Knicks 2015-16 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Hawks

Sorry, folks, there was a bit of confusion. One of our newest writers, Heather Rose, will be handling the recap of the game tonight, but I thought that that meant that she would be starting the game thread, as well. My mistake.

Welcome to the Knicks’ home opener, as the Knicks try to run the Hawks out of the Garden. The Hawks looked sluggish in a Game 1 loss to the Pistons. Can the Knicks follow up yesterday’s amazing blowout victory with another win over a playoff team from last year? Let’s hope so!

Let’s go Knicks!

We join the game in progress as the Knicks hold a 6-5 lead in the first…

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Yeah Calderon should not be an NBA starter

He gums up our offense and defense so badly

Williams can’t pass and Oaq can’t get a call. He might be too burly for his own good. He needs to shave the beard and lose about 40lbs for the contact to register with the refs.

Oaq is quite the passer. D-Will knocks down an open J after a drive by a guard. I really like this team.

I think this team is going to be in a lot of games at the end of the night. How they end will determine whether the record is 30 wins or 45+ wins.

Fucking Melo. You don’t get revenge for a bad call by chucking up a 3 with 22 seconds in the shot clock

Team playing hard – that’s a great sign. Calderon, Vujavic and Lance Thomas should not get any time.

3/10 guys with more points than shots is not awesome. But at least one of them is Porzingis

Everyone but Galloway and Lopez have been “ehhhhhhh”. Except Melo and Calderon, they’ve been pretty much as bad as they can play.

Tonight we learned that while we can beat not very good teams when Melo plays like hot garbage (side note; what is the difference between hot garbage and cold garbage?), we cannot beat good teams when Melo plays like hot or cold garbage.

Not a good sign when your opponent is shooting a higher % from 3 point range (62%) than 2 point range (56%)

If you take out Calderon and replace him with almost any other sentient being I think our first unit would be exponentially better.

But Melo has been horrible too unfortunately.

There are enough pretty good defensive players on the Knicks that you could probably play Jose with some lineups that mitigate his inability to play defense, but they are not lineups with Melo and Sasha in them.

We should try playing him with Grant and having Calderon play a role like Kidd used to. Take open 3s and move the ball to the right place once Grant’s penetration gets the defense in motion

Still the same story as last night with the starters looking a lot worse as a unit than the bench…

Why the hell did it take 8 mins of the 3rd quarter to pass until Gallo was inserted into the 2nd half.

You’re not making up a 21 point deficit by giving minutes to Lance Thomas. That’s Lance Thomas 101

Game has settled into a routine loss. Atlanta playing a bit sloppy trying to get cute and the Knicks fighting to make the final score look respectable.

21 point deficit then someone posted that Lance Thomas is not a solution.
Went back to check the score, 12 point deficit in the 4th???
Hope to win this game. Is it becaus of Lance THomas? 🙂

I love the optimism guys but this game was decided when fisher refused to start gallo in 2nd half to help with teague

Team playing to the max of its capacity because the offense is not centered around Melo; don’t know how long that will last, but the rookies make me want to root for them.

Well, we are on a back to back. Why any team has a back to back in game two is beyond me.

if this team can’t win despite Carmelo dishing 16 Kobe assists, we are fukced

I mean grant and Galloway are certainly deserving of the start over Calderon vuj at least til afflalo comes back

i’m not sure about grant and galloway together… but calderon’s minutes need to go down to about zero…

vujacic can be ok as a fill in and hasn’t been atrocious…

this is about the derrick williams we all expected….

Don’t know why Melo has a megamax deal and a no-trade clause


Calderon is basically Amar’e- even if he was shooting well there’s no way he can do enough offensively to make up for what he gives back on the other end. Galloway has to start- I think he’s a better fit with the starters than Grant. Once Afflalo’s back I’d love to see a primarily 3 guard rotation with two of Afflalo, Gallo and Grant on the floor at all times with maybe spot minutes for Calderon.

Gotta give the Hawks props, tho. I love Teague, Horford was great, Korver didn’t miss, and Shroodle the Poodle was very impressive inside and outside. They’re on their way to another 55+ win season.

Congrats Melo vultures. Lol. It was his first back to back so I’m not really worried.

Anyway we have to fire fisher. This mans rotations are putrid. What the fuck was he thinking benching Lopez for extended time. Why did he refuse to bench Calderon in the second half? Why did lance play so much and the rookie guards play so little.

+1 Z man. I was there and they are impressive in person. We forget they won the east last year

There aren’t many PG/backup PG combos in the NBA better than Teague and Schroder. I said it after the Bucks game, when we face good PG’s (unlike MCW) it’s gonna be a struggle.

Shit. I’m not allowed to be happy. I feel stupid having drank the kool aid. Still it’s gotta be better this year, right?

Robin Lopez looked very good in the post but Horford torched him on the perimeter. Teague and Shrew-der (shewder?) got there’s quite easily and Kyle Korver is a very fukin good shooter. 21 TO’s baad…We played horrible, they shot well. We’ll end up with a good many more than 17 this year, right?

I hope coach doesn’t show too much “belief” in players and plays the effective ones. I’d even bench Melo the next time he throws up one of those bullshit non transition, transition threes. Just get guys in there who’ll work hard and grind. I’m tired OF BEING DOWN 15 IN THE SECOND QUARTER.

Fukin A that was awful. And I threw down 200 for LP today! Shit, this can’t be happening again!

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