Knicks 2015-16 Game Thread: Knicks @ Wizards

The Knicks take on the Washington Wizards on Halloween Night, the second night of a back-to-back for the Wizards. Hopefully they will be tired out and the Knicks will be able to take advantage. John Wall and Bradley Beal are a tough matchup for the Knicks’ current starting backcourt, but hopefully they’ll be able to hang in there until the faster second unit enters the game.

Former Wizard and new Knicks Kevin Seraphim makes his season debut tonight. Hopefully he torments his former team!

Let’s go Knicks!

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Tough, tough match-up for the team tonight. That back court of Wall and Beal is going to be impossible to defend with Calderon and Vujavic. I understand starting them early in the season but I hope Fisher has a quick trigger tonight. I would much rather see Grant and Galloway on them. Period.

My LP (actually just the NYK Team pass) is finally working on both PC and TV (via Roku app).

Well, half working. Video yes, audio no. Baby steps, I guess.

The android app has worked fine from the preseason for me.

Kahnzy, I just checked and audio is working via the Washington feed. Maybe MSG is the problem with the audio for the Knicks feed?

Can you get it to launch?

No, the fucking ad page for it just keeps launching instead of the actual player. It’s really pissing me off.

Not ideal when Calderon and Vujacic have taken all but 1 of the Knicks FGA in the first 4 mins of the game.

This game starts exactly the way you would expect. Several bad defensive plays by Calderon in a Wizards track meet.

K, I hope you get it to launch. Tonight is the first time I’ve been able to get it to stream on my PC.

The starters haven’t looked good so far. Melo and V missing shots.

Well, Wall is schooling Grant, too, so it’s not just Calderon.

Wall schools everybody.

Thomas looking good so far. A nice steal, a nifty move to score and then a pretty pass to O’Quinn.

Williams was in there. Melo started to get hot, even cocky (leading to a stupid turnover). It’s a good thing. He has 10 pts after Q1.

Gallo needs to cover the opposing PG when he’s in the game and let the other guard cover the opposing SG, including Grant.

Not a bad 1st Q result, all things considered.

Yeah, Thomas continues to be surprisingly productive. Still, I’d really like to see Early get some minutes.

I like this match up for the bigs. I still think oaq lays back in the paint to much but at least they don’t have to worry about the 5 shooting 3s

If I was a Washington fan I’d be pissed at their GM. Gary Neal is an important part of the rotation on an otherwise good team!

In the 1Q, Wall blew by Calderon. He had a clear path to the rim. Breen announced in real time that Gortat had set a pick for Wall. During the replay, he saw that Wall had beaten Calderon like a rented mule without any pick from Gortat (who was vaguely in the area). Breen then asked Clyde what Calderon could do, given the extreme quickness mismatch between Wall and Calderon. Clyde answered, “Back off.” Wall’s only weakness is his jumper – and he has improved on that.

Calderon cannot stay in front of either Wall or Sessions (who really does have a weak jumper).

I like that the game is close, but I think they have a real chance of building a lead here and I hope they do so.

When John Wall abuses you, that’s one thing. I mean, he is John Wall after all. However, when Ramon Sessions is also abusing you? That is not good.

Wall is playing out of his mind. He juked Grant who fell to the ground before running into the Por-and-Thor wall. Then he blocks a shot from behind.

the knicks need enough flexibility in their offense to start setting back door picks for their guards when someone is overplaying them so consistently like this

Calderon and all the 2nd rd picks the Knicks have for Taj Gibson. Dreams can come true right.

Very solid 1st half on the offensive end, good execution and mostly good shots. But if we can’t figure out a way to slow down Wall, there’s no way we can win this game.

And unfortunately, all the good PG’s in this league are going to have huge games against us, get used to it.

I like it when Melo has one of his patented awesome scoring games! They’ll need more of that in the second half!

Part of the reason Melo is scoring tonight is that the Wizards are playing true man-to-man on him. No help and no tilt. He is making them pay.

if they’re gonna to play calderon against wall, they should probably play zone with a guy on beal

grant hasn’t played well, he has two TOs and the knicks have two others TOs where grant couldn’t get away from his man on offense to take a pass from a big

Galloway should be starting at the 1 until grant hits his stride, than he should be first off the bench,assuming afflalo earns his tasting spot at the 2, which I think he will. BTW how good will this team look when afflalo is back?

Grant is playing awful tonight.

Nightmare game for him. Galloway, on the other hand, has been awesome.

And it’s really hard to criticize what Lance is doing out there.

this game is awesome and even if they lose is a reminder of how uniquely horrible last season was

Forgot how nerve-wracking close games down the stretch are when you’re rooting for your team to win lol.

Melo looks clutch tonight. Probably because he doesn’t have 40 minutes on his legs.

Forgot how nerve-wracking close games down the stretch are when you’re rooting for your team to win lol.


Guys guys guys, gals. Did Derek Fischer really call a play where melo just dribbles for 17 seconds at top of the key and goes one on one and puts up a shitter. Really …. This is a problem

No one on this forum should be OK with that. 🙁 thankfully were up 3 still. But this game could be … Could be.

Young Langston second on the team with points, rebounds and assists tonight. He sucks though, because nobody drafted him.

Is 37 pts on 18 FGA good????

Notice the conspicuous absence of certain posters? That means he had a really good game.

Nice win! It’s not who starts; it’s who finishes.

3 home openers, and the home team is 0-3!

I changed my mind, it’s not Oquinn and Williams for MVP and Sixth Man, it’s Galloway and Thomas!

Ok lance played decently, but for him to log more minutes than porzingis? Kp was 3 for four, what’s the issue

Is 37 pts on 18 FGA good

I can’t complain about having the poor man’s Steph Curry. Melo should have shot more!

37 point on 24 possessions. That’s really amazing and should repair that 39% ts% he was rocking through the first two games.

Am I crazy, or did wall only hit one FG in the second half?

Edit: apparently yes, because he hit 3. Still! That’s so much better than the first half

Vujacic shot 2 for 10 while getting all the crunch-time minutes at SG. Afflalo can’t return soon enough (even though Vujacic did stuff the box score despite the poor shooting).

Lance Thomas is Fisher’s “glue” player, he seems to make the right plays, and hustles his ass off. I think we should get used to seeing him in the rotation.

@jkhar, I get it but kp was our highest lottery pick since ewing, who you want getting burn in crunch time both for performance and the experience?

I’m waiting for the h8ers to apologize for crucifying Phil for the Lance signing. 🙂

I’m waiting for the h8ers to apologize for crucifying Phil for the Melo signing. 😀

I appreciate the effort especially on D that both Vujacic and Thomas are providing. But every time they touch the ball on offense I start to panic because they always seem out of control and in a hurry to do something (mostly bad).

41 more wins to go.

So the Knicks played three of last year’s playoff teams and went 2-1. That’s cool.

Bradley Beal is way more talented than he is productive, and that sucks for the Wizards. 9 for 23 tonight from him.

Kidstaps Porzingis with 8 points and 6 boards in 21 minutes, and he’s looking like he’ll develop into a defensive anchor. All the questions I’ve had about his rebounding have been answered so far.

Galloway is just good at basketball. What a find.

Knicks have had a pretty tough schedule to start the season and it only gets tougher in November.

Oh, and I have to apologize for being dismissive of Gallo way back when. He’s really good!

Carmelo Anthony was outstanding tonight. Doing Melo things and then he’s trusting his teammates. He hit Lance Thomas for a pass under the basket and I thought to myself “I wouldn’t have blamed him one bit if he didn’t pass it to Lance Thomas.” Gotta like what the Knicks are doing so far.

Wow, I really have to giive Lance Thomas some credit. His defense chasing Beal late in the game was special. On top of that he is dropping buckets. Who is this guy. lol

Can’t complain about Fisher’s coaching so far, tonight he seemed to push all the right buttons. And he didn’t panic and rush Melo back into the game in the 4th quarter when things got tight. May have stayed with Grant a little too long, but Jerian did hit a huge 3 late.

Sasha had as many rebounds as O’Quinn, Williams, Thomas, Calderon and Grant did combined. He was bad on offense, but at least he chipped in something useful

Just noticed the Spurs play in Boston tomorrow afternoon so Monday in NY will be the 2nd of a back-to-back. Too soon for Pop to rest a bunch of guys??

If the Mets had any thoughts of signing Cespedes, I think tonight made that decision an easy one.

Really solid game for Lance. As much as I want to see Zingis, I had no problem with Lance taking a bunch of his minutes. If he’s going to keep knocking down jumpers and getting deep post position to go along with the solid D, he’s a valuable player. (I don’t think he will do that, but if….)

Just noticed the Spurs play in Boston tomorrow afternoon so Monday in NY will be the 2nd of a back-to-back. Too soon for Pop to rest a bunch of guys??

I could see minute restrictions! I’d sure love to see 3-1!!

That late 3 by Galloway was huge. He has played mostly excellent basketball so far. I just wish he’d change his number, that 2 keeps reminding me of Felton out there.
Melo , scoring buckets tonight at an impressive rate.
Really nice win. They are soooo much better than last year.

Craziest thing about this year is how good our offense is. We are 3rd in the league in offensive efficiency (107!) just behind GS and OKC. And that’s in spite of the fact our 3 opponents were all in the top 7 last year in defensive efficiency.

It’s super early but it’s amazing what can happen when you have actual nba players on the team.

If the Mets had any thoughts of signing Cespedes, I think tonight made that decision an easy one.

ditto for murphy. And I love him, he’s been a great Met. But not worth re-signing at free agent prices.

I still don’t see more than 35 wins here. Melo had a fabulous game and the Knicks scratched by a team that I’m guessing is going to be a lower seed in the playoffs (Gortat is aging, Pierce is gone, and Porter is unreliable — looks to be heading down the Jeff Green path if he’s lucky).

The Bucks are now 0-3 BTW, and we played them without their best player.

The positive I took from this game is that Derek Fisher may not follow in Woodson’s footsteps. Last game, he showed a willingness to adapt — to not only play the more effective players, but to play lineups that make sense.

His next big challenge is going to be managing Afflalo, who, like Calderon, looks to be a veteran whose reputation far outshines his ability to contribute and who has been slated to play a position he probably should no longer be playing.

I mean, are they are great team? No. But they don’t seem to be any worse than the other teams on the fringes of the Eastern Conference playoff picture. Like I said the other day, Milwaukee seemed like all hype to me and very little substance. Also, during predictions, I said 37 wins, but that was 37 wins when Galloway was only a pretty good player and not, like, an All Star, and when Lance Thomas was the player he was last year and not an actual good player. If those two things continue to be true (well, I mean, you know, obviously they won’t continue to be this good, but even in the same ballpark), then I don’t see why that couldn’t add another six wins to their win total and bring them to around 43 wins.

I like Galloway to have an above average season and think he has a good chance to be a quality starting guard as long as someone else can initiate the offense. It’s hard to really get too hyped about him though since he’s only under contract through this year.

Derrick Williams, Lance Thomas and Melo have in the three games contributed a lot more than we can expect from them on average. Thomas especially is being set up to be this year’s Jason Smith — the player that the coaching staff is way too loyal to.

O’Quinn too — he’s going to be a nice pickup for the Knicks, but he’s not going to be able to continue to contribute as much as he has. The guy is averaging nearly 8 offensive rebounds/36 — 2.4 blocks, 1.4 steals. These are prime Ben Wallace level defensive numbers. O’Quinn is not Ben Wallace.

I don’t agree about the sustainability, Max. Melo had a great game, an OK game, and a bad game. He can certainly do that all year. And Oaq contributes in a lot of ways – he can really pass, for instance, and seems like a smart player, not just a bruiser. I think he can sustain his overall contributions, even if his offensive rebounding slides. And again, Williams has not been stellar every game – so while it’s maybe less certain (in my mind, anyway), there is a decent chance he continues to provide erratic high-volume decent-efficiency scoring off the bench overall.

Which leaves Lance, who seems least likely to keep this up, in part because it’s so anomalous. If he’s actually turned some sort of corner, fantastic – but no, I don’t believe it.

Even so, there is hope that what we’ve seen is GENERALLY sustainable. Still doesn’t mean we’ll beat most of the good teams, but we’ll win most of the games we should, against bad teams, because the players work hard and have a modicum of talent.

So I’m not ready to raise my prediction from 34 wins, but…hard not to secretly hope for 38 or so.

@rama — you can just look at their WS/48 to see that the numbers the guys I mention are not sustainable.

Galloway: 0.304 with a 10% jump over last year’s FG% and a 67% 3pt%…

Melo (despite two bad games): 0.240 — 0.056 better than his best year of his career. 3pt% is down, but passing, rebounding, stealing are all career best.

O’Quinn: 0.178 (all-star level), shattering career #s in rebounding, assisting and blocks.

Thomas: 0.137 — 68% from the field…

Derrick Williams: 0.142 — double his career best and averaging over 11 FTAs/36. Also, at 31% usage when his career best before was 23.5%.

These numbers, especially from Williams, Galloway and Thomas, are not just going to go down, they are going to plummet.

The only guy on the roster who you can hope for real growth from is Calderon. Afflalo may help, but some of his minutes are going to come at the expense of MVP Langston Galloway…

I love the knicks doom crew, spewing “unsustainable” what’s unsustainable about it? Melo had one good game out of 3, kp shot 50 percent once, and no one else other than dwill game one has had 20, if anything they’re due for an uptick, not a downswing, self loathing knicks fans are the worst

This is the first time dwill is in a system that let’s him run, melo first time with competent bags and oquinn was a per monster in Orlando taht couldn’t beat out vuc and Harris 2 great players, the knicks assembled a TEAM that’s playing TEAM ball. 50 wins, believe it

KOQ didn’t get off the bench in Orlando because Jacque Vaughn is a fucking idiot who tried to turn him in to a stretch 4. His rate stats have always been great which is why I found the lack of excitement over the steal of a contract he agreed too in combination with the steal of a deal Phil negotiated to get Orlando to agree to a trade of their own RFA a bit bizarre on KB. There’s not much KOQ has done to this point that I feel is unsustainable.

I mean I don’t think it’s a stretch to assert that all the players who are performing pretty highly above their career bests are going to at least regress to their career best work (if not to their own mean). Let’s be charitable and assume that a few of these players are going to have career years: I think it totally plausible that a career year for Kyle O’Quinn does not involve 8 off rebounds per 36 (Dennis Rodman had, at his peak, 6.3 off rebounds per 36–Wallace only maxed out at 4.5!); and I don’t think a career year from Galloway will involve an ortg of 160. I am partial to both of these players; I think they’re quite good–but it seems pretty obvious that they, and some of the other players in question, will be unable to sustain these pretty absurd levels of productivity–like Max said, KOQ is not Wallace, and he’s not Rodman (though please, by all means KOQ, prove me wrong, PLEASE).

Now it’s an open question how much their productivity will plummet and that will make the difference between a 30 win team and 40 win team: at this point in the season, though, there’s no point in predicting how much they will in fact plummet so we should probably just enjoy the ride until it’s over. I still stand by my prediction of 31 (but the excitement of the early season makes me want to go higher; I hope it continues that way.)

Sorry Alecto I should have been clear.

Yes there will be regression, but if it involves dropping to his career rates that’s still really good! But in terms of his scoring efficiency, passing and defense I don’t expect a regression in those areas at all.

No matter what this team wins 30+ games with the younger guys on the roster trending up then I’m a happy camper.

I don’t know what to make of this start so far. I think it’s likely that Langston settles down a little, but I think it’d be quite reasonable for him to maintain excellent defensive metrics, shoot 38% from 3 point range, rebound the ball well, and have very few turnovers — in other words, the perfect WOW player.

Lance Thomas – I cannot imagine this is sustainable. It’s not like he hasn’t been in the league for years. It’s also not as if he didn’t just play a whole preseason with as ugly a jumper as has ever been seen in the NBA. The intangibles have always supposedly been there, so I guess that’s good. But who knows – maybe he’ll be a jared jeffries 2.0 type for us – guarding multiple positions, making the team D better with all the communication etc.

O’Quinn – I don’t get the sense he’s doing anything amazingly better. He’s just better which could just be that he’s developing like any early-mid 20s player should. The outlier is, of course, his offensive rebounding, which is ridiculous. But if you consider his role in Orlando (PF, shooting long Js and 3s) and his role here (playing center, with 2/3 of his shots within 5 feet of the basket), perhaps his ORB% is better at least in part on the basis of him always being around the basket as opposed to 18+ feet out. So perhaps he’ll regress a bunch, but it’s not out of the question that his ORB% could be the highest of his career in a different role / court location here.

not sure what to make of the drafting of Jimmer Fredette to the D-league. I can imagine it’s just for attendance, but he definitely has some talent.

Last year was clearly an outlier for him. He’s one of the best shooters in college BB history and he shot only 19% from 3 last year after shooting 36, 42, and 48% the 3 years prior. He’s obviously not a good defender and is not a classical PG in any way in terms of playmaking and dribble penetration.

I wonder what offensive system might be able use a 6’2″ “point” guard in a non-playmaking unusual way. Maybe a system that had Derek Fisher, Craig Hodges, BJ Armstrong, Shannon Brown etc etc etc?

The question is whether he can defend at all on the pro level, but he can’t be any worse than Calderon, right?


With regards to KOQ’s rebounding we also need to remember that offensive rebounding has always been something Phil Jackson’s teams were excellent at. Part of that is simply the talent to do it, but also that he prioritized that as a main principle on which he formed his teams on. So while I expect some regression from better than Rodman, I think KOQ is going to be an excellent rebounder on the offensive glass and the Knicks as a team will be with Lopez, Porzingis and Melo as well.

I don’t think I’m being negative. I’m just saying, we have a bunch of players who are playing at levels that are unsustainable, so even in a best case scenario (optimism!) where multiple players have career years, the sum total is still not that impressive. In other words, we have played like a 45 win team with unrealistic play from 4-5 guys. Knock 3 or 4 points off the board to adjust, and now we’re down to a 30-35 win team, and that’s assuming KOQ and Galloway both have career years.

I mean, compare this to the 12/13 team, which started out similarly with Ronnie Brewer, Rasheed Wallace, Jason Kidd, JR Smith and Ray Felton all opening the season playing out of their minds. In that season, the Knicks started 18-5 and were bowling over teams like Washington.

If you’re a 45 win team with 4 or 5 role players going bananas, you should play like a 60 win team, not a 45 win team. If you’re playing like a 45 win team with so many guys playing well, then really, you’re more like a 30-35 win team.

Lance Thomas – I cannot imagine this is sustainable. It’s not like he hasn’t been in the league for years. It’s also not as if he didn’t just play a whole preseason with as ugly a jumper as has ever been seen in the NBA. The intangibles have always supposedly been there, so I guess that’s good. But who knows – maybe he’ll be a jared jeffries 2.0 type for us – guarding multiple positions, making the team D better with all the communication etc.

Yeah, this is just absolutely fascinating (in a really good way). He was terrible last year. He was terrible two years ago. He was terrible in the preseason. And now he’s been pretty darn good in two out of three games. It seems unlikely that he suddenly turned his career around, but imagine if he did! It’s certainly possible. Stranger things have happened in NBA history. And if he is suddenly a pretty good player, this team is helped a lot.

We’ve won 2/3 of our games, Max! That’s 54 wins! #factorial

O’Quinn was a very good offensive rebounder his first two years on Orlando. He’s a very good passer for a big man moving to a team that significantly increases assists for big men (see: Aldrich, Cole). He’s entering his physical prime. There are solid reasons to expect this to be the best season of his career to date (although, yeah, he’s not Dennis Rodman with some offense). And we got him for Jason Smith! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I never thought I’d be wrong to say we were stupid for signing Jason Smith, but I should have known not to go in against the Zen Master.

It’s not just the role players taht will drive this team over 40 wins, everyone’s forgetting we’ve never seen melo not triple teamed…lol with kp and rolo out therected eating space and Gallo or afflalo stretching the floor, melo is going to have a lot of high efficiency nights. His bad rep is mostly due to abysmal supporting casts, this year will be the best melo we’ve seen, add that to our 2nd and 3rd bananas reaching their potential, 45 wins would be conservative in the east imho


I don’t know where this “got him for Jason Smith” stuff came from. The Knicks acquired O’Quinn for cash and the right to swap 2019 second round picks with the Knicks (the Magic get to choose between the 2019 second rounder the Knicks got from the Cavs or the 2019 second rounder the Knicks got from the Rockets – the odds are, of course, that the swap won’t occur as both teams will probably have better records than Orlando in 2019, but who knows for sure?). The Magic then just happened to sign Smith themselves. They were unrelated transactions.

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