to be even a little interesting.

good or mostly bad, the knicks are rarely dull…

Between Billy and Noah we should just run triple pick and rolls they’re so good at setting picks

Willy is aesthetically pleasing

whatcha mean – like his butt, his hair…sorry, still at work – all i got right now is a boxscore…

at least Jennings might fool some poor franchise into thinking he can still play.

Celtics, Clippers and Cavaliers won’t play today… I sure hope every single decision maker from those teams is watching this right now.

Phil please don’t break this team apart? We are exciting and oh so close.
Ricky Rubio close.

Melo’s value is through the roof right now. 13 points in the quarter plus working on the defensive end. The future is bright.

Nice drive and bounce pass from future star Baker to future star Willy.

Has bakers contract become fully guaranteed yet?

I hope it has, the dude belongs in the NBA even if it’s just as the 15th man

Freaking Willy. He’s too good for our tanking agenda. KP better infect him with his “illness”.

Willy is the leading assist man and tied for the rebound lead on our squad. Man, if only he’d develop a long range jumper. He’d be like a poor man’s Jokic.

Ya know who stinks. Noah stinks. He’s a joke. Hoodwinked

Bamboozled. Run Amok. Lead astray!

So, after all these layups maybe you’d want to stay close to the Polish hammer, you know so he can’t get anymore…
Noah seems to lose his guy a lot. It’s not athleticism…he just loses the guy

Yeah Willy was playing the 4 on both sides. He did well

He’s a zero on offense we know, but it appears he doesn’t even do the little things anymore. On offense or D. He has a knack for finding space on offensive boards… this may sound strange but I’m craving an old Z-bo over this fool.

Yeah Willy was playing the 4 on both sides. He did well

Morris is eating his lunch according to the box score.

That’s what we need Brandon some out of control bullshit early in the shot clock.

Hate to say it but we probably lose if we need Melo to score 40.
It means our other guys are not in the game

Baker with a nice play at the buzzer. Hoping that they give Melo the assist.


Maybe I wasn’t paying enough attention but it looks like Morris hit some tough shots

He’s moving well in space more than anything, which is something I like because it’ll help build his defensive awareness

OK, pretty good first half.

– We’re losing by 5.
– Melo looks offensively unstoppable again with 17 points on 7-11 shooting.
– Willy looks like a Jack of All Trades with an 8 pt/4 rb/3 ast in fifteen minutes on 4-7 shooting.

He’s moving well in space more than anything, which is something I like because it’ll help build his defensive awareness

Good, it also means he can play on defense with KP at the 5 patrolling the rim while he covers the 4s out in space. Their offensive games already compliment each other perfectly, it would be great if they can defensively coexist together as well in a competent fashion.

Can’t help but wonder if KP sitting out wasn’t about giving Willy a chance to showcase his game….maybe for a trade?

Can’t help but wonder if KP sitting out wasn’t about giving Willy a chance to showcase his game….maybe for a trade?

Theo agrees

Theo would argue that you guys are delusional if you think anyone’s trading for Willy, because no front office has ever made a dumb decision and he’s a Knick player = thus bad

why are yin and yang always linked, reub? it’s just how balance works in the universe.

It’s a good sign for the tank going forward that it doesn’t seem like we’re playing that badly and we’re still getting decimated by a good-not-great team

Anytime Noah is out there the tank is on. He sits and we’re immediately better.

If we only had KP out there plus Willy and Isaac we would be set.

But we’d still need Rubio.

If we only had KP out there plus Willy and Isaac we would be set.

But we’d still need Rubio.

What about PJ Tucker?

Melo really trying to get us that Nets pick, huh

the schedule gods threw the tank a bone, facing the Nets at the end of a road back to back is a loseable game.

By the time we’d get PJ Tucker it might be too late. Rose’s injury might have killed our chances

Melo with 26 after three. Please don’t sit him.

I’ve loved Otto Porter since his G-Town days (my brother went there so they’ve always been a team I root for.) He has such a well-rounded game, and a good attitude. Great pickup that took a little bit of time to flourish.

When Jason Smith blocks your shot you know it’s time to blow the team up

Jason Smith might be the worse role player of all terrible role players the Knicks have had this past years, just seeing him on the court brings back bad memories.

If we put Melo back in and he scores exactly 14 more points we have a chance.

There’s no way Melo doesn’t want a trade if we lose to Brooklyn right?

the way things are going, it’s more likely that Markieff Morris puts up 14 more points

we’ll always have that moment when we both lovingly professed our admiration for señor Rubio, reub.

You mean we had Plumlee on our bench all night and failed to use him? That’s just malpractice.

The Jason Smith-Bargnani lineups were all timers

Holy shit I totally forgot about those

My god I can’t even comprehend how I watched 60 games that season.

if we genetically engineered Sasha’s mind in Ndour’s body we would have a pretty damn good player.

You know, we might have done better this season with Sasha starting at the point. There, I said it.

Whatever. Loss is fine. What is getting worse and worse for me is this god dam corpse joakhim Noah. I can’t stand that phucker. It’s wearing on me. Nothing personal. But phuck him

Tankalicious game!

– We got walloped by 16 points.
– Melo scored 26 easy points on 10-17 shooting.
– Willy gave us 15 pts/14 rbs/4 asts in his first start.


We could have done better with Sasha Fierce starting at the point for us instead of Rose.

Sasha is underappreciated. I actually enjoy watching him play for us.

If anyone had doubts about us tanking the season away and trading Melo this game should have convinced them otherwise once and for all.

Lowry with an absolutely amazing dagger in OT

I was positive that was gonna miss and the Pels would have a chance to win it. Nope. They should overtake us soon regardless, they’re okay and we’re very bad.

I was rooting for the Pelicans naturally but it would also be nice to see the Raptors making a strong run, with the Celtics playing well the Cavs are sorta in danger of falling to the 3rd seed… both teams are 2 and 1/2 behind the Cavs now, it might make them desperate to make a move.

The lottery is so close that teams 4-10 each have 18 or 19 wins…if we go on a big losing streak we can jump upwards of 7 spots in a few weeks.

Please! Please! Lost to BK!

yeah man, it’s insane… the only team really out of the playoffs is Brooklyn, even Phoenix is only 7 games behind Denver at the 8th seed.

We have a great chance at the 4th pick. Or the playoffs. Whichever comes first.

You know for this year anyway Melo+KOQ for Love would actually help the Cavs. I don’t think it’s enough to beat GS but it would improve the team. And Melo+Lee or Holiday for Reddick and assorted junk + picks would definitely the Clippers. Again probably not enough to beat GS but neither the Clippers (Paul is almost 32 and injury prone) nor the Cavs (LBJ isn’t injury prone but he’s really the only reason they’re in the championship hunt and he’s 32 as well) are guaranteed to be in this position next year so why not take a shot? You’d still probably need an injury to Steph or Durant (or Green getting suspended) but it’d probably be worth a shot. If Melo stays healthy till the trade deadline one of those teams has to bite. But I still think there’s a real chance Melo says no.

@128 We could give them Jennings too, fulfilling a need for them. Then we could rest Love for the season if we’re out of the race due to his ailing back and draft a young stud, preferably for the backcourt.


Plus I think trading Love for another top pick would be attainable.


You know if Boston doesn’t want to give us the Nets pick we can probably flip Love to Phoenix, Portland, or OKC for their 1st round pick this year and some youth/expiring contracts. It’s just imperative that Cleveland gives up Kevin Love. Whether it’s now or on draft night, Melo needs to end up in another uniform and it needs to lead to another 1st round pick. I could see Thibodeau trading us his 1st for Kevin Love.

Tommy Dee is tweeting from a knowledgeable source that Toronto expressed interest in Melo but Melo said no to any move there.

Btw Malik Monk is currently tearing Georgia up. I know he doesn’t do much else besides score but he’s an unbelievable scorer. He’s like the anti Avery Bradley.

Solomon Hill played Lowry about as well as you can on that crazy last shot, as well. I was especially impressed with how he avoided fouling him.

The Nuggets could very well surpass us in wins tonight if they beat the Lakers.

So what did you guys think about Willy is his first start of the year? Not a bad first time, huh? He blew some open layups though.

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