Preseason Game Thread: Knicks vs Another Real NBA Team

Putting this up as our boys matchup against Washington tonight at 7pm. It’s an actual NBA team, so it’ll be nice to see how the ‘Bockers play against some “real” competition. Also keep an eye on Porzingis!™, does he shake off those game 1 jitters? Finally two Knicks will be returning. Once a Knick…

Welcome Back Jorts!

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Just a heads up for those people who dont live in NY, the game will be televised on NBATV tonight.

Kristaps doing work on the boards. Don’t tell that idiot who was calling him Bargzingis

Purezingis has a really smooth shot, and he’s already looking like a better rebounder.

KP looking better… hopefully he’ll learn how to catch and hold onto the ball when he gains more strength.

I wish he wore #1 so we could just call him KRS-1 and be done with the nickname quest.

I like the pace of the offense. They seem to be getting into the half-court offense alot quicker than last season. Not anywhere near as much standing around and confused looks.

It’s on one of the spill-over MSG channels. I’ll try and keep folks posted with observations…

KP is hitting shots and rebounding. He’s learning lessons game-to-game. Gortat and Humphries are a handful for him.

Melo is trying to do it all by himself. He doesn’t trust his team mates yet. The one pass I saw him make was off the backboard to himself .Too bad he can’t get both the assist and the points 😉

Rolo showed a nice hook shot – second game in a row.

Galloway with that defense followed by a Zinger block!

Kris Humphries with 3 3ptrs.
Second unit is in. Grant, Galloway, Early, O’Quinn and Thomas.
Time out.

Melo has 3 assists already so not sure about the not trusting teammates sentiment.

Melo has 3 assists, but yeah one pass.

I missed the first 3 minutes. I saw 1 pass.

OQuinn with a nice move in the lane for 2.
Sessions schooled Galloway and Early for a conventional 3-pt play.

Lance Thomas’ face and body type look more Knick fan than Knicks pro basketball player.

Damn, I missed the start of the game. I see KP has 5 rebounds in just a few minutes. Hopefully that means something. How is he looking?

Early could be our starting 2 next year if he keeps improving. He’s going to score a lot of points with Grant looking to pass it ahead

DWill came back with 2 strong plays. Scored under the hoop with an aggressive OffR and then got fouled on the next offensive play and will go to the line.


Ha! Glad I wasn’t the only one who got up an said that when he entered the game

These dimly lit interviews with coach and his beard make it look like he’s about to list his demands before he frees the hostages

KP’s help defense hasn’t been very good tonight, but overall he looks like he’s much more comfortable. Needs to find a way to strengthen those legs though

Watching Derrick Williams, I feel like he’s not a good basketball player because he doesn’t have the game figured out. He’s capable of doing so much, but he doesn’t know what to do.

These dimly lit interviews with coach and his beard make it look like he’s about to list his demands before he frees the hostages

It’s a successful game thread if DRed makes me laugh.

Am I the only one that keeps saying “get Sasha out the game!” every time the Knicks are on offense when he’s in?

I gotta say. I’ve got this strange feeling. I don’t recognize it. I’m watching this game and I get the sense that the Knicks, while a bit sloppy, are …. the better team.

Wall and Beal are so overrated to me. I’ll take Lowry and Derozan over those two any day.

Between Porzingis, Lopez, and O’Quinn, the Knicks have their front court figured out for the foreseeable future it appears.

There was some talk here that the Knicks will be better on defense than offense. As long as Melo is healthy this team will be fine on offense, the defense still worries the crap out of me although they should be better than last season but thats not saying much.

I’ve been whining endlessly since the Melo deal, but THIS teams very easy to root for. I like everyone on the team! This is going to be a fun year. We are pretty good now and have long term upside from a bunch of players. That’s all you can ask for. Great job Phil!

How good is it to see an immortal in his formative stages donning the orange in blue? 20 years from now we’ll nostalgically be googling Porzingis rookie video.

Lamarcus Aldridge, a strechy big, didn’t average more than 8 per 36 until he was 27

I have dreams of getting a double-double out of KP this year. Way optimistic because they’re going to keep him minutes down. 15/7 would make me very happy.

LaMarcus Aldrige is also overrated. Porzingis seems smart and humble enough to know that he needs to rebound well. As a rookie on a team with Melo, he doesn’t need to force his offense. If he wants to be effective on this team, he’ll essentially need to become Orlando era Ryan Anderson with better rim protection. I don’t think it’s too much to ask Krispy for 8 boards per 36

Calderon has also been very good. 10 points on 4 FGA with 6 assists in 17 minutes.

Melo needs to get fouled more. No points from the line so far. NBA refs must subscribe to WoW because Melo sure doesn’t get superstar foul calls.

@52 – Derricks hair tells you what you need to know about his decision making ability


It’ll be a while until he’s as good as Bargnani.
I can’t wait for that matchup.

Porter made Melo and DWill look like matadors and then Humphries comes inside.

I’d be surprised if Grant has a TS% over .520 this season. The boy just cannot put the ball in the cup.

Williams looks good with Jorts guarding him. Maybe he can be a surprise scorer off the bench! At least this year we have a lot of guys who have the potential to get hot now and again. Even though I don’t expect much out of Seraphin and Williams, I can easily see them each scoring over 20 efficient points on random nights.

Williams has looked pretty bad at times but so far he has 16 pts on 8 FGA thanks to getting to the FT line a ton.

It’s funny, I would have guess Porzingis dropped like 18 points on the Wiz, but he had only 9 on 9 shots. But 10 rebounds and 3 assists! It’s hard to watch some of the things he does without getting irrationally excited.

One legit skill Williams has that this team has lacked is an ability to get to the rim.

Watching Grant dribble with those choppy little steps makes me think of Fred Flintstone bowling.

Williams and oquinn look good so far. I haven’t seen much from Lopez. Porzingis definitely shows signs.

Definitely like this front court. Even cle shows signs. Phil might have known what he was doing lol

Just bet my friend $100 on the over of 32 wins? How big of a knee jerk is that on the 10 scale?

Really hope Melo stays healthy all season long, if so this could be a surprisingly fun season.

A strength of this team is its depth. No, it does not have many above average players, but it does have a lot of guys willing to hustle and work hard, and a lot of guys with complementary skill sets. If Fish uses 11 guys for meaningful minutes each game, and everyone when they’re in runs their asses off, the Knicks will win a handful of games (maybe a couple of handfuls) through hard work alone.

Meaning that I’m sticking with 34 wins as my over/under, because despite their success tonight, they don’t have enough high quality players to go much higher. Tonight I’m feeling pretty excited, so secretly I’m thinking more like 38/40 wins, but tomorrow I’ll be sane again, and 34 seems very realistic.

And fun!

Is this me talking about Cole Aldrich, or some random Magic fan I found reacting to the Kyle O’Quinn trade?

Best c on the team b/c …
per 36 stats. He got an opportunity to play extended minutes a couple of times this past year. He was wildly inconsistent and failed to take advantage. His per 36 might look good but until he actually manages to produce similarly while playing anywhere close to 36 minutes a night he’s just a backup who’s effective in limited minutes playing against other backups.

I really like what I see but I’ll point out some issues that I see:
* We missed Seraphin on the 2nd team interior defense today. O’Quinn cannot handle the interior defense alone. Pairing him with Derrick Williams and Cleanthony Early in the front court won’t work.
* Grant has to learn to finish plays. He missed a number of good opportunities. He’s not super fast.
* Sasha Vujacic should not be in the rotation. If he’s a 3rd stringer on this team, I’m OK with that.

Now for the good. There was a lot of good so I’ll limit it to a couple of them:
* Derrick Williams played with passion. He was a little out of control at times but he wanted to make a point…and did.
* Galloway is a plus perimeter defender. He’s gotten stronger and was playing physical defense.
* A starting front court of Anthony, Porzingis and Lopez will be very strong. There may not be enough rebounds to go around.

I wouldn’t write off an in season trade for a guard. While O’Quinn, Seraphin, and Derrick Williams look like we have depth at 4/5 behind Lopez and Porzingis, there isn’t a long term answer at either 1 or 2 I feel confident in. I know it’s early in the season, but the Knicks need a guard to hang their hat on. It’ll be interesting to watch which guard wants a change of scenery because it suddenly looks like we have a lot of decent young players.

Derrick Williams shot 51 % on 2pt shots last year, including 69.6 on shots 0-3 feet. By comparison, Anthony Davis shot 71 % 0-3 feet, Lebron 72 %.

Many teams in the league don’t have anyone who regularly plays who finishes that well.
Williams is a great cutter and finisher who should flourish in a hybrid of uptempo and triangle cuts in the half-court.

If his jumper gets better, and is used in moderation, he can be a very efficient guy off the bench. He dominated the Pac-12 and his TS has gotten better every year of his career. Each of his four years Williams’ mid-range jumpers have decreased and his attempts inside have increased.

He also had a career .410 FTR, which is outstanding. So, a few tweaks and some improvements in his jumper, and you’re probably looking at .580 ish TS.

If he can continue to play like he did tonight, it would really help. I just don’t think he has it in him. He also is not a heady player, so if he’s not shooting efficiently, he’s a net negative.

Derrick Williams is playing for a team that both wants and needs him, and for a coach who might be able to reach him. I’m always bullish on my teams, but I think he’ll be 2011 Wilson Chandler this season.

Maybe a better comparison of D Will is 2013 Chris Copeland. Good at scoring and everything else is a hole in his game. I think we can expect above average efficiency from him but don’t expect him to rebound, defend, or pass the ball.

If nothing else, if we are healthy, this should be a fun team. Lots of interesting guys who can do different things. Galloway looks much better, for instance, when he’s not the only guy on the court who knows what he’s doing.

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