Knicks Morning News (2015.10.07)

  • [New York Times] Fuming Fever Ready to Crank It Back Up in Indy for Game 3 (Wed, 07 Oct 2015 07:39:43 GMT)

    Tamika Catchings was still shaking about 30 minutes after the Indiana Fever dropped a tense Game 2 of the WNBA Finals to the Minnesota Lynx.

  • [New York Times] Burks Scores 6 of His 27 in OT to Lift Jazz Past Lakers (Wed, 07 Oct 2015 07:34:41 GMT)

    Alec Burks scored six of his 27 points in overtime to help the Utah Jazz beat the Los Angeles Lakers 117-114 in a preseason game Tuesday night.

  • [New York Times] Mudiay Scores 17, Nuggets Down Dallas 96-86 (Wed, 07 Oct 2015 03:55:20 GMT)

    Emmanuel Mudiay scored nine of his 17 points in the fourth quarter, and the Denver Nuggets beat the Dallas Mavericks 96-86 on Tuesday night.

  • [New York Times] Fowles, Lynx Pull Out Tense Game 2 to Even WNBA Finals 1-1 (Wed, 07 Oct 2015 03:28:31 GMT)

    Sylvia Fowles and the Minnesota Lynx walked off the court after Game 2 of the WNBA Finals standing tall, responding with an aggression and desperation that was sorely needed after losing homecourt advantage in the opener.

  • [New York Times] Lynx 77, Fever 71: Led by Fowles, Lynx Pull Even in W.N.B.A. Finals (Wed, 07 Oct 2015 03:28:13 GMT)

    Sylvia Fowles had 21 points and 9 rebounds, and Maya Moore 19 points and 8 rebounds for Minnesota, which prevailed at home in Game 2 against the Indiana Fever.

  • [New York Times] Smith Leads Grizzlies Past Rockets, 92-89 (Wed, 07 Oct 2015 03:03:44 GMT)

    Russ Smith scored 12 points, Jeff Green and Courtney Lee added 11 apiece and the Memphis Grizzlies beat the Houston Rockets 92-89 on Tuesday night in the preseason opener for both teams.

  • [New York Times] Butler, McDermott Pace Bulls Over Bucks, 105-95 (Wed, 07 Oct 2015 02:48:48 GMT)

    Jimmy Butler and Doug McDermott scored 23 points each to lead the Chicago Bulls to a 105-95 victory over the Milwaukee Bucks on Tuesday night, making new coach Fred Hoiberg a winner in his preseason debut.

  • [New York Times] George Has 20-Point First Quarter in Pacers’ Preseason Win (Wed, 07 Oct 2015 02:28:01 GMT)

    Paul George scored 20 of his 32 points in the first quarter and the Indiana Pacers overcome rookie Stanley Johnson’s 26 points in a 115-112 preseason victory over the Detroit Pistons on Tuesday night.

  • [New York Times] Thabo Sefolosha’s Trial Opens With Clashing Accounts of Scuffle With Police (Wed, 07 Oct 2015 02:08:20 GMT)

    Depending on whom you believe, the police either broke the leg of the Atlanta Hawks’ 6-foot-6 forward, or had to repeatedly tell him to move from a crime scene as he called an officer a midget.

  • [New York Times] Porter, Wizards Dominate 76ers for 129-95 Win (Wed, 07 Oct 2015 01:36:39 GMT)

    Otto Porter scored 22 points, Bradley Beal had 19 and the Washington Wizards took control in the second half to beat the Philadelphia 76ers 129-95 on Tuesday night in the preseason opener for both teams.

  • [New York Times] American on Brazilian Team Relishes Facing Knicks (Wed, 07 Oct 2015 01:17:30 GMT)

    Robert Day, the career scoring leader at Western Oregon, turned to teams in Mexico and Brazil when an N.B.A. career did not materialize. At 33, he will take the floor at Madison Square Garden.

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    Well, I guess now we know what the “personal” matter was that kept Fisher away from training camp earlier in the week.

    And just when it seemed like the Knicks could go without being a sideshow for five minutes, too…

    I wouldn’t put too much blame on Fisher. He is separated and she is divorced. Barnes is a well known idiot.

    Here’s a lock for tomorrow’s NY Post: Berman inappropriately comparing this incident to the Isaiah sex harassment fiasco

    Barnes comes across as a truly profound species of asshole in all of this (not that it’s a surprise). First of all, there’s few things more distasteful than men who treat women as possessions. She’s an adult, you’re divorced, she’s not required to avoid having a relationship for the rest of her life simply to satisfy some petty feelings of jealousy.

    And then I can understand a person losing his temper, even if it’s for a truly fucking stupid reason. But you would think sometime during his two hour drive he might cool down a little and realize that he actually has no reason whatsoever to be pulling such nonsense.

    What an idiotic little baby he comes across as.

    In actual team news:

    @HerringWSJ 43s44 seconds ago

    Lineup will be Calderon, Vujacic, Melo, Porzingis, Lopez.

    So we spend all this time wondering if Galloway or Grant could maybe start over Afflalo or Calderon, and when Afflalo’s out with an injury, Sasha gets first crack. Sigh.

    In actual team news:

    @HerringWSJ 43s44 seconds ago

    Lineup will be Calderon, Vujacic, Melo, Porzingis, Lopez.

    So we spend all this time wondering if Galloway or Grant could maybe start over Afflalo or Calderon, and when Afflalo’s out with an injury, Sasha gets first crack. Sigh.

    Maybe that means that Afflalo is presumed to be the starter, and Fish wants to give the normal bench unit a chance to run together? I really hope it’s not because Vujacic is above Galloway in the pecking order.

    That’s a good way of looking at it. Though the beat writers kept pointing out that The Machine’s jumper was looking particularly wet through all the West Point practices, so that could perhaps be the reason.

    I read the scouting reports at the link above and three things jumped out —
    – despite his knee problem Melo was in the 99th percentile in the league in offensive RPM last year.
    – two years ago, Melo was in the 63rd percentile in defensive RPM.
    – various advanced stats say that Galloway is a very good defender (so maybe we weren’t just imagining that he might be a pretty good player)

    Sasha Vujacic will soon become the most hated Knick on this blog. His game sucks and he’s a complete ass.

    Let the hating begin – I hate that %^$#@! headband/hairnet he used to wear. Hopefully that’s gone

    I know it’s only pre-season and we aren’t actually playing an NBA team, but damn it I am stoked to watch the game today. Just gotta wait till I get home from work 🙁

    Interesting starting 5 with the machine in at the 2. I like hypothesis about playing the bench guys together. Wouldn’t be surprised if we see a few different 1 & 2 combo’s starting in the pre-season though.

    The game hasn’t started yet but please try to embrace The Machine! He could be our salvation. (And the only player with championship rings).

    NBA LP is showing the game but freaking Comcast in Miami doesnt show the pre-season games even for people like me who are automatically renewal subscribers to NBA LP (Ive read this isnt exclusive to Miami, apparently Comcast everywhere sucks in regards to this issue). Bummer.

    It’s good to be talking about basketball!!!!

    Q1/8:49 – So far Melo is on fire. KP is a bit confused. Sasha is getting love.

    Anyone having League Pass problems? On my PC, it says “This Game Not Available Due to Technical Difficulties” and on my Roku I’m getting that I’m “not authorized” to watch the game.

    I’m logged in in both cases and subscribe to the one team package.

    Carmelo puts his arm around Poorzingus, whispers “don’t ever take another shot on my court”

    Not one single rebound so far for Bargzingis. New sideline reporter ignoring it to jabber about West Point

    Cle apparently just had his wisdom teeth yanked-said it was a surprise he came into the game

    O’Quinn and Seraphin will be a pretty good combo off the bench. Obviously rebounding is an issue, but you’ve got a good passer/ mid-range shooter wh0 has potential 3-pt range, with a very good post player/finisher.

    Williams and Seraphin probably won’t develop much beyond what they are now, but there’s still that chance one of them could be really good.

    Porzingis looks like he doesn’t know where to be on the court yet, but you can see the talent on blocks like that

    Way too early to say Porzingis can’t be a an above average player as a rookie. There’s plenty of reason to believe he may not, but he has NBA ready tools and elite length and movement.

    Grant, all alone under the hoop, stands and watches a rebound fall next to him. He looked surprised.

    On the plus side, he looks very good on offense

    Zinger is a giant. If he ever masters his body he will be special. He looks uncomfortable with his length right now. I remember feeling like that when I was having a growth spurt around 16 years of age. The crazy thing is he’s still growing.

    First half observations:

    1) melo looks healthy

    2)2nd unit was active defensively

    3)ball movement looks good

    4)porzingas looked more comfortable in the 2nd quarter.

    5) O’quinn will get minutes on this team

    6) Grant has some NBA polish on his game.

    Grant will be the starting PG by mid season, if not sooner. He may have all-star potential.

    It’s great having an exciting team again. When will we see Saunders and Trice? TA and Adkins?

    I have to keep reminding myself that this is a meaningless preseason game against a good but not-NBA team.

    I’m happy with everything I’ve seen so far. Except that Melo looks washed up. Not.

    Porzingis needs some work, I’m not sure Derrick Williams could guard me, Porzingis has been sneaking Seraphin snacks after lights out, Jose and Sasha are not a starting NBA backcourt, etc

    but man, this team is should be a lot more fun to watch this year.

    and Melo would average like 80 points a night in Brazil

    The one very obvious flaw in Porzingis’s game is that he rebounds about as well at Bargnani. That is unsatisfactory! Must improve.

    You better pace yourself DRed. You don’t want to have to reuse these terrific one-liners all by game 4.

    I am bummed I can’t watch this game…which is the first time I’ve said that about a Knick game in many a moon….

    So as someone who hasn’t lived in the city for like 20 years, can one of you locals tell me the best place to watch the parade from? I’m booking my flight now, but I’m not sure which hotel would put me closest to the best vantage point.

    Melo, Galloway, O’Quinn, Grant, and Lopez should be our starting five. And if Jerian Grant ever figures out how to put the ball in the basket, he would be a great basketball player. A real steal.

    just checked box score… some things havent changed… Galloway tied for most Knick rebounds

    Melo, Galloway, O’Quinn, Grant, and Lopez should be our starting five. And if Jerian Grant ever figures out how to put the ball in the basket, he would be a great basketball player. A real steal.

    I agree, G²OAL would be a nice staring line up

    * I liked O’Quinn even more than I thought I would.
    * I can’t believe Vujacic started.
    * Also can’t believe it was Fisher’s idea to start him.
    * Grant looked pretty good. Most notably play for me was when he drew a ton of contact in the air and still finished a layup.

    I feel even more strongly that you can’t start Melo at the 3 unless you have two fast guards or your three point defense will kill you. Fisher’s awareness of this more than anything else will determine whether the Knicks will still even have a chance at the playoffs come the ASG.

    I think while the roster is more balanced in terms of two way talent than it has been in previous non-2012/13 years, it is also significantly less talented. The Knicks really do only have one guy who’s an above average starter at his position.

    Above average starter at a position means what? Top fifteen in the league at the position? Melo’s definitely top fifteen in the league, but I’d imagine that RoLo is, as well. But yes, it is fair to say that no one else on the team would be in the top fifteen in the league at their given position. Although someday soon Zinger will be top fifteen in the world!

    While not saying he isn’t, who are the top fifteen centers in the league?

    He’s definitely not as good as Boogie, Gasol, Jordan, Gobert, Horford, Noah, Drummond, Chandler and Howard. That’s nine.

    He’s not better than his brother. That’s ten.

    He’s likely not better than Vucevic or Noel. That’s twelve.

    Isn’t Duncan a center now? If so, he’s not as good as Duncan. That’s thirteen.

    Then you get the iffier guys – is he better than Greg Monroe, Hassan Whiteside, or Jonas Valanciunas? Probably not. That would already bring him to below-average. Heck, he’d have to be above two of those three guys to be considered above-average.

    I think RoLo’s great, and I’m glad to have him (especially with his age still beginning with a 2!). I don’t think it really makes much of a difference if he’s, say, the #17 center in the NBA instead of, like, the #14 center in the NBA. He’s still a good player either way. Probably the only guy on the team I have no concerns about this year (Melo’s injury recover being my only concern about him).

    But if you’re strictly discussing “is he one of the top 15 players at his position?” and that only, I dunno if he gets in there.

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