2016-17 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Suns

This is going to be a hard one for the tank. The Knicks played awful against the Suns in Phoenix (and without Derrick Rose most of the game) and they still were in a position where they really should have won that game, so this will be a tough game to lose.

Oh well, I guess we can at least root for Porzingis to own Marquese Chriss tonight (you know KP hasn’t forgotten how much of a dick Chriss was to him in that Phoenix game). By the way, as an aside, how shitty was last year’s draft that Marquese Chriss was a top 10 pick? Thank goodness the Knicks have their own first rounder in a good draft.

Hopefully Melo scores a bunch of points, as well, to up his trade value. You know you want to deal that Nets pick, Boston!

Let’s go, Knicks?

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And of course, League Pass will not load again. Why do I continue to pay for this??

Portland taking Boston to OT in Boston. The Celtics could REALLY use Melo and/or O’Quinn!

Rebecca doing something different this year. I think she’s decided to drop the Ivy League accent.

They actually threw a pass to KP within 5 feet of the hoop. I’m thrilled.

Think Melo would accept a trade to Toronto? We all know he’s truly committed to winning. Demarre, PatPat/Sullinger and Delon Wright plus pick(s) works in the trade machine. Maybe we could get Norm or Cory Joseph in some other combination. It’s doubtful Melo would want to play in the frozen North, but if he wants to prove he wants to win, there are few better choices.

This Knicks team is the greatest team ever.
All this negativity is just the media’s attempt to undermine this great franchise and its relationship with its fans.
And their defense is among the best in the NBA.

KP really needs to play inside and on the pick and pop rather than post ups into turnaround jumpers

He needs to play center so badly. Playing PF is stunting him imo

We could actually beat the Celtics if we play them in the postseason.

Willy and Holiday must have made a Dumb and Dumber post on Instagram, or something.

It looks like we just might be able to lose this game

Thank you DRed, I came here just to see if anybody else was majorly creeped out by the hoops for troops guy

Ha! I thought he was doing his Reub impression.

Hoops for Troops man definitely creepy.

And Rose with that two handed jam. Eye test candy.

Also, Tyson can still ball a little bit.

Still a force to be rechoned with on the O-boards.

Anyone else check this excellent piece on fivethirtyeight re: the kind of team to build around Melo? https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/how-to-win-with-carmelo-anthony/

Did not see that one. Good one to post on a morning game thread.

This has basically been KB gospel since he has arrived. It’s the Iverson approach. Surround Melo with D and low usage high efficiency scorers for best results.

The comp list is spot on. Cross Mark Aquirre and Alex English. That’s Melo.

Great half from him again. Let’s trade him.

PJ Tucker is the answer. Not Frank Ntilikina

Yeah a low usage defensive specialist bench player will push this terrible team into the ECF.

Yeah a low usage defensive specialist bench player will push this terrible team into the ECF.

Guys, we’re one Lebron injury away from the finals. Don’t be haters. Also our offense is unstoppable.

Tyson got a gazillion dollars, so I’m sure he’s fine with his decision, but man, he belongs on a contender. Such a waste here.

Yeah, he’s not really a force on offense anymore, but he’d be great off the bench for a team like Houston

We need to continue the poor defense. This has been a good first half. Keep it up.

And why is TJ Jakes “Women Thou are Loosed” getting advertised on MSG?

Only thing getting loosed on MSG is opposing three point shooters….

This is all part of a broader secret strategy.
Give up a ton of points early so the Knicks can refine its 4th period defense.
Lulling the league into complacency.

I’ll tell you what I’m drinking: I’m drinking in Knick greatness in great big goblets.

Noah with an absolute blunder. He’s wide open at the foul line but instead passes to the wrong team.

Portland beat Boston, tying us in wins for the season.

This is a special development.

Frank O. didn’t mention it but tonght’s attendance was the largest in MSG history.

500,000 people are in the building cheering.

Most savvy fans in basketball. It’s why the Knicks always sell out.
It’s a measure
Of their greatness.

The rest of the team finally sees our 7’3″ unicorn out there.

Melo is a star. He should dribble more.
You do you, Melo.
Best TS in basketball and nobody knows it.

KP might have the biggest rebound disparity in the league when Noah is on the court vs when he’s off

O’Quinn was really bad in the first half. I’d trade him despite his stats.

Lee’s stats don’t reflect how good he is.
Most underrated 2 in the NBA.

We really have the most underrated team in league history. The statistics that the league uses (wins/losses) doesn’t fully capture the greatness of our team. The Knicks are so good in so many other areas that aren’t being accounted for by the NBA’s unfair and archaic system. I say we start measuring grit, intensity, bounce, agility, former MVP-ness, and other fair rating systems. Sad!

Willy should really be our starting center already. Enough with the pretenses.

Jim Dolan is a genius.
He built his empire from nothing but a hardscrabble beginning.
A small loan from his dad and he’s a massive success.

Willys defense has improved significantly since the beginning of the season

I laughed out loud when Melo elbowed Tucker and whipped it at the hoop looking for a foul.

Looks like KP got healthy during halftime lol. Nice to see him looking like his old self again.

Phil Jackson, 11 rings speak for themselves.
The Rambis call? Classic Jackson brilliance.
The Melo extension? The most selfless act I’ve ever seen.
And he recognized vintage Rose and pulled the trigger.

We should trade our #1 and filler for Tucker and Knight. We are close boys.

You get a chance to trade a #1 pick for a 31-year old journeyman with a .497 TS% in the last year of his contract, you have to just go for it. This is our year, let’s go get Phil that 18th ring.

Better throw in the 2019 pick and swap rights for the 2018 and 2020 picks just in case Phoenix doesn’t wanna go for it

That 2019 pick will be at the end of the first round anyway since we’ll be celebrating our threepeat

Carmelo Anthony makes twice as much as Steph Curry.
And he’s worth every penny.

He might make twice as much money but he’s a ten times better player. You get all that great scoring plus lockdown defense.

Why waste money on an unknown 1st rounder when you can trade it for a great past performer?

Who’s up? Willy. Melo. Kuz.

Who’s down? Noah. O’Quinn. Jennings.

Part of me appreciates Dolan having forced us to survive a dystopian nightmare of a basketball team. Great preparation for the next four years.

When the Knicks draw a creampuff opponent at home, they always put them away early so the starters can get some rest. It’s never a life and death struggle with the starters getting 40+ minutes. I love that about the team.

We’d be giving up “Luke Skywalker Kennard” for a third seed. No brainer.

Brandon Jennings is a savvy veteran who makes everyone around him better.
Part of the best point guard rotation in basketball.
He just needs to shoot more; not selfish enough.

We’d have to win about 50 games to get the third seed, which means we’d only have to go 31-7 the rest of the season. That’s totally doable.

We always have trouble with opponent’s guards. Suns have guards.

We don’t need the third seed. We’re going to party like it’s 1999.
Spurs were overrated, by the way. Believe me

Holiday came in for 4 minutes. Was 1-1 (a three) and picked up 2 rebounds. Not a minute since?

I would trade a first for T-1000

Why? I mean, I understand the sentiment; that he still has some value in this league. But surely we won’t be doing anything important even with him over Noah.

That D’Antoni guy? Totally overrated.
Who ever heard of an Italian from West Virginia that knows anything about basketball?

Naysayers we’re winning. What happened?

We’re playing the worst team in the Western Conference at home?

We’re gonna beat the Suns because we’re winners.
Nobody knows it, but it’s true.

I would trade a first for T-1000

Why? I mean, I understand the sentiment; that he still has some value in this league. But surely we won’t be doing anything important even with him over Noah.

I love Tyson Chandler. He’s my favorite Knick of the last 20 years.

But yes, the Knicks trading for him would be dumb. I meant a playoff team looking for an upgrade.

If we are tanking I’d rather get blown out. Enough of these awful crunchtime collapses.

Vintage Rose. No one can get to the basket like him.
And he’s a two-way threat.
Nobody works harder.

The Suns are way better than people know.
How about that Rebecca Haarlow’s dress? Legs for days. Hottest sideline reporter in basketball.

I’m tumescent

How about that Rebecca Haarlow’s dress?

pics or didn’t happen

This was an awesome loss. So many positives to take away from it. Phoenix won. Portland won tying us in wins, Denver is handing LAC its ass which accomplishes the goal of helping our race to the bottom while making the Clips desperate for Melo, Miami beat the Bucks, and Detroit won!

A great day for The Tank! On top of this Melo had a big game to make him more enticing to potential bidders while increasing his frustration.

This one’s on Horny for sitting Willy the Winner at the end. We were sooo on a roll.

Melo had an incredible game and we still lost to an awful team at home. This may go down in history as our tank’s finest hour. I am so proud.

@152. If only. lol.
Ron Baker screen maker so supreme Melo actually took a final shot without dribbling into a triple team.

Don’t forget Boston losing at home again, maybe wanting Melo or Griffin (3-way with Knicks).

We’re losing to the Suns people. There’s no way phil isn’t seriously thinking about blowing this thing up

Super demoralizing for Melo having a string of great games and losing in the most brutal fashion each and every time

I agree that Melo’s value is sky high. We shouldn’t give him away though.

Knicks again put on a quality show. Such an exciting team.
Americans want to see points. Lots of points.

Derek Rose needs to continue taking 26 shots a game. It will help us in so many ways!

The team is about a week away from a serious implosion… Jennings I’m sure will be running his mouth some more. I sense that Oquinn is getting more restless. Already chirping from Lee. Rose has gone AWOL. And the Melo Phil drama… we are on the cusp of something… and I wouldn’t even be surprised if Noah makes a comment so passive aggressive , that it wreaks of negativity … what’s sad is none of these guys has much of a leg to stand on. This team is just so bad on D and the offensive execution is so so so poor. The sum of these parts are still parts. It is a bad product

We had multiple threes go down and then come out. You can’t blame that on the team now.

Super demoralizing for Melo having a string of great games and losing in the most brutal fashion each and every time

Exactly. What a beautiful show of ineptitude. If anything highlights how hopeless this team is to all parties involved I don’t know what else will. I was worried we would win this game because the Suns are so terrible, but Derrick Rose never lets me down. He’s hands down the LVP of this team right now.

something is still wrong with kp…. his reb rate in the games since he injured his achilles has been atrocious… he needs to sit….

I decided to treat myself to some quality basketball for a change and chose to watch Spurs/Cavs.

Stay the course, boys. Another L for Markelle. Full steam ahead!

I really think we have a legitimate shot to get a lotto pick this offseason, maybe even another if Melo gets frustrated enough and decides to waive his NTC to include other suitors.

Dreams do come true!

Melo can’t drag us to a home win against an awful win even when he has a great game. That has to bode well for him wanting a trade. I mean, shit, I don’t blame him. This is as hopeful as I’ve been in a while.

I don’t know what do. I want to trade Rose for something this deadline before he becomes a FA but I also want us to continue tanking hard and am afraid we won’t find an LVP like him to take over when he’s gone.

Do we look to offer Rose to Minnesota now that Rubio isn’t being traded to Detroit for Jackson?

We need PJ Tucker.
Briante Weber too.
More Willy and Holiday.
More double teams in the backcourt.
Plumlee to deck someone once per game.
KP to start using his skyhook that we all know he has.
Horny to stand up more on the sideline.
Rambis to be our 6th man on defense.

The solution is easy.
And obvious.

Sacramento is playing Chicago to a close score. Makes me wonder who to root for there. I’d like more space between us and Chicago for a tank but Sactown has 16 wins. They’re also within range.

Minnesota couldn’t offer enough for Rose.
Extend him now before he gets too expensive.

Next team up is the Pacers. Also worried about this squad, we seem to always play them tough in regular season games. Bad thing is that we’re away on the road where we’re actually a .500 team.

I nominate this game thread for top ten of all time. Loaded with insightfulness.
Thanks, Frank O!

Knickerblogger is just another deceitful media outlet trying to run down a very successful franchise…
although I am concerned that some of the foreign players, KP, Kuz, and Willy (Mexican) are stealing good paying jobs from hard working American talent.

Losing at home to the 15th place team in the Western Conference is an impressive tank achievement.

There is no game on the schedule that this team can’t lose. Trench is the limit.

Rubio has left the T Wolves for personal reasons. He also didn’t come out for the 2nd half in his last game. Hmmm.


That’s not good. The T-Wolves are way better with him on the court.


We are tanking and no one seems to be happy. I just don’t get it.

On a serious note: What the heck is up with JH’s lineups and rotations?

I think he’s at the “throw lineups at the wall and see what sticks” stage of the desperate head coach process. We keep losing and he’s just looking for a magic lineup/hot player that night.

D’Antoni, Woodson, and Fisher all got there eventually.

Dejounte Murray started against the Cavs today and went 7-10 for 14 points with 6 assists and solid defense

The Spurs hit again. Why can’t we be the Spurs, other than having the greatest head coach in NBA history?


They always draft defense first, get guys who are willing to work on their game and can fit in their system.

We should follow suit.

Dejuonte Murray and Kawhi Leonard probably won’t be enough to win a chip, but if Kyle Anderson comes around they will have developed a team corps with zero lottery picks. I love the Spurs. Western Conference front offices just seem miles ahead of us in the East (with the exception of Toronto; even Boston is a bad team at drafting).

When Phil gets phired, I hope we hire somebody from Golden State, Houston, or San Antonio to be the president.

Phil better not be fired before the Tank is completed. We need some Clarence Gaines expertise for our lottery pick.

I know few of us post on Knickerblogger, but I have always been and will always be a Carmelo Anthony fan. He’s been a classy guy for the most part and has never not given 100% for the team. Say what you want about his heroballing and his ego but he wants to win here and he loves being here. You might hate how much money he makes and you might hate his level of productivity, but he’s a decent human being who doesn’t get caught in nightclubs or in sexual assault allegations. I’ll always support him no matter how badly I want to see him traded.

That being said, he’s raising his stock right now as a power forward scoring machine. If we can’t move him before the trade deadline, there’s always the hope of trading him during the summer to Boston for Markelle Fultz.

I like Melo as a basketball and a person even if he’s overpaid and overrated. Since he came to NY hes been great, behavior wise.

We can fire Phil and still keep his staff on. And honestly I don’t think Phil Jackson is a bad talent evaluator. Where he struggles is with deciding what certain players are worth. The only player he’s added that has been a net negative has been Kevin Seraphin. Whether we like it or not, Kyle O’Quinn, KP, Willy Hernangomez, Mindaugas Kuzminskas, and Justin Holiday were great finds by Phil. Joakim Noah is also awesome, but he’s incapable of playing a lot of minutes. Courtney Lee was another overpay, and the Melo NTC is currently keeping us from Brooklyn’s 2017 pick. He should be on as a consultant or as a major piece of a front office. He’s ill equipped to be a president because he doesn’t have the negotiating chops, and that might be 50% of the job.

And honestly I don’t think Phil Jackson is a bad talent evaluator. Where he struggles is with deciding what certain players are worth. The only player he’s added that has been a net negative has been Kevin Seraphin.

Phil has a lopsided losing record since coming here, and most of the players who have been on the team in that time have been guys Phil has brought in. By nature, MANY of the players Phil has added have been a net negative. This team is 19-26 right now, and every single guy on the roster is a guy Phil has either signed, drafted or traded for. I hate to break it to you, but there are plenty of net negative players on this team.

I would love to trade Melo for Markelle Fultz. I seriously doubt Boston does that. Fultz is a mega-prospect.

Andrew Wiggins was also a mega prospect and I’m certain Boston believes they are a power forward away from serious title contention. Isaiah Thomas, Avery Bradley, Jae Crowder, Carmelo Anthony, and Al Horford is a very tough team to stop and it’s a team that covers Melo’s weaknesses while emphasizing his strengths. Boston could be talked into that deal. I also don’t think it’s a foregone conclusion they get the first pick in the draft. If they end up with Lonzo Ball instead, I think they definitely do that trade. They don’t need Lonzo Ball. They need a power forward.

@206, I think the Knicks have a bunch of good parts but they are not playing the right guys the right minutes. The Knicks easily could be .500 right now if Kuz, O’Quinn, and Hernangomez averaged 25+ minutes a night.

Boston needs defense and especially rebounding from its PF. I could see them trading Fultz for Griffin. I don’t see how Melo is going to significantly improve their team. So I can see Boston trading the pick, but Fultz is another issue altogether.

Actually, I take that back. I could see Boston trading Fultz for Melo.

Kawhi has six consecutive thirty point games while being an amazing defender. That sounds unfair.

Boston needs defense and especially rebounding from its PF.

This is exactly correct. Boston is the #7 offense and the #21 defense. They’re dead last in the NBA in defensive rebounding. They need a banger, not a PF who shoots lots of midrange jumpers and plays defense like it’s something he’d rather not be doing.

BTW, everyone slobbing over Dejounte Murray should know the kid has the same exact body type as Ntilikina – 6’5 ft, 170 pounds, 6’11 wingspan. Spurs are so fucking smart and its amazing how the league hasn’t caught on. They value project-worthy athletes like Leonard and Murray with large wingspans who can come out of college and project to show high ceiling defensive skills while coaching them into a smart offensive system that plays to their offensive strengths. Its exactly what I want for this team. Get athletic, elite defensive players and coach them up into Horneck’s offense. Anunoby and Ntilikina were the two I flagged and I still have hopes of getting in this draft now that the former had surgery and is out for the season.

I still have hopes of getting in this draft now that the former had surgery and is out for the season.

Won’t Anunoby just stay in school for another year?


Speculation right now is that he’s going to declare for the draft while his stock is high. That knee injury scares me, but if its recovers in a strong combine he can still be chosen in the 15-20 first picks because of the major dropoff in talent after the first 12 picks.

But I’d be more than happy if Anunoby stayed an extra year in Indiana. He needs to work on his game, particularly his handle and FT shooting.

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