Knicks Draft 2015 Round Table: Part 8

The KnickerBlogger staff has decided to spend the 8 days prior to the draft discussing the upcoming event. Each day will feature a different question that we will attempt to answer. Feel free to join us in the comment section!

Who do you want New York to end up with in the draft?

Kurylo: I’ve been all over the place with my answers. However with the decision on the line, I know what direction I would take. I think one of the most underrated attributes in the NBA is defense, which makes it attractive to buy. Additionally Carmelo Anthony is a scorer with average defensive skills, so it makes sense to complement him with defenders. I’d trade down with Denver, and take either WCS or Myles Turner.

Silverman: Towns. (Note: they will not get Towns.)

Gibberman: As I just said one of Okafor, Russell, Mudiay, Winslow, WCS or Hezonja and I leave the draft a happy person. The Knicks have to epically screw this up for me to get pissed off.

Fisher-Cohen: Of the players who are somewhat likely to be available (i.e. not Towns or Okafor), I’ll go with Porzingis as it would indicate a true focus on the future and a willingness to make the sort of a gambles the Knicks will have to make to have at least some chance of becoming more than just a second round playoff team in the best case.

Topaz: With Towns out of reach, I’ll say Russell or Winslow. But I agree with Brian here — the only real mistake the Knicks can make here is dealing this pick for a veteran. Knicks fans were likely disappointed with the 4th pick, but this is a draft loaded with very talented players, and the team will be very fortunate to end up with one of Russell, Winslow, Mudiay, WCS, or even take the opportunity to roll the dice on Porzingis. The key, as ever, is this: does the front office still subscribe to the fallacy that this team is one player, or one offseason, away from building a contender? If yes, we’re in trouble. If not — and they view the Draft and this offseason as the start of a long process that will require patience — the Knicks will have a number of excellent options to choose from to begin it.

Cronin: Towns is just too unrealistic to even hope for him, right? So either Okafor or Russell. At this point, I’d be ecstatic with either one of them. Okafor slightly more so than Russell.

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